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The Weather Channel vs AccuWeather (best weather apps for iphone / software)

Forecast Accuracy
Location Precision
Push Notifications
Real-Time updates
Extra info (air quality, UV index, etc.)
Offline functionality
Ad-based, premium version available for $8.99/month which removes ads, gives access to 45-day weather forecasts and offers enhanced map layers.
Ad-based, premium version available for $9.99/month that removes ads, includes 15-day forecasts, as well as ‘feels like’ temperature readings.

AccuWeather offers detailed hour-by-hour forecasts⏰🌦 and the unique RealFeel Temperature® gauge🔥❄. Ideal for planning your day down to the last detail🕑📝⛱!

The Weather Channel provides precise forecasts⛅☔❄ and interesting weather-related news🌪🔥🌊. The perfect choice for those who love weather trivia🌡💡👩‍💻!

AccuWeather Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Minute-by-minute forecasts ⏲🌦

  • RealFeel temperature readings☀️❄️

  • Local & global radar maps🌍📍

  • Allergy, flu, and COVID-19 updates 👩‍⚕️😷

  • Customizable widgets and alerts🔔🖼

The Weather Channel Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Clean interface👀🚀

  • Accurate 15-day forecasts🌞🌧

  • Severe weather alerts🔥🌪

  • Rich weather news content 📰👓

  • includes health and wellness insights 👩‍⚕️💕

  • Customizable home screen🏰🖼

Top Cons
  • Ad-supported free version👎💰

  • Some features locked behind paywall🔐💼

  • Limited offline functionality🕳🔌

  • Potential privacy issues with location data🔒📍

  • Occasionally cluttered interface👀🗂

  • Demanding on battery life💔🔋

Top Cons
  • Ad-supported free version👎💰

  • No Family Sharing🚫👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • Demanding on battery life💔🔋

  • Limited offline functionality🕳🔌

  • Some lag in updates⏳🔄

Other best weather apps for iphone


Weather Underground utilizes user-submitted weather data for precise forecasts📍🌞⚡. Great choice for weather enthusiasts who appreciate a community-based approach👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌍💪!


Dark Sky is known for its ‘hyperlocal’ forecasts🏡☀🌬. Pick this app if you want to know the weather for your exact location, right down to the minute⌚🎯👌!


WeatherBug provides real-time updates, as well as weather camera views for extra precision📹💨🌈. Choose it for its comprehensive weather coverage and fun visual extras👀📊🔭!


There are multiple high-quality weather apps available for iPhone, including The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. Other notable options include Dark Sky, Weather Underground, and Carrot Weather.

The Weather Channel offers a comprehensive weather outlook with detailed information about temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. It also has excellent weather map visualization and provides additional features such as health and wellness reports.

AccuWeather is globally recognized for its superior accuracy. It offers minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours, coined as MinuteCast, and provides extended forecasts up to 15 days in the future.

Yes, The Weather Channel app provides real-time weather alerts. It will notify you about any impending severe weather conditions in your area to help you prepare ahead.

Both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather apps are free to download from the Apple App Store, offering basic features at no cost. However, they do offer premium versions with additional features at a price.

Yes, both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather offer the option of location-based customization. You can set your location for precise and relevant weather forecasts.

Yes, both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather are designed to be user-friendly. They offer easy-to-use interfaces with clear and straightforward navigation that even novice users can understand.

Yes, AccuWeather provides weather reports and forecasts for a wide range of locations worldwide, making it a great tool for travelers or those with interests in specific global locales.

Yes, The Weather Channel app provides hourly forecasts along with daily and weekly forecasts. These range from temperature predictions to anticipated precipitation and wind conditions.

AccuWeather Premium offers ad-free experience, extended forecasts, and precision maps, among other features. In contrast, AccuWeather Platinum gives the same benefits as the Premium subscription but without any in-app advertisements.

Yes, The Weather Channel app is compatible with the Apple Watch. It allows users to access weather information directly on their wrist without the need to check their iPhone.

Yes, AccuWeather provides long-term weather forecasts, going up to 15 days into the future. This feature is particularly handy for planning events or travel in advance.

Yes, within The Weather Channel app, you can set up and monitor multiple locations simultaneously. This feature is useful for travelers or for monitoring the weather at the locations of loved ones.

Both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather apps allow users to customize the display of weather information in different units, such as Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature and miles or kilometers for distance.

Yes, the The Weather Channel app provides a radar feature that visually shows cloud cover, rain, snow, and temperature changes in real-time.

Yes, AccuWeather offers an Allergens feature that provides information on pollen count, and it also provides the current air quality index, which can be critical for allergy sufferers or individuals with respiratory conditions.

Yes, both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather can track your real-time location to provide up-to-date weather alerts that are specific to your immediate area.

During severe weather events, The Weather Channel offers live video feeds of extreme weather conditions. Similarly, AccuWeather provides real-time alerts for severe weather conditions.

On The Weather Channel app, past weather data can be accessed through its ‘Almanac’ feature. Simultaneously, AccuWeather does not currently offer access to historical weather data.

Yes, both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather offer widgets on iOS. These widgets allow you to get a quick glance at the current weather conditions and forecast directly from your home screen.

There are numerous high-quality weather applications suitable for iPhones, some of which include the likes of The Weather Channel and AccuWeather, which are known for providing highly accurate weather updates and forecast information.

Yes, The Weather Channel app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

Indeed, AccuWeather on iPhone offers MinuteCast, a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the coming two-hour period, unique to your exact location.

The Weather Channel app boasts an easy-to-navigate interface with clearly marked sections for hourly and daily forecasts, radar images, and news related to weather.

Yes, AccuWeather sends real-time alerts for severe weather situations directly to your iPhone ensuring you stay prepared and safe.

Yes, The Weather Channel app provides sophisticated tracking for tropical storms and hurricanes, projecting their predicted path and likely impact areas.

Indeed, AccuWeather provides weather forecasts for literally millions of global locations, making it a valuable tool for travelers or those with international interests.

Yes, The Weather Channel app allows you to customize weather alerts according to your preference, keeping you updated about the weather conditions that matter to you the most.

Yes, AccuWeather provides information about air quality including levels of pollen and other allergens in its forecasts, which can be particularly useful for those with respiratory conditions or allergies.

Alongside detailed weather forecasting, The Weather Channel app also offers a range of features including wind speed, humidity, UV index, pressure, and visibility details.

Yes, AccuWeather offers in-depth weather forecasting including hourly predictions up to 72 hours ahead, as well as a 15-day forecast for future planning.

The Weather Channel app provides iPhone users with real-time rain alerts, flu and COVID-19 trend tracking, allergies forecasts, and more.

Yes, the AccuWeather app comes with an interactive radar that allows you to monitor conditions both locally and regionally.

Some users have reported that The Weather Channel app occasionally contains some advertisements which may interrupt their user experience. However, a premium version is available for those who wish to have an ad-free experience.

AccuWeather offers a Platinum version, available for purchase on the Apple App Store, that provides an ad-free experience.

Customer reviews for The Weather Channel app on the Apple App Store are typically quite positive, with many users appreciating the app’s accuracy, detailed forecasts, and easy-to-use digital interface.

AccuWeather typically receives positive reviews on the Apple App Store, with users praising its accurate forecasts and easy-to-navigate interface.

Yes, users of The Weather Channel app can share weather forecasts, radar images, and alerts on various social media platforms directly from the app.

AccuWeather is considered by many users as highly accurate, but the accuracy of weather forecasts can often vary based on the specific regional data that a given weather service has access to. Hence, it’s difficult to definitively say if it is more accurate than all other weather apps.

Yes, The Weather Channel app curates localized weather news and videos to keep users informed about important weather-related events in their area.