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How to Stream from iPhone or Mac to Android TV: A Simple Guide

Stream iPhone/Mac to Android TV via AirScreen

Ever wondered about the versatility of your iPhone or Mac? While these devices certainly offer a vast array of features, one exceptional thing about the iOS is the ability to use Airplay. 📱➡️ 📺 With Airplay, you can easily stream content from your iPhone onto your Apple TV or from your Mac. What happens, however, if you want to stream content to an Android TV? Is it possible? Yes. And we’re here to guide you on how to do it. 🤓


Discovering AirScreen

To start, the app we’re focusing on is called AirScreen. This useful tool is available on the Google Play Store. 🔍 In situations where your Android TV does not support Google Play Store installations, fear not, AirScreen can be sideloaded from alternative sources. 🔄


Getting Started with AirScreen

Using AirScreen is relatively simple. 😊 All you need to do first is download and install AirScreen on your Android TV. 📥 Once done, you can initiate the server via the app’s start server feature. 🖥️☑️


Connecting Apple Devices to Android TV

The moment the server launches, you can connect your iPhone or Mac to the Android TV. 📲 It’s important that both your Android TV and your Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to permit streaming. 📡 If you locate the ‘start server’ option on your screen, you can easily pull up the control center on your iPhone or access Airplay from the top menu of your Mac. You should then be able to spot the server popup. 🧲 And just like that, your screen will be mirrored! 😲


Utilizing the Pro Version of AirScreen

The AirScreen app provides a free version, as well as a Pro version. With the free version, screen mirroring is available at no cost. 🆓 However, if you desire to cast music or videos to the Android TV, you might want to upgrade to Pro. 💰 While the free version limits you to 15 casts per day, the pro version offers unlimited access. 🎵 ➡️ 📺

Conclusion: 🏁

In conclusion, if you have an iOS device or a Mac, and you wish to stream content to an Android TV, AirScreen is an app you would find extremely handy. The app is pretty smooth and user-friendly, making streaming from iOS or Mac to Android TV a breeze! 🌬️👌 So, why not give it a whirl? 😃


Yes, with the right application or tool, you can stream from your iPhone to your Android TV.

Applications like ApowerMirror, AirScreen, Video & TV cast, etc., can be used to stream from an iPhone to an Android TV.

Yes, it is possible to cast an iPhone screen to an Android TV using various apps such as AirScreen, LetsView, and others.

Yes. With the suitable software like JustStream, AirScreen or Mirror for Samsung TV app, you can mirror your Mac to your Android TV.

Yes, you can stream music from your iPhone to Android TV using apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

Most apps offer a free version with limited features. For full functionality, you may need to purchase the premium version.

Yes, it’s possible to stream games from an iPhone or a Mac to an Android TV with the right screen mirroring apps.

The video quality often depends on the chosen app, your device’s capabilities, and the strength of your internet connection.

Yes, you can. Some apps allow you to use your iPhone or Mac as a remote control while streaming.

No, you do not require any extra hardware. You just need a stable internet connection, your devices, and the right software.

In most cases, no. However, if your internet connection is slow, you might experience some buffering or lag.

Yes, the process is quite similar to streaming from an iPhone to an Android TV.

Yes, you can. Most apps designed for this purpose use Wi-Fi to connect the devices.

Ensuring a strong internet connection, closing unused applications, and keeping your streaming device close to the router can help improve streaming quality.

Streaming from an iPhone or Mac is usually directed towards Smart TVs as they have the necessary software. But some apps and devices can enable non-Smart TVs to receive streams.

Connecting your iPhone to your Android TV using cable isn’t commonly supported due to different interfaces. Streaming is often done wirelessly.

Yes, there are many online resources, including videos and articles, that review and compare apps for streaming.

Streaming multiple devices at once depends on the capabilities of your casting app and your TV, but generally, streaming is done from one device at a time.

Yes, streaming isn’t exclusive to Android TVs. However, the process and software may be different.

The security of your streaming depends largely on the app you use. Ensure you use reputable apps and protect your Wi-Fi network.

This could be due to volume settings, app settings or issues with your TV. Check all possible settings and troubleshoot with guides or customer support.

Latency can be due to a weak internet connection, issues with the streaming app, or perhaps your devices are too far from the router.

Yes, most apps should allow you to pause and resume your streams seamlessly.

Streaming usually requires an internet connection. However, some apps might allow local streaming without internet using direct Wi-Fi connections.

Yes, if your contents are in 4K quality, your devices support 4K output, and your streaming app can cast in 4K, it’s possible.

There can be a plethora of reasons – ranging from Wi-Fi issues, software glitches, device compatibility, and app-specific problems.

Depends on the app you use. Some apps allow for full-screen mirroring, while others only support specific apps.

No, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android TV to stream. In fact, it’s advised against as it can create security issues.

Yes, as long as your devices are connected to the internet and the selected app supports it, location should not matter.

Ensure you have a strong internet connection, your devices are compatible, and the app is up to date. If the problem persists, contact customer support for the app or try a different app.

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