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Your Ultimate Guide to Mercury Wireless Extender Setup via 🚀

Are you struggling to extend your Wi-Fi coverage and battling with annoying dead zones? Say no more! 😎 All you need is the Mercury Wireless Extender and a step by step guide to setting it up with And we’ve got you exactly that!

In the tech universe, a strong Wi-Fi connection is fundamental. 📡 And we’re gonna make sure you have just that. Setting up wi-fi extenders can be daunting, but with us as your tech buddy, it’s going to be a piece of cake! 🍰 So, sit tight and let the magic begin. Let’s get you up to speed with Mercury Wireless Extender via


Power Up and Connect Your Mercury Wireless Extender 🚀

Take that Mercury Wireless Extender out of its box and plug it into a power outlet. Connect to its Wi-Fi Network, cleverly named MERCURY_RE_XXXX. As simple as that! 👍


Access the Web UI via 🌐

Next up, open your favorite browser and hone in on or Now, key in 12345678 as the login password in both fields and hit that Log In button! 🆗


Select the WiFi Network to Amplify 📶

Now, your job is to choose which WiFi network you want to expand. Make the wise choice and move on! 🎯


Enter the WiFi Network Password and Extender Name 🔑

Go ahead and type in the password of your chosen WiFi network, and also the Extender Wireless Network Name. Just a heads up, the password for the extender is the same as the password of your Extended WiFi Network. Hit ‘Next Step’, and you’re almost there! 🚀


Check Out Your Mercusys Wireless Extender Setup 📶

And voila! Your Mercusys Wireless Extender setup is completed. Now, test your hard work by connecting to the expanded WiFi network. And keep your eye on the lights, red means it’s still expanding, while green or orange means your mission has been successful! 🎉


Compatible Models and More 🔎

This guide is a perfect fit for Mercury MW310RE, MW302RE, and similar models. So, don’t hesitate to level up your Wi-Fi setup! 🎆

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! You’re now a pro at setting up your Mercury Wireless Extender with! 🎉 Now say goodbye to weak WiFi and hello to unlimited streaming, gaming, and endless surfing potential! is the web interface for setting up and modifying the default WiFi settings of the Mercury Wireless Extender.

The URL for is either or is used for setting up and changing the default WiFi settings of the Mercury Wireless Extender.

To access the settings of the Mercury Wireless Extender, you need to open a browser and type or in the address bar.

The login password for is ‘12345678’. You need to enter this password in both the upper and lower fields.

To expand the WiFi network on, select the WiFi network to be expanded, enter the password of the selected WiFi network, type the Extender Wireless Network name, and click ‘Next Step’.

The password for the WiFi extender on is the same as the password for the WiFi network that is being expanded.

You can tell if the WiFi network expansion was successful on, if the extender lights indicator is always on and shows green or orange color.

The flashing red light on the extender indicates that the WiFi network is currently being expanded on

The green or orange light on the extender, when it is always on, indicates a successful WiFi network expansion on

The setup process on is compatible with Mercury MW310RE, MW302RE, and similar models.

No, the Mercury Wireless Extender can be plugged into any power outlet.

The Mercury Wireless Extender needs to connect to MERCURY_RE_XXXX Wi-Fi network.

You can set the name of the extender’s WiFi network on by typing in the ‘Extender Wireless Network Name’.

Yes, the password for the extender can be reset on

Yes, the Mercury Wireless Extender works with other WiFi networks, and you can select the WiFi network to extend on

No, you don’t need to create an account to use You just need to enter ‘12345678’ as the login password.

Yes, can be accessed on all standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

If you enter the wrong WiFi network password on, you will not be able to expand that WiFi network with the extender.

Yes, you can change the password of the extender after initially setting it up on