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How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Notes on an iPhone

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Notes on an iPhone

Ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally deleted an important note on your iPhone, leaving you bit panicky? It’s a common scenario that I, too, have experienced, prompting me to discover several methods to recover those lost notes. I’m here to share that ‘recovery’ isn’t as daunting as it might seem. With the right steps, you can retrieve your valuable information, whether it’s from the device itself, iCloud, or backups. So, let’s dive into the various methods to recover deleted notes on your iPhone.


Common Scenarios:

Accidentally Deleted 🗑

  • You have unknowingly swiped left on a note and tapped ‘Delete’ , realizing your mistake too late.
  • An attempt to organize your notes led to inadvertently deleting significant entries.
  • While multitasking, you’ve pressed the wrong buttons and your notes have vanished.

Update or Restore Gone Wrong 🔄

  • An iOS update or system restore didn’t go as planned, and your notes are missing post process.
  • Illustrating a glitch after an update that led to missing notes without any user intervention.

Sync Issues with iCloud ☁

  • You’ve switched off iCloud sync for Notes and later realized some notes are not on your device.
  • There was an error in syncing, causing notes to disappear from the iPhone that were present on other devices.


Step-by-Step Guide. How To Recover Deleted Notes On Iphone:

Method 1: Check Recently Deleted 🗑

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on ‘Recently Deleted’ or ‘Folders’ to access the Recently Deleted folder.
  • Find the note you’ve lost, swipe left on it and tap ‘Recover’.
  • If it’s multiple notes, tap ‘Edit’, select the notes, and tap ‘Move To…’, then place them in a folder of your choice.

Note: Notes are kept in the Recently Deleted folder for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Conclusion: This is the easiest and quickest method, provided that you act promptly.

Method 2: Restore from iCloud ☁

  • Visit and sign in with your Apple ID linked to your Notes.
  • Open Notes and check if your deleted note is there.
  • If you find it, email it to yourself or copy and paste the content into a new note on your iPhone.

Note: This method works only if you had iCloud sync for Notes enabled before the notes were deleted.

Conclusion: Restoring from iCloud is another quick way to recover notes if they are still present in the iCloud version.

Method 3: Using iTunes Backup ⏪

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer you usually sync with.
  • Open iTunes or Finder (on macOS Catalina or later).
  • Select your iPhone and go to the ‘Summary’ section.
  • Choose ‘Restore Backup’ and pick the most relevant backup.
  • Wait for the process to complete and check your Notes app for the recovered data.

Note: Ensure you have a recent backup that contains the notes you want to restore, as this will replace the current data on your iPhone.

Conclusion: While effective, this method will overwrite existing data on your device, which might lead to the loss of any data not included in the backup.

Method 4: Using iCloud Backup ☁

  • Erase your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Go through the setup process and choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ when prompted.
  • Select a backup that you believe contains your notes.

Note: This will erase all content on your iPhone and require access to Wi-Fi for the duration of the restore process.

Conclusion: It’s a solid option if you have a relevant iCloud backup, but be aware that it will remove all current data on your device.

Method 5: Third-Party Recovery Tools 🛠

  • Download and install a reputable third-party data recovery tool.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the recovery program.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to let the tool scan your iPhone for deleted notes.
  • Preview the found notes, select the ones you’d like to recover, and restore them to your device or computer.

Note: The success rate of data recovery tools can vary and they often come with a price tag.

Conclusion: Third-party tools are a potential solution if other methods fail, but be prepared for associated costs and research tools thoroughly to avoid scams.


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Precautions and Tips:

Always Be Prepared 🛡

  • Maintain regular backups of your iPhone to either iCloud or your computer through iTunes or Finder.
  • Enable iCloud sync for Notes to ensure they are updated across all your Apple devices.
  • Before deleting any note, confirm that it is no longer needed or that you have a copy of its content elsewhere.

Note Management Best Practices 👌

  • Regularly organize your Notes into folders for easier management and to avoid accidental deletions.
  • Utilize the lock feature for sensitive notes to prevent them from being edited or deleted without authentication.
  • Consider sharing important notes with another device or account as an additional backup layer.


Alternative Note-Keeping Solutions

Once you’ve recovered sought-after notes, or even beforehand if you’re just interested in additional safety nets, you might consider alternative note-keeping solutions beyond the native Notes app on your iPhone. Apps like Evernote and OneNote provide robust platforms for note-taking and often include more advanced features such as cross-device synchronization, comprehensive search functions, and integration with other productivity tools.

Adopting a habit of manual or automated backups using cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive can also offer peace of mind, assuring that copies of your notes exist outside the confines of your device and its linked iCloud account.

For crucial notes, consider employing a multi-platform approach where the same content is kept across different apps and services, minimizing the dependence on a single point of failure.

Moreover, think about leveraging physical notebooks for especially important material. This traditional method adds another layer of backup and gives you a tangible copy that digital errors can’t erase.


In wrapping up, recovering deleted notes on an iPhone can often be achieved with patience and adherence to the right steps. Whether via ‘Recently Deleted’, iCloud, iTunes or Finder backups, or even third-party software, there’s a good chance you can restore what was lost. Bear in mind that ensuring routine backups and understanding sync settings play a pivotal role in protecting your data before accidental deletions occur.

Furthermore, remember to explore Apple’s support resources for additional assistance and to stay aware of evolving features within iOS that may offer new methods of data recovery in the future.


Yes, you can recover deleted notes by checking the Recently Deleted folder in the Notes app, where they remain for 30 days after deletion.

Notes deleted more than 30 days ago might be recoverable through an iCloud or iTunes backup if the backup was created before the note was originally deleted.

Yes, if you have iCloud sync enabled for Notes, you can log into and recover notes from the Recently Deleted folder there.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes or Finder, select your device, choose Restore Backup, and pick a backup that contains your notes.

Software such as Dr.Fone and Tenorshare UltData can assist in recovering deleted notes. Always ensure you're downloading from reputable sources.

Yes, restoring from an iTunes backup will replace the existing data on your iPhone with the data from the backup file.

Notes deleted from the iCloud website will also be moved to the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, after which they are permanently erased.

Go to Settings on your iPhone, tap your Apple ID, navigate to iCloud, and ensure that the Notes toggle is switched on.

Without a backup, recovery options are limited. However, you can check shared notes or contact your email provider if notes were synced to an email account.