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Master Your Orange Flybox: Reset WiFi Password and Change Network Name


Hey, what’s up Internet explorers? 🚀 Ever felt like your Orange Flybox WiFi is in dire need of a makeover? 🤔 Like, changing the WiFi password or switching up the network name to something cool? 💡 If so, you’ve landed in the right place! Today, we’re going to delve deep into the fascinating world of the Orange Flybox admin interface. Prepare to unlock your Flybox’s full potential at http://flybox.home or Strap in, it’s showtime!


Access the Flybox Admin Interface

Before you can start changing settings like a boss, you need to log into the admin interface. Open your favorite browser and zip right to http://flybox.home or Ready to breach the security? Type in ‘admin’ for both the Username and Password fields, then hit OK. Welcome to the command center!


Change the WiFi Password and Network Name

Now that you’re in, it’s time for some changes. Navigate to the Configuration Menu. Set your sights on Basic Wi-Fi / WLAN Settings. Ready to tweak things a bit? Key in your chosen network name in the Network Name (SSID) field. Follow it up with your uncrackable Wi-Fi password into the Password / WLAN field. Done? Click Apply > OK. Boom! you’ve just personalized your Wi-Fi!


So there we have it, folks – how to rock the Orange Flybox settings like a pro! Now you can give your WiFi a fresh start with a new name and password. 💪 Remember, this awesome trick works perfectly on Flybox 4G MR200, and Flybox 4G+ (Huawei). Happy surfing, and stay awesome! 😎

Flybox.home is the admin interface for Orange Flybox that allows users to alter their WiFi password, Network Name, and other default settings of their Orange Flybox. You can access it by visiting http://flybox.home or

The article specifically mentions the compatibility of Flybox 4G MR200 and Flybox 4G+ (Huawei) with Flybox.home.

You should launch a browser and input http://flybox.home or into the search bar. Then, put ‘admin’ as the username and password, and then click OK to successfully log in to the Orange Flybox admin interface.

After logging into the admin interface, move over to the Menu and select Configuration. There, go to Basic Wi-Fi / WLAN Settings. In the field labeled Network Name (SSID), input your desired Network Name. Towards the Password / WLAN field, enter your updated Wi-Fi password. Make sure to Apply the changes and click OK.

Yes, to log in to the Flybox.home admin interface, you require a username and password. As per the given information, both the username and password are ‘admin’.

Yes, you can change your username and password for the Flybox.home admin interface. However, the process to do so is not specified in the provided information.

Yes, you can access Flybox.home from any web browser by typing http://flybox.home or into the address bar.

The provided information doesn’t specify the need for an ethernet cable to access Flybox.home. It seems you can access it via any device connected to the internet.

Yes, beyond changing the Wi-Fi Password and Network Name, the Flybox.home admin interface also allows alteration to the default Orange Flybox settings.

The information provided suggests a connection between Flybox and Orange service providers, but it doesn’t explicitly denote exclusivity.

The information doesn’t detail a specific protocol to follow if you forget your password, suggesting the need to retain your original credentials securely.

The provided information doesn’t specify differing procedures for the Flybox 4G MR200 or Flybox 4G+ (Huawei), suggesting the steps are identical for both devices.

Based on the given information, Flybox supports 4G. No mention of 5G compatibility is made.

Although not directly stated, it’s assumed that the Flybox.home admin interface is accessible from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection and proper login credentials.

The information doesn’t direct users to regularly change their Flybox settings. However, users may do so if they desire, particularly for security purposes or to modify network conditions.

The provided information doesn’t address whether multiple users can simultaneously access the Flybox.home admin interface. It is best to verify this information with Orange or the relevant Internet Service Provider.

The information here doesn’t cover the possibility of retrieving a forgotten Wi-Fi password. If you forget your changed password, it is recommended to reach out to the customer service from your Internet Service Provider.

The information does not confirm or deny this, but typically, to access a router’s admin interface, a device needs to be connected to that network, possibly suggesting that the same applies to Flybox.home.

As suggested, regularly modifying your Wi-Fi password enhances security. Additionally, consider changing the admin credentials regularly and ensure they are sufficiently complex to prevent unauthorized access to your Flybox.home interface

Upon clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’, your entered changes, such as the altered Wi-Fi password and Network Name, are saved and applied to your Flybox settings.