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KAYAK vs Skyscanner (best travel apps / software)

User Interface
Flight Deals
Price Tracking
Price Prediction
Direct Booking
Accommodation Booking
Car Rental
User Reviews
Search Options
Mobile App
Skyscanner is free for users, making money through commissions and advertising. Skyscanner Select subscription costs $4.99 per month for additional features.
KAYAK offers a free platform, generating revenue from advertising, commissions from bookings ️, and various partnerships .

Skyscanner allows you to book direct from their app and offers a number of quality deals, but lacks a bit on flight price prediction feature .

KAYAK offers a user-friendly interface with comprehensive information to help you plan your trip ️. But could work on its flight deal features.

Skyscanner Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Excellent for flight deals

  • Direct booking option ✅

  • Great accommodation booking feature

  • Convenient mobile app

  • Good user reviews

KAYAK Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • User-friendly interface

  • Comprehensive search options

  • Direct booking option ✅

  • Good for car rental

  • Useful mobile app

  • Good price tracking

Top Cons
  • Weak in price prediction

  • Does not offer car rental

  • Limited user interface options

  • Weak price tracking

  • No mobile app

  • Limited search options

Top Cons
  • Lacks in flight deals

  • Limited user reviews

  • Weak price prediction

  • No accommodation booking

  • Limited search options

Other best travel apps


Hopper provides strong flight price tracking and prediction features🔮✈️, but its interface is not as intuitive as its competitors.📱


Google Flights is effective for quick flights and offers integrated Google search. But it could improve on price alerts ✈️📉🔍.


TripAdvisor provides reliable user reviews and travel content👫🌟, but lacks in booking capability and price prediction.✍️📚⏱️💲


These travel apps offer a comprehensive platform for travel planning; they help users find and compare prices on flights, hotels, and rental cars across hundreds of travel sites. Specifically, KAYAK also provides itinerary management and fare alerts, while Skyscanner lets you explore destinations based on budget and interests.

Yes, both KAYAK and Skyscanner allow you to book flights directly through their app. However, for some deals, you may be redirected to the airline’s or a third-party booking site.

Yes, both KAYAK and Skyscanner facilitate hotel bookings. They show a range of filters and sort options that can help you find the best accommodation based on your preferences.

These apps allow you to set fare alerts for specific destinations. Should the price decrease or hit your specified target, you’ll receive a notification. This feature on KAYAK and Skyscanner aids users in snagging the best deals.

Yes, especially KAYAK, in addition to searching for flights, hotels, and cars, provides robust itinerary management. Simply forward your booking confirmation emails to a specific address, and it will generate a manageable itinerary for you.

Absolutely. Both KAYAK and Skyscanner offer car rental booking options, helping users compare costs across different rental companies and locations.

Travel deals on KAYAK and Skyscanner are updated regularly, reflecting real-time fluctuations in prices and availability. This ensures the most accurate information for travel planning.

Yes, Skyscanner provides a unique ‘Explore’ feature, allowing users to discover new destinations based on interests and budget, providing inspiration for future travels.

Yes, both KAYAK and Skyscanner are global platforms and offer services in numerous locations worldwide.

Absolutely. KAYAK and Skyscanner are free to download and use. Though keep in mind that while the apps themselves are free, the travel arrangements you book through them are not.

Yes, both Skyscanner and KAYAK display flights from various airlines concurrently, which is helpful for comparing prices and schedules.

Yes, both KAYAK and Skyscanner have this feature. It allows you to save your searches or favorite flights for future reference or monitoring price changes.

Both apps provide robust customer support, including FAQs sections and contact options. KAYAK also features a 24/7 support line for users.

Yes, you can access your KAYAK and Skyscanner accounts on multiple devices, as long as you sign in to your account. This enables you to manage your bookings and alerts across your devices.

Neither KAYAK nor Skyscanner offer any form of flight guarantee. They are search engines that provide information on available travel options and prices but do not have control over the airlines or their policies.

While KAYAK and Skyscanner aim to provide a comprehensive overview of available flights, some airlines might choose not to be listed on aggregation platforms, or may have specific agreements with different platforms.

Yes, both KAYAK and Skyscanner allow users to set up multiple fare alerts for different destinations. These alerts will keep you updated about any significant price changes.

While there aren’t specific budget planning tools, both KAYAK and Skyscanner provide powerful search features, allowing you to filter results based on price, which can assist in budget planning.

Both KAYAK and Skyscanner support multiple languages, making it user-friendly for a global audience.

Absolutely, both KAYAK and Skyscanner display user reviews for hotels and other accommodations, helping travelers make informed decisions about their stay.

The KAYAK app is designed to serve as an all-in-one travel planner. It allows users to search for flights, cars, and hotels. Comparison between different offers is simplified and you can book right from the app itself. Moreover, it provides features like trip itineraries, flight status updates, price drop alerts, and more. Explore more on their website.

The Skyscanner app is a powerful tool for trip planning. It enables users to find cheap flight deals, hotel deals, and car rental options. You can compare different options easily and even explore travel guides for various destinations. The app also allows for instant booking. Learn more about its features here.

Yes, the KAYAK app offers a streamlined price alert feature. This allows users to receive notifications when prices for their tracked flights or hotels drop or rise. This feature helps travelers plan and book within their budget.

Absolutely, Skyscanner is a global app and can be used to find and compare the best travel deals for flights, hotels, and car rentals from thousands of airlines and travel agents worldwide.

Yes, KAYAK is a comprehensive travel search engine that pulls in data from various online travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, and car rental services. This enables users to compare various prices and options in one place.

No, Skyscanner is not an online travel agency. It’s a travel metasearch engine and works as a travel comparison tool. It finds the best deals across airlines and travel agents but does not handle bookings itself.

Absolutely, one significant feature of the KAYAK app is a real-time flight tracker. It allows users to monitor the status of their flights, gain insights about terminal and gate details, and stay informed about any delays or changes.

Skyscanner indeed provides a multilingual interface. It supports 30 languages and 70 currencies, making it user-friendly for people all over the world.

Yes, the KAYAK app provides information about baggage policies of different airlines. You can review this information before booking to avoid any unexpected fees or baggage issues at the airport.

Indeed, besides flights and hotels, Skyscanner also allows you to compare and book car rentals. The app aggregates deals from various car rental companies for the dates and destination you select.

Yes, KAYAK offers a feature called Trip Huddle where users can create, manage and share travel itineraries with others. It’s a convenient feature for group trips.

Yes, Skyscanner provides a COVID-19 travel advisory feature which gives up-to-date information on travel restrictions, the safety measures airlines are implementing, and allows you to find flexible flight tickets.

Yes, the KAYAK app is available for download on both the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

Surely, you can download the Skyscanner app from both the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

Definitely, KAYAK offers a comprehensive search for hotels. It fetches and compares hotel prices from hundreds of travel sites to help you find the best deal. You can filter by price, location, rating, and more to find the perfect accommodation for your trip.

Yes, the Skyscanner app has a price alert feature that sends you notifications when the price of a tracked flight goes up or down. This allows you to book your travel at the most ideal cost.

KAYAK offers a Trips feature in its app where you can manage and view all your bookings in one place. You can get your itinerary, check your flight status, receive price alerts, and more from this feature.

Yes, Skyscanner provides user reviews and ratings for hotels. This gives you real customer insights and can help you make informed decisions about your accommodation choices.

Absolutely, KAYAK is a free app. It makes its revenue from the commissions earned when users book through their platform. Hence, the app does not charge users any additional fees for its services.

Yes, Skyscanner is known for its ability to find cheap flights. It compares hundreds of airlines and travel agents to find you the best deal. Additionally, it offers a ‘Cheapest Month’ feature to find the lowest fares throughout the year.