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Top 4 Procreate Alternatives in 2023: Unleash Your Creativity with these Amazing Art Apps

Top 4 Procreate Alternatives in 2023: Unleash Your Creativity with these Amazing Art Apps

Discover the best Procreate alternatives in 2023, perfect for artists and designers seeking new digital canvases to showcase their creativity. With the artistic community constantly on the lookout for intuitive tools to create stunning visuals, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 apps like Procreate. Whether you want to dive into digital painting, explore advanced illustration techniques, or enhance your graphic design projects, our compilation of the most exceptional art apps will help you supercharge your creations. Read on to unleash your hidden talents and start expressing your inner artist like never before!




Discover your artistic potential with Sketchbook, a versatile and feature-rich digital drawing app designed to cater to artists of all skill levels. From professional designers to casual doodlers, Sketchbook offers a wide array of customizable brushes, tools, and layers, making it the ultimate creative canvas for all your digital art endeavors. Experience seamless sketching and drawing with intuitive touch gestures, high-resolution canvases, and time-lapse recording capabilities. Unleash your inner artist and bring your ideas to life with Sketchbook – your premium destination for digital creativity and design.

Official Website


  • Sketchbook has a wide range of digital art tools and features that allow users to create detailed and sophisticated designs.
  • The app also offers users the ability to work on multiple types of devices, from desktops to mobile devices, making it a versatile choice for artists on the go.


  • The app can be expensive to use, especially for professional artists who need access to all of its features.
  • Some users have reported glitches and errors, particularly when working on larger projects or using more advanced tools.

Conclusion: Overall, Sketchbook is a great tool for digital artists looking to create detailed and complex designs. While there are some potential downsides to using the app, they are relatively minor compared to its overall benefits. Whether you’re a novice artist just starting out or an experienced professional, Sketchbook is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-quality digital art application.




Discover your inner artist with ArtRage, the intuitive and user-friendly digital art application that caters to your creative needs. Experience realistic oil painting and versatile tools that allow you to produce stunning works of art effortlessly. Unleash your imagination with customizable brushes, colors, and textures, while the easy-to-navigate interface boosts productivity. Create, edit, and share masterpieces on the go, with ArtRage’s exceptional support for various platforms and devices. Immerse yourself in a flourishing creative community by trying out the extraordinary ArtRage app today.

Official Website


  • Realistic and intuitive tools for artists. ArtRage tries to replicate natural painting and drawing techniques, resulting in a more organic and expressive artwork.
  • Wide range of features that suit both beginners and advanced users. The app includes diverse brushes, color options, layer management, and other tools that help create complex and detailed images.


  • Limited compatibility with other software and devices. At times, ArtRage’s file types and export options might not be fully compatible with other programs or hardware.
  • Some users might feel overwhelmed by the many features and options offered by ArtRage. The interface can be a bit cluttered and confusing, especially for those not accustomed to digital art.

Conclusion: ArtRage is a powerful and versatile app for creating digital artwork, especially if you’re looking to achieve a more traditional and organic aesthetic. While it has some limitations and a steep learning curve, it can be a great tool to unleash your creativity and experiment with different techniques and styles.




Autodesk is a renowned software suite offering cutting-edge design and engineering tools for a wide range of industries, including architecture, manufacturing, construction, and entertainment. With a broad selection of intuitive and powerful solutions, Autodesk enables professionals to create, visualize, and collaborate on innovative projects seamlessly. Experience unmatched efficiency, sophisticated design capabilities, and robust project management features while staying ahead of the industry standards with Autodesk.

Official Website


  • Autodesk offers a wide variety of professional-grade design and engineering software, covering numerous industries and applications.
  • The software is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit specific user requirements and workflows, expanding its versatility and effectiveness.


  • Due to its complexity and advanced features, Autodesk software can be challenging to master and require significant learning curves, which can be daunting for beginners or occasional users.
  • The software can be expensive and may require ongoing licensing or subscription fees, which can be prohibitive for small businesses or independent creators.

Conclusion: Overall, Autodesk is a robust and comprehensive platform for design and engineering professionals, offering a wealth of features and tools that can enhance creativity, productivity, and collaboration. However, its high costs and steep learning curves can limit its accessibility and appeal to more casual or budget-conscious users.




Concepts is an innovative, feature-rich app designed to harness the power of creativity and bring your ideas to life seamlessly. This groundbreaking sketching and design platform adapts to your unique style, enabling you to translate your artistic visions into professional-grade designs. With its intuitive interface, infinite canvas, and dynamic toolset, Concepts is revolutionizing the way designers, architects, and artists collaborate and elevate their work. Experience the future of design and unleash your potential with Concepts, the ultimate creative companion.

Official Website


  • Highly versatile and customizable, allowing users to create a wide range of diagrams and sketches
  • Offers a free version with many useful features, making it accessible for individuals or small teams working on a budget


  • Can be somewhat complex and overwhelming for new users to learn, requiring a bit of a learning curve
  • Some may find it less suitable for more advanced and technical applications, with fewer options for things like data visualization or automation

Conclusion: Overall, Concepts is a powerful and flexible application for visualizing ideas and projects. While it may take some time to get the hang of, it offers many useful features and capabilities for those looking to create professional-quality diagrams and sketches. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there may be other tools better suited for certain needs or preferences, and that it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procreate is a popular digital painting app, known for its intuitive interface and powerful tools. It is exclusive to iPad and iPhone, which can be limiting to artists who use other devices. The alternatives listed in this article provide creative solutions for users who are seeking alternative digital art apps compatible with different platforms or those who would like to explore diverse features.

Adobe offers a suite of applications known for professional-grade tools and features. While the Adobe Creative Cloud may initially appear more expensive and complex than Procreate, this suite of applications like Photoshop and Illustrator cater to a wide range of creative tasks such as photo editing, graphic design, and illustration, making Adobe a powerful alternative.

Device compatibility is crucial when selecting an alternative because it determines the user’s ability to work seamlessly across different devices such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Choosing an alternative with cross-platform support ensures that artists can work more efficiently and collaborate effortlessly with others.

Most apps listed in this article cater to both beginners and advanced users, offering various tools, features, and customization options. However, some alternatives may have a steeper learning curve or overwhelming interfaces for new users. It is important to consider your skill level and desired functionality when selecting a suitable alternative.

While many alternatives listed in this article have free versions available, some may have limitations in features or require in-app purchases to unlock additional tools and options. It is crucial to compare the features and pricing to ensure that the chosen alternative fits your needs and budget.

Some of the apps listed, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and MediBang, offer collaboration tools and cloud storage options that facilitate teamwork or sharing projects with others. However, collaboration features may not be available in every app or might differ in functionality, so assess each alternative’s collaboration capabilities before deciding.

Each alternative offers a unique set of tools and features designed to cater to various creative needs. Some apps like Autodesk focus more on design and engineering, while apps like Tayasui cater specifically to digital art. It’s essential to understand the specific functions of each app when selecting a suitable alternative.

Most of the alternatives listed in this article support a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, making them accessible for various users. However, it is essential to check the compatibility of each app with your device and operating system before settling on an alternative.

Many Procreate alternatives operate without an internet connection. However, some features such as cloud storage or collaboration tools may require an internet connection to function properly. Review each app’s requirements to determine if a constant internet connection is necessary.

When selecting a Procreate alternative, consider factors such as your skill level, device compatibility, operating system support, feature set, collaboration tools, price, and ease of use. Assessing your needs and priorities will help you identify the most appropriate app that caters to your creative goals and requirements.

Procreate is an intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad. It is packed with an exhaustive set of painting, sketching, and drawing tools that artists of all skill levels will find useful. You can use it for creating complex and detailed works of art, or simply for doodling and brainstorming ideas. You can find out more about it on their official website.

Procreate is currently exclusive to iOS platform. It’s specifically optimized for iPad and it also supports Apple Pencil for enhanced precision. iPhone users can make use of Procreate Pocket, a smaller, slightly less feature-heavy version of the app.

No, Procreate is a one-time purchase. Once purchased from the Apple App Store, you can use it indefinitely without necessity of any subscription plans or hidden fees. It does not have in-app purchases either, which means that you get access to all its features with the base price itself.

Yes, you can use Procreate without an Apple Pencil. While the Apple Pencil does enhance the drawing experience with features like tilt sensitivity and pressure sensitivity, Procreate can still be used with conventional styluses or even your fingers.

Procreate supports a wide range of file formats including its own .procreate format. Others include .PSD for Adobe Photoshop, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF and .PDF. This wide range of support allows for easy importing and exporting of artworks between different apps and platforms.

Yes, Procreate includes layering functionality. You can easily add, delete, hide/unhide, group, and lock layers. You can also adjust the opacity of each layer, blend them using various modes and apply different layer effects. This makes complex digital artwork much easier to manage.

Yes, Procreate offers an animation feature called Animation Assist. It allows you to create frame-by-frame animations easily and you can export animations as .GIF or .MP4 files. The animation feature might not be as comprehensive as specialized animation apps, but it’s quite capable for creating simple animations.

No, Procreate doesn’t support direct printing. However, you can easily export your artwork in a print-ready high-resolution format like .PDF or .PNG, and then print it using any standard printing software or service.

Unfortunately, if you have accidentally deleted an artwork on Procreate, it cannot be recovered as Procreate does not have a trash recovery feature. It is recommended to regularly backup your Procreate works to avoid accidental loss of art pieces. You can utilize iCloud for easy and automatic backups.

Yes, you can use Procreate offline. Procreate doesn’t require an internet connection to work – you can draw and create on it regardless of your connectivity status. All your work is saved directly to your device.