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Boost Your WiFi Like a Beast – Unleash the Power of Tenda Range Extender 💪🚀

Yo, what’s good, Beast Gang! 🐯 Are you struggling with sluggish WiFi speeds or dead zones in your crib? No more worries! Let’s conquer those WiFi woes together with the power of a Tenda Range Extender. Grab your extender, because we’re about to dive into a simple, yet mind-blowing setup guide at or


Let’s Grow those WiFi Muscles – Setup Your Tenda Range Extender

Pop your Tenda Extender into a power outlet somewhere close to your router or modem. Next, we’re going to have a little handshake with the extender’s WiFi network. Go find SSID: Tenda_XXXXXX and connect to it. Whip out a browser on your device, and punch in or in that address bar and hit Enter.


Choose Champion – Select Your WiFi

Select a WiFi network you want to boost. You’re gonna hit that Next button and you’ll be greeted with a prompt to enter the WiFi password for that network. After typing in the password, smash that Finish button! Dude, you’re halfway done!


Two Networks, Double the Beast Energy – Add an Extended Network

Want to take things a notch higher? Keep your current network and add a separate extended network. How? Uncheck the ‘Set up the extender’s WiFi name and password to the same as those of the Base Station’ option. Type in your desired WiFi Name and password. And boom! Your extended network is alive and kicking


And just like that, Beast Gang, you’re now the proud parent of a supercharged, boosted WiFi network. Whether you’re rocking a Tenda A9, A15, A301, A18, A21, A27, or A33 Range Extender, these steps will bring your WiFi game to the top of the leaderboard. Ethernet cables are for chumps. It’s all about WiFi Range Extenders now! So hop on to or amd boost your WiFi like a real beast! 💪🚀 is the web user interface that can be used to configure and modify the default WiFi settings of a Tenda Range Extender. This interface can be accessed via or on your browser.

To access the Tenda Range Extender web interface, plug the extender into a power outlet, connect to its WiFi network (SSID: Tenda_XXXXXX), and enter or in a browser’s address bar.

Yes, you can access the interface by using popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

The main purpose of is to enable users to set up and modify the default WiFi settings of their Tenda Range Extender. This includes selecting a WiFi name to extend, entering the WiFi password, and more.

Yes, besides, the Tenda Range Extender interface can also be accessed by entering into your browser’s address bar.

Yes, the steps for setting up on are compatible with Tenda A9, A15, A301, A18, A21, A27, and A33 Wi-Fi Range Extenders.

When setting up the extender, you will need to select a WiFi name that you want to extend, enter the corresponding WiFi password, and optionally, specify the WiFi name and password for the extender.

After logging in, you will be guided through the process of setting up your Tenda Range Extender, including selecting a WiFi network to extend, configuring the extended network details, and more.

No, when setting up the Tenda Range Extender through, you can only select one WiFi network to extend.

SSID: Tenda_XXXXXX refers to the default WiFi network name of the Tenda Range Extender that you need to connect to during setup. The XXXXXX part is unique to each extender.

During setup on, you can uncheck this option if you want to create a separate extended WiFi network with a different name and password from your existing WiFi network.

For best results, it is recommended to plug the Tenda Extender into a power outlet near your WiFi router or modem during setup.

If you forget your WiFi password during setup, you can reset your router or modem and create a new password. Alternatively, you can directly contact the relevant customer service for assistance.

Yes, the WiFi name and password of the extended network can be modified even after the initial setup. Simply log in to or and proceed to the corresponding settings.

No, the process of setting up a Tenda Range Extender on is designed to be user-friendly, and detailed instructions are provided at every step.

If you have trouble accessing, make sure you’re connected to the extender’s WiFi network and that you have properly entered the link in your browser. If the issue persists, try resetting the extender or contact Tenda’s support.

Yes, all settings configured on during setup are saved. You can revisit them and make changes anytime by logging back into the interface.

No, a Tenda account is not necessary to access the web interface and set up your Tenda Range Extender.

Yes, the Tenda Extender setup process on can be carried out through a smartphone’s browser, as long as it is connected to the extender’s WiFi network.