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How to Get Connected and Use the Awesome Ado Piso Wifi Portal 📶

Ado Piso Wifi

Ado Piso Wifi is your reliable go-to hotspot hub, equipping you with online accessibility whenever, wherever! Wonder how it works? Sit back, relax and let’s surge into this wave of internet connectivity together!🏄


Step 1: Connect to Ado Piso Wifi

First things first, it’s time to get your devices hitched to the Ado Piso Wifi network. Once connected, proceed by visiting from your browser. Ready to explore? You bet!


Step 2: Making a Purchase

Up next, let’s get you surfing. To do so, click on Buy WiFi, Buy eLoad, or Buy Voucher options! You’ve got options to either Insert Coins or enter your Voucher Code. Activating a Voucher Code? Just enter it and hit the Activate button. You are all set to ride the internet wave now, surf’s up! ‍♂️


Step 3: Pausing Time

Running out of time but have something important coming up? No stress, just hit the Pause Time button at the portal. Your access time halts, and will only resume when you unpause it. A little bit of time-juggling magic, isn’t it?


Step 4: Vendo Owners’ Guide to Wifi Wizardry ‍♂️

If you’re a Vendo owner, you’ve your own exclusive wizardry tools! Start by connecting to the Ado Piso wifi network. Then open up from your browser with Username: admin and Password: admin. Voila, you’ve unlocked your magic dashboard! ‍♂️


Step 5: Vendo Dashboard

Your Vendo Dashboard is a treasure trove of awesome goodies! It’s got everything form Device Information to Voucher Generations to Adding Rates & Sessions. Pretty much all the wizard-level stuff that you need. A snapshot of your kingdom of internet!


Step 6: Alright, what about changing passwords?

Ah, the good ol’ password change. Easy as pie! Click on Admin and then Your Profile. Just enter your New Password and save your changes. As simple as that!


In conclusion, everyone is bound to enjoy the spectacular internet service provided by Ado Piso Wifi. Whether you’re a customer trying to surf the net or a Vendo owner running the surfboard shop, there’s something for everyone in this vast ocean of connectivity. Let the waves of the internet guide you, and happy surfing! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

To connect to Ado Piso Wifi, you need to select the AdoPisoWifi Wi-Fi network on your phone. Next, open a web browser and key in in the address bar. Then, choose options from Buy WiFi, Buy eLoad, or Buy Voucher and insert coins for internet access. If you have a voucher code, input it and click Activate. This will connect you to the hotspot machine.

Yes, you can pause time on Ado Piso Wifi. After opening the portal, the Pause Time button can be found. Simply, click this button to pause the time.

To log into the Admin Dashboard of Ado Piso Wifi, connect to the Ado Piso wifi network. In a web browser, enter in the address bar. Key in the Username: admin and Password: admin before clicking LOGIN. Subsequently, you should access the Ado Piso Wifi Admin Dashboard.

Once logged into the Ado Piso Wifi Admin Dashboard, you can view various device details such as Device ID, Software Version, License Key, Seller Registration Details, Uptime, CPU Speed, RAM, Storage, and WAN and LAN information.

To generate vouchers, navigate to Sales, then Vouchers from the dashboard menu. Click on the Generate Vouchers. Choose desired settings for Type, Time Allocation, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Expiration, Pause Feature, Total number of vouchers to create, Maximum Users Per Voucher, Voucher Charaset, Voucher Capitalization, Voucher Code Prefix, and Voucher Length. Finally, click Generate Vouchers to create your vouchers.

You can add Rates & Sessions on Ado Piso Wifi by toggling to Sales, and then Rates & Sessions in the menu. Under Rates Settings, select Time Rates and/or Data Rates of your choice and click Update Rates. To add a new rate value, click on Add New Rate, input the desired Amount, Time Rates (in minutes), and click Save to finalize the process.

You can change the admin password through the Ado Piso Wifi dashboard. Open the menu and select Admin, then select Your Profile. Input a new password and finally, click on Save Changes to update your password.

Yes, you can change the settings of your Ado Piso Wifi. Connect to the Ado Piso wifi, open a browser and enter in the address bar. Input the username and password and click LOGIN. From here, you can modify various settings as an admin.

Yes, while generating vouchers, you can limit the maximum number of users per voucher. This helps to control and regulate usage.

The Ado Piso Wifi dashboard allows for various actions. This includes generating vouchers, adding rates and sessions, and changing the admin password. Furthermore, you can also view important device information.

Yes, there is a Pause Feature that can be enabled while generating vouchers. This allows users to pause and resume sessions.

From the Menu, navigate to Sales, and then Rates & Sessions. In the Rates Settings, choose the desired Time Rates and/or Data Rates and then click on Update Rates to save your changes.

In case you forget your admin password, you will need to reset your Ado Piso Wifi to restore factory settings. Subsequently, you can use the default username and password to log in.

Yes, while generating vouchers, you can set up specific upload and download speeds for your users. This helps in regulating network traffic and maintaining optimal performance.

Yes, when generating vouchers, you can set up the expiration time. This allows you to control when the vouchers will become ineligible for use.

Yes, you can generate different types of vouchers, including Time Allocation and Data Allocation vouchers. This offers flexibility in the types of services you can provide to your users.

Yes, while setting up Rates & Sessions, you can mix Time Rates and Data Rates based on your requirements.

In Ado Piso Wifi, you can use alphanumeric characters while setting the Voucher Code Prefix. This provides a unique identification to your vouchers.

By using the Data Rates feature while setting up Rates & Sessions, you can restrict the amount of data users can consume during their sessions.

Yes, Ado Piso Wifi is designed to be user-friendly for Vendo owners. It provides straightforward procedures for login, generating vouchers, setting rates and sessions, and changing the admin password. Moreover, the dashboard features rich in information make managing the network simpler.