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SwingU vs 18Birdies (best golf apps / software)

GPS & Distance tracking
Score Keeping
Stat tracking & Analysis
Swing Analysis
Course database
Social features
Offline mode
Customer Service
SwingU offers a ‘Plus’ subscription for $5.99/month, providing club recommendations, wind speed, and elevation. ‘LoPro’ costs $99.99/year, offering personal lessons and a shot tracker.
18Birdies offers a free version with limited features. Their premium package is $99.99/year or $9.99/mo, offering advanced stats, Caddy+ features, and side games.

A solid choice for serious golfers, SwingU offers comprehensive stat tracking and professional advice🏌️‍♂️💼👍. However, its features come at a price💸.

18Birdies combines social features and gamification for an enjoyable experience🎮🤝. While it offers good free features, the premium content may not justify the cost for some golfers💰⛳.

SwingU Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Highly accurate GPS📡

  • Comprehensive stat tracking📊

  • Personalized lessons from pros🏌️‍♂️

  • Large course database⛳

  • Good offline mode📴

18Birdies Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Fun gamification elements🎮

  • Active community for social golfers👥

  • Robust free version🆓

  • Good course database⛳

  • Integrated swing analysis🏌️‍♀️

  • Interactive range finder📍

Top Cons
  • Premium features are costly💰

  • Less emphasis on social features👥

  • No gamification🎮

  • Fewer features in the free version🆓

  • Requires in-app purchases for full functionality🛍️

  • Interface could be more modern📱

Top Cons
  • Some premium features not worth the price💰

  • Limited offline functionality📴

  • No dedicated customer service📞

  • Inconsistent GPS accuracy📍

  • Requires internet for many features🌐

Other best golf apps


With top-end technology, Arccos Golf is for tech-savvy golfers looking for extensive analytics and performance tracking📈🏌️‍♂️📊. Beware of the heavy battery usage🔋.


The Grint appeals to casual and social golfers with its basic free features and engaging community👥⛳. Yet, its interface may feel outdated to some users📱🔙.


Hole 19 is great for golfers wanting free scoring and GPS features📍⛳. The premium version, however, doesn’t necessarily offer enough to justify the price💰.


The SwingU app offers several significant features to golf players, such as customized instruction based on one’s handicap, detailed stats tracking, personalized daily golf tips, and a digital scorecard. It also provides an on-the-course GPS showing distance to greens and hazards. Additionally, SwingU offers wind speed and elevation compensation.

18Birdies is a comprehensive golf app that brings to the table features such as advanced GPS distance tracking, digital scorecards, side games, and statistics and round history tracking. Plus, it includes a virtual coach for personalized training and offers users the ability to connect with friends and community members within the app.

Yes, both SwingU and 18Birdies apps are free to download. However, both offer supplementary premium features available through subscription models.

The GPS functionality in both SwingU and 18Birdies is generally outlined as remarkably precise. They both provide detailed distance data for every golf course, helping golfers make informed decisions during their games.

Although both apps have unique features, SwingU distinguishes itself by focusing more on personalized instruction and handicap-based training, whilst 18Birdies places more emphasis on community features and social interaction. Plus, it has an added virtual coach feature.

Yes, SwingU and 18Birdies both allow users to share statistics, game results, and progress with others, fostering a social and competitive element as users can challenge and learn from each other.

Yes, 18Birdies provides a selection of side games and competitive formats to enhance the golfing experience. SwingU, on the other hand, focuses more on traditional golf gameplay and improving users’ skills.

Yes, both SwingU and 18Birdies offer real-time weather updates, enabling golfers to plan their games and make strategic decisions based on the updated weather conditions.

While both SwingU and 18Birdies offer a wide range of features, swing analysis is not one of them. For dedicated swing analysis, golfers might need to look at more specialized golf apps.

Yes, both the SwingU and 18Birdies apps are compatible with most smartwatches, allowing golfers to easily access features like GPS and stats tracking directly from their wrists.

SwingU premium includes advanced features like an enhanced GPS range-finder, enhanced scorecard & statistics, club tracking, and personalized instruction among other services.

Yes, 18Birdies offers a premium subscription which provides advanced features like blind shot compass, advanced GPS, premium lessons, game bets tracking, and more.

While both SwingU and 18Birdies might display ads in their free versions, subscribing to their premium options offers an ad-free user experience alongside the other superior privileges.

Yes, both the SwingU and 18Birdies apps serve golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. They offer personalized coaching, stats tracking, and social features to cater to different user needs.

Both SwingU and 18Birdies boast of comprehensive course databases with thousands of courses worldwide. So no matter where you’re golfing, these apps can aid you in your game.

Both SwingU and 18Birdies are designed with user-friendliness in mind and are generally appreciated for their intuitive and straightforward interfaces. They guide users well through the access and use of their various features.

Yes, both SwingU and 18Birdies offer comprehensive stats tracking features that will enable you to monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement over time.

Yes, these apps offer elements of planning ahead. SwingU provides users with hole-by-hole insights, while 18Birdies includes a golf course planner which allows users to strategize and plan their game hole-by-hole.

Yes, both SwingU and 18Birdies offer valuable instructional content. SwingU provides personalized golf tips and instructions, while 18Birdies provides a virtual coach and premium lessons for detailed golf training.

Both SwingU and 18Birdies are available for download on Appstore for iOS users and on Google Play for Android users.

There are numerous high-quality golf apps available to help golfers on the course, including SwingU, 18Birdies, Golfshot, and more.

SwingU offers personalized golf instruction, a digital scorecard, GPS, and an official USGA handicap for its premium members. The app also provides comprehensive details about each hole on the course.

18Birdies is immensely advantageous as it offers a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, side game feature, and access to countless golf courses around the world. The app even offers rewards for golfers who use the app regularly.

The personalized swing and game analysis offered by SwingU, allows users to improve their game by tailoring the app to their specific technique and strengths. This makes SwingU unique compared to other golf applications.

Yes, 18Birdies has social sharing functions, allowing golfers to connect with friends and family, share scores, and potentially create a friendly competition on the course.

Yes, SwingU does offer an official USGA handicap for its paid users, which aids in tracking and improving their overall performance on the golf course.

The GPS rangefinder provided by 18Birdies helps golfers determine distances to any point on the golf course, enabling precise shots and potentially better overall performance.

SwingU uses GPS technology to provide accurate and updated details about almost any golf hole worldwide, helping golfers better strategize their game.

In 18Birdies, golfers have a chance to earn ‘Golf Bucks’ by playing and using the app, which can be redeemed for various golf products and services.

Yes, SwingU is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of smartphone users.

18Birdies does offer the capability to book tee times at thousands of golf courses worldwide, making it convenient for users to schedule their games.

While SwingU does offer some features for free, a subscription is necessary to access the full range of premium features, including personalized golf instructions and an official USGA handicap.

The 18Birdies app offers video lessons from PGA coaches, providing high-quality and professional instructions for its users.

No, SwingU does not currently offer a community feature or social sharing functionality. It is primarily focused on improving your individual golf game.

Yes, 18Birdies provides users with a live leaderboard and scoring feature which helps golfers track their game during tournaments. This features makes it a useful tool during competitive play.

Yes, a standout feature of the SwingU app is its personalized swing analysis. This feature helps golfers improve their technique by offering tailored feedback and instruction.

While basic features on 18Birdies are free, premium features such as advanced GPS, side games and lesson plans from PGA coaches are available only to subscribers of the 18Birdies Premium plan.

Yes, one of the functions of the SwingU app is providing real-time wind speed and weather conditions, crucial information for golfers when planning their shots.

Yes, 18Birdies does offer stat tracking. This feature allows golfers to monitor their round history and track shot tendencies over time, aiding improvement.

The free version of SwingU does include ads. However, subscribing to the premium version removes ads and provides access to additional features, offering a smoother user experience.