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Procreate vs Adobe Illustrator Draw (best drawing apps for ipad / software)

User Interface
Export Quality
Tools and Brushes
Layers and Effects
Speed and Performance
Ease of Use
Community and Support
Procreate offers a one-time payment of $9.99, no monthly subscription
Adobe Illustrator Draw is free, but requires Adobe Creative Cloud membership starting from $52.99 per month

Procreate is excellent for digital artistry offering seamless and organic experience ‍ Loaded with functions, great speed and high quality! ️

Illustrator Draw focuses on vector drawings, offering perfect scalability. Magnificent library and cross-app integration! ✍️

Procreate Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Highly intuitive User Interface ️

  • Splendid repertoire of brushes ️

  • Impressive speed and performance ⚡

  • In-depth customization possibilities

  • Top-notch export quality

Adobe Illustrator Draw Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Great integration with other Adobe products

  • Wide range of tools and brushes

  • Fantastic support and community

  • Dedicated drawing areas

  • Powerful layers and blending modes ✔️

  • High-quality export options

Top Cons
  • No direct animation features

  • Limited text editing tools

  • No vector drawing tools

  • Not very beginner-friendly

  • Limited to Apple devices

  • No free version

Top Cons
  • Lacks some advanced features

  • Interface may be complex for beginners

  • Requires Adobe Creative Cloud membership

  • Limited brush customization ️

  • No landscape mode for iPhone

Other best drawing apps for ipad


Affinity Designer provides professional vector graphic design, suitable for detailed creation. Little complex but truly worth it! 🔬✨


Sketchbook offers simplicity and quality, a great choice for fast sketching and industrial design. Awesome pen pressure! 🖊️⚡


Concepts app is an advanced sketching tool for mobile devices. Offers vectors, layers and blending! 📱🚀


The most noteworthy drawing applications for iPad include Procreate, Adobe Illustrator Draw, as well as others like Artstudio Pro and Affinity Designer.

Yes, Procreate is widely recognized as one of the best drawing apps for iPad due to its vast array of tools and customizable brushes, highly responsive scribbling and painting experience, as well as its support for layers and animations.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is definitely suitable for professional use. It has a range of robust features, including layer support, cloud-based storage, vector format output and integration with other Adobe Cloud apps, making it great for designers and illustrators.

Procreate stands out from other drawing apps due to its powerful drawing capabilities, exceptional performance, and rich set of features including 100+ customizable settings for every brush, a vast array of artistic tools, and a user-friendly interface.

Currently, Procreate is exclusively available for iOS devices and there is no official Android version available.

For Android users, alternatives to Procreate include Adobe Illustrator Draw, Sketchbook by Autodesk, and Infinite Painter, all of which offer impressive drawing tools and features.

No, Adobe Illustrator Draw is free to download and use. There is, however, a premium version that requires a subscription and offers additional features.

An Adobe Creative Cloud account is not mandatory to use Adobe Illustrator Draw, but it is recommended to take full advantage of the app’s features, including cloud-based storage and cross-device synchronization.

Procreate requires iOS 13.2 or later, and it is compatible with all iPads that can run this operating system, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini models.

Adobe Illustrator Draw supports multiple file formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PSD for finished drawings. In addition, it can export vector-based drawings directly to Adobe Illustrator CC as AI files.

Procreate supports a variety of active and passive styluses including the Apple Pencil, which provides the best drawing experience due to its pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality.

Although Adobe Illustrator Draw is mainly a vector drawing app, it does not include animation features. For animation needs, Adobe recommends using other applications such as Adobe Animate or After Effects.

Although Procreate is a paid app, no in-app purchases are required after the initial purchase, as all the tools and features are included in the initial price.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw can be used offline. However, to take advantage of cloud-based storage and syncing features, an internet connection is required.

Yes, Procreate has built-in social media sharing options that allow you to share your artwork on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Adobe Illustrator Draw has been praised for its intuitive user interface that makes it beginner-friendly while still being robust enough for professional use.

Drawing and painting in Procreate are typically highly responsive and fast. The app has been praised for its optimal performance even when handling complex artwork with many layers.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw can work in conjunction with Photoshop. Drawings can be exported to Photoshop CC as PSD files, maintaining layers and providing more editing options.

Procreate supports a number of languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is designed for vector art, meaning you can create clean, crisp lines that can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. It allows for precise control and manipulations using layers and pen tools.

There are several top-notch drawing apps for iPad including Procreate, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Concepts. However, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Procreate offers a completely immersive drawing experience with features like over 200 handcrafted brushes, a layering system, color pickers, and customizable controls. Additionally, it supports high-resolution canvases.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a free drawing app for iPad. It offers several professional-quality design tools, though some premium features may require a subscription.

The layering system in Procreate allows users to stack different elements of their artwork. This feature is flexible and users can adjust each layer individually.

Adobe Illustrator Draw enables you to create vector art and illustrations using your iPad. It’s great for detailed and complex work, including website designs and logos, thanks to its precision tools.

Yes, Procreate supports exporting to a variety of formats including PNG, JPG, and PSD files. This makes it easy to share and display your work on different platforms.

Yes, Procreate allows users to import their own brushes, along with the ability to customize the pre-existing ones in the library.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw supports layers. This allows you to control each part of your design separately, providing more flexibility during the creative process.

No, you don’t need an Apple Pencil to use Procreate. However, using an Apple Pencil can significantly improve your drawing experience due to its pressure sensitivity and accuracy.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw is available not only for iPad but also for Android and iOS devices. This offers greater flexibility for users who work across multiple platforms.

The maximum resolution in Procreate depends on your iPad model, with the most capable iPads supporting artwork up to 16k by 4k pixels.

Yes, Adobe provides a detailed tutorial on how to use Illustrator Draw, offering various tips and techniques to optimize your illustration process.

Yes, Procreate provides options to share your artwork directly to various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, or you can also export your work to share manually.

Improving your drawing skills in Adobe Illustrator Draw involves practice with the various tools offered in the app, understanding and mastering the software, and learning techniques of vector illustrations from available online tutorials.

Yes, Procreate does support animation. It has a feature called Animation Assist which allows you to create frame-by-frame animations.

Adobe Illustrator Draw offers a range of tools such as different pen tips, layers functionality, a color picker, shape stencils, and a full spectrum of colors.

Unfortunately, deleted artwork on Procreate cannot be recovered. That’s why it is recommended to regularly backup your artwork.

No, there currently isn’t a desktop version of Adobe Illustrator Draw. The app is specifically designed for mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Yes, Procreate does offer image editing features. You can adjust aspects like brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance, and more on your artworks.

To master the Procreate app, make sure to familiarize yourself with all its tools and features through consistent practice. There are also many tutorials available online that can guide you through different techniques.