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Watch NFL on TV: A New Workaround for Streaming

Updated Guide: Stream NFL App on TV

In this era of digital advancement, game streaming has become a favorite among sports enthusiasts, especially NFL fans. If you’ve been following updates and trying to stream the NFL app to your TV, you might have noticed a recent change. Whether it was Verizon or the NFL, an update has altered the previous process. But don’t worry, we’ve discovered a new workaround to bring the game to your big screen. 😎


Open the NFL App

First and foremost, you need to open your NFL app. This is where you’ll be streaming from, so make sure it’s updated and ready to go. 🏈


Wait for the Game to Load

Once the NFL app is open, wait for a bit until the game loads. Patience is key here – you don’t want to rush things and cause any errors. ⏱️


Select Smart View

With the game loaded, it’s time to find your Smart View. This is how the magic happens and football comes to life on your TV screen! 🎩


Find Your TV

At this stage, ensure your TV is connected and then find your television in the app. If this is your first time, you might be told you can’t stream to the TV. But don’t worry, you can with the workaround we’re discussing. 📺


Play, Pause, and Go Back

Hit the play button, then quickly hit pause. After this, hit the back button. Pause again, and then resume play. This is the key to the new process, it might sound complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze. ⏯️


Turn It Sideways

Last but not least, turn your phone sideways. This finalizes the process and enables the streaming. And voila! You’re good to go. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the game on your big screen. 🙌

Conclusion: 🏁

To conclude, while updates can sometimes be a headache and change the way we usually do things, they often bring new opportunities to explore. We hope you found this guide helpful in streaming your NFL game on your TV. Remember, the process might seem tricky but after a few tries, it will become second nature. So here’s to uninterrupted football enjoyment right at your home. Thank you for reading; we hope you enjoy your game! 🏈🎉


This article provides a detailed guide on a new workaround for streaming NFL games. Please read it carefully for the exact steps.

Yes, you can watch all NFL games by subscribing to the services that are explained in the article.

Yes, in order to use this workaround, there are some subscription services that you will need to pay for.

Yes, this workaround can also work internationally, provided the streaming services are available in your country.

The use of a VPN depends on the specific service you are using and on the regulations of your country.

The workaround mentioned in the article is completely legal as long as you pay for the subscription services required.

Yes, most of the streaming services we suggest are compatible with various devices, including smartphones.

No, the streaming services mentioned in the workaround don’t require long-term contracts.

Yes, the video quality is generally high, but it may depend on your internet connection.

This depends on the specific streaming service. Some provide access to previous seasons, while others may only show current games.

Yes, most services offer the option to follow specific teams.

In general, you will need a device (smartphone, computer, smart TV) and a stable internet connection.

Yes, most of the services we recommend offer streaming in HD.

Most of the streaming services offer a record feature, but it’s best to check the specific service you choose.

This largely depends on your existing internet speed. For optimal streaming, a high-speed connection is recommended.

Most of the streaming services outlined are compatible with Roku devices.

Yes, most of the streaming services mentioned are compatible with Amazon Fire Stick.

Yes, most of the streaming services suggested are compatible with Apple TV.

This depends on the specific terms and conditions of your subscription service. Please check this before sharing your subscription.

The ability to pause or rewind live games depends on the specific streaming service you use.

The limitations may include the necessity to pay for specific services, possible geographical restrictions, and requirements of a stable internet connection.

Generally, there is a small delay in streaming compared to live TV, but it is usually negligible.

The article focuses on streaming NFL games. Whether other sports can be streamed depends on the services you subscribe to.

This depends on the streaming service. Some services may have fewer commercials than traditional TV broadcasts.

This largely depends on the terms and conditions of the specific streaming service.

This depends on the streaming service. Most major streaming services do offer subtitles.

Yes, you can use this workaround even without a Smart TV. You just need a device that can access the internet and play video content.

Most of the recommended streaming services have customer support available, but it varies by provider.

Yes, most of the suggested streaming services are compatible with Google Chromecast.

Whether the streaming services support 4K or not depends on the specific service. Please check the respective websites for these details.

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