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Top 6 Alternatives to eBay: Best Online Shopping Apps for 2023

Are you in search of the best online shopping apps that offer a refreshing alternative to eBay in 2023? Look no further! In this era of e-commerce, there are countless apps dedicated to simplifying your shopping experience and providing exceptional deals. In our comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 apps like eBay, tailored to suit your diverse needs and preferences. Discover unparalleled platforms that have risen to prominence in recent years, and embark on an effortless journey to fulfill your online shopping goals. Keep reading to explore the ultimate eBay alternatives making waves in the world of e-commerce in 2023!




Discover the convenience and simplicity of the Amazon app, where you can find everything you need at the touch of your fingertips. Explore the vast selection of products ranging from electronics, fashion, home essentials, and more, while enjoying personalized recommendations, secure payment options, and seamless navigation. Experience the world of online shopping and unparalleled customer service with the Amazon app – your one-stop destination for effortless and efficient shopping.

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  • Wide variety of products available for purchase
  • Easy and convenient to use, with features such as one-click ordering and fast shipping options


  • Ethical concerns surrounding treatment of Amazon employees and impact on small businesses
  • Possibility of counterfeit or poor-quality products being sold by third-party sellers

Conclusion: While Amazon offers a vast selection of products and is user-friendly, it is important to consider the potential negative effects it may have on workers and small businesses, as well as the quality of products being sold.




Explore the world of online shopping with the AliExpress app, offering an extensive selection of products from a wide variety of categories, global suppliers, and competitive prices. Discover top brands, daily deals, secure payment options, fast shipping, and an easy-to-use interface, making your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable. Browse through millions of products and enjoy the convenience of shopping anywhere, anytime with AliExpress.

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  • Wide range of products available from various sellers at competitive prices
  • Convenient payment methods with buyer protection and free shipping options


  • Shipping times can vary greatly and may take several weeks to arrive
  • Product quality may not always meet expectations or match product descriptions

Conclusion: Overall, AliExpress can be a useful platform for online shopping with its vast selection and affordable prices, but buyers should be aware of potential shipping and quality issues when making purchases.




Discover the convenience of the Target app, a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. Browse a vast assortment of products across various categories while enjoying exclusive deals, personalized offers, and more. Shop with confidence with the Target app's easy-to-navigate interface and secure transactions, making your shopping experience smooth and effortless. Simplify your life with the Target app and never miss out on the best deals and latest trends in retail.

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  • The Target app provides users with access to exclusive deals and discounts that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • The app offers a seamless shopping experience, allowing users to easily browse and purchase products from anywhere at any time.


  • The app may lead to overspending, as users may be tempted to purchase items they do not necessarily need due to the app’s targeted promotions and advertisements.
  • The app has been known to experience technical difficulties, such as crashes and loading issues.

Conclusion: Overall, the Target app is a useful tool for shoppers looking to save money and simplify their shopping experience. However, users should be mindful of the potential drawbacks and exercise caution to avoid overspending.




Wish is a popular mobile shopping app offering a diverse range of products at unbeatably low prices. Discover a unique and engaging shopping experience, where users can explore millions of items from fashion and electronics to home goods and accessories. Its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations make it easy to browse and find the latest trends, all while enjoying exceptional savings. With the added convenience of secure payment methods and enhanced customer service, Wish provides an unparalleled shopping experience for savvy shoppers. Experience the future of retail with the Wish app today.

Official Website


  • Wish offers cheap prices and discounts on various products, making it an affordable shopping platform for users.
  • The app features a large variety of products from different sellers and brands, providing users with a wide range of choices.


  • There have been reports of quality issues and slow shipping times, which can be frustrating for users.
  • The app requires users to provide personal information, including credit card details, which can be a potential security risk.

Conclusion: Overall, Wish can be a good option for those looking for affordable shopping options, but users should be aware of the potential quality and security risks.




Letgo is a user-friendly app that connects individuals and communities looking to buy, sell or trade secondhand items. With its seamless platform, you can effortlessly browse through an extensive collection of pre-loved goods and find great bargains, all within your local area. Not only does Letgo make it easy to declutter and make some extra cash, it also promotes a sustainable lifestyle by giving pre-owned items a new lease of life, effectively reducing waste. Discover the simplicity and convenience of buying and selling on Letgo today.

Official Website


  • Easy to use interface and straightforward navigation making it simple to buy and sell items.
  • Large user base with a wide variety of items for sale, increasing the likelihood of finding what you are looking for.


  • Lack of strict monitoring and verification of listings can lead to fake or scam ads.
  • Although It is free to use, there are fee charges if you want to boost your listings or have them featured to increase visibility.

Conclusion: Letgo is a user-friendly platform that offers a great chance to buy and sell items locally, but users should be cautious of potential scams and additional fees. However, with over 45 million downloads in the US alone, there is no denying that this application has become a popular and practical way for individuals to buy and sell items.




Mercari is a highly popular and user-friendly mobile shopping app that allows users to buy and sell an extensive range of new and pre-owned items, ranging from fashion and accessories to gadgets and home goods. Featuring a well-organized and intuitive interface, Mercari has revolutionized the online marketplace scene, offering both buyers and sellers a seamless and safe transaction experience. With built-in communication tools, community-driven ratings, and robust security measures, this game-changing platform makes buying and selling online a breeze. Discover a new world of shopping convenience and unlock the potential to declutter your space with Mercari, the go-to marketplace app.

Official Website


  • Easy to use platform that allows users to conveniently buy and sell items.
  • The app includes a secure payment system that ensures the safety of both the buyer and seller.


  • The app charges a commission fee on each transaction, which may be a deterrent for some sellers.
  • The app’s customer service has received mixed reviews, with some users reporting long response times or unhelpful representatives.

Conclusion: Mercari is a user-friendly platform that offers convenient buying and selling options, coupled with a secure payment system. However, sellers should be aware of the commission fees and the potential issues with customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best alternatives to eBay for online shopping in 2023?

A: The top 10 alternatives to eBay for online shopping in 2023 include:

Q: How do the mobile shopping apps compare to eBay in terms of product variety?

A: Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart offer a similar, if not wider, range of products than eBay. However, some apps like Etsy, OfferUp, Letgo, and Mercari may have a more niche or specialized focus, offering unique or secondhand items that appeal to specific tastes.

Q: What are the major concerns when using alternative online shopping apps?

A: Potential concerns when using alternative online shopping apps can include shipping times, product quality, customer service, ethical considerations, and seller trustworthiness. It is critical to research ahead and read user reviews or ratings before making a purchase.

Q: Can I find better deals on alternative shopping apps compared to eBay?

A: While each app has its unique offerings, it's possible to find deals on alternative shopping apps that are more competitive than those on eBay. Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer significant discounts, and apps like Wish and AliExpress are known for their low prices. However, users should consider factors like shipping costs, quality, and return policies before making a purchase.

Q: What are potential drawbacks of using the Walmart or Target apps for online shopping?

A: Potential drawbacks when using the Walmart or Target apps for online shopping include technical issues like crashes and slow loading times, as well as concerns related to privacy and data tracking.

Q: Are there ethical concerns when using apps like Amazon or Walmart?

A: Yes, there have been ethical concerns raised about the treatment of employees and the impact on small businesses when shopping with large retailers like Amazon or Walmart. It's essential to consider these factors when making decisions about where to shop online.

Q: How do smaller online marketplaces like Etsy, OfferUp, and Letgo compare to eBay?

A: Smaller online marketplaces like Etsy, OfferUp, and Letgo can offer unique items and personalized experiences that might not be available on eBay or other large retail websites. Etsy is a platform for handmade and vintage items, while OfferUp and Letgo focus on local buying and selling of secondhand goods. These platforms can also offer more support for small businesses and local sellers.

Q: Are the alternative shopping apps secure for users?

A: Most alternative shopping apps offer secure payment methods and protection for buyers. Nevertheless, users should exercise caution and only make transactions through trusted platforms, ensuring they are familiar with any relevant privacy policies and user agreements.

Q: How can I be sure of product quality on alternative shopping apps?

A: To ensure product quality on alternative shopping apps, users should read product descriptions and user reviews carefully. Additionally, it is helpful to research the seller or manufacturer's reputation and look for any quality guarantees or return policies.

Q: Are the shipping times and fees reasonable on alternative shopping apps compared to eBay?

A: Shipping times and fees can vary significantly depending on the app, seller, and location. Some apps, like Amazon and Walmart, offer fast shipping options, while others like AliExpress and Wish may take longer. Users should check shipping details and fees before making a purchase to ensure they are comfortable with the estimated delivery times and costs.