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Instagram vs Snapchat (best iphone apps / software)

Ease of Use
Photo Editing Options
Audience Size
Live Streaming
Shopping Features
News and Trending Topics
AR Filters
Instagram is a free application. They monetize by offering advertising opportunities to businesses and also through in-app purchases in the shopping section.
Snapchat is free to download and use. Monetization happens through Snap ads, sponsored geofilters, and sponsored lenses.

📸🌟 Instagram rules in photo editing options, strong follower base, and ease of use. 💸 It’s free, but watch out for the temptation of in-app purchases! 👍

👻 Snapchat is the go-to app for fun, on-the-spot interactions, offering unique, short-lived content and interesting AR filters. 💰 It’s free, but there are in-app purchase opportunities! 🎉

Instagram Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 👑 Popular platform

  • 📷 Great photo editing options

  • 🕺 Fitness and wellness content

  • 🔔 Constant updates & improvements

  • 🛍 Shopping features

Snapchat Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🎭 Fun and innovative AR filters

  • 🎈 Unique, short-lived content

  • 🧡 Easy to use interface

  • 👬 More personal feel

  • 📣 News and Discover page

  • 🛰 Awesome Map feature

Top Cons
  • 👀 Privacy concerns

  • 🔢 Algorithm isn’t very chronological

  • 🎁 Encourages in-app purchases

  • 🤬 Possible encounter with offensive content

  • ⏳ Ads can be time-consuming

  • 👩‍👧‍👦 Less personal than Snapchat

Top Cons
  • 🔍 Less user-friendly discovery

  • 📝 Story text features are limited

  • 🧩 Interface can be confusing

  • 👥 Smaller user base

  • 🎀 In-app purchases encouraged

Other best iphone apps


💬💼 Facebook stands out with its user base, event planning capabilities, and marketplace. It’s free, but remember, they monetize via targeted ads! 🎯


🐦 Twitter excels for real-time news, brevity in posts, and public discussion. It’s a free application, with promoted content being their monetization model! 🆓


⛓💼 LinkedIn is the top choice for professionals, offering network building, job hunting, and professional content. It’s free to use, with premium plans for added features 💰.


A few of the best and popular iPhone apps are Instagram for photo sharing, Snapchat for short video messages, Waze for navigation, Spotify for music, and Evernote for note-taking.

Instagram is a social networking app that allows users to share photos and videos. Users can also interact with others by liking, commenting on their posts, and messaging them. Additionally, Instagram provides a ‘Stories’ feature where content disappears after 24 hours.

Snapchat offers a range of special features, including ephemeral messaging where snaps disappear after being viewed, stories that last for 24 hours, and various reality filters and lenses.

You can download Instagram on your iPhone by visiting the App Store, searching for Instagram in the search bar, and then tapping ‘Get’ to install the app.

To install Snapchat on your iPhone, open the App Store, search for Snapchat, and then click ‘Get’ to begin the installation.

Yes, Instagram offers several photo editing tools. You can apply filters, adjust brightness and contrast, and crop images before posting them.

Yes, Snapchat provides a wide range of filters and lenses that change the look of your face or environment in real-time. They can be accessed by tapping on your face before taking a snap.

To make your Instagram account private, go to your profile, tap on the three lines at the top right, choose ‘Settings’, then ‘Privacy’, and enable ‘Private Account’.

Yes, photos or ‘snaps’ can be saved in Snapchat before you send them by hitting the ‘Save’ button. You can also save stories to ‘Memories’ where you can view and re-share them in the future.

Other popular apps similar to Instagram and Snapchat are TikTok, for short videos with music, and Facebook for general social networking.

While creating an Instagram story, you can add music by tapping the ‘Sticker’ icon and then selecting ‘Music’. You can then choose your desired song and preview it before adding.

Yes, Snapchat allows you to create group messages. Just tap the speech bubble icon on the Snapchat camera screen, then tap ‘New Group’, and add the friends you’d like in the group.

No, Instagram does not have a feature to automatically delete old posts. You need to manually delete posts if you no longer want them on your profile.

Yes, Snapchat had a feature called ‘Snapcash’ that allowed users to send money. However, this feature was discontinued in 2018 and is no longer available.

No, currently Instagram does not provide an option to hide your followers. Anyone who visits your profile can see the number of followers you have and who they are unless your account is private.

Snapchat can track your location, but only if you enable location services for the app. Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ uses this information to show your friends your current location. You can turn this feature off in the app’s settings if desired.

Yes, dark mode is available on the Instagram app. You can turn it on or off by going to your device’s settings. For iPhone, go to ‘Display & Brightness’ and select ‘Dark’.

No, once you’ve created a Snapchat username, it can’t be changed. You can, however, change your display name that friends see when you chat with them.

No, Instagram doesn’t notify users when you take a screenshot of their posts. However, it does send notifications if you screenshot a disappearing photo or video they’ve directly sent to you.

Once a Snapchat message is viewed and expired, it can’t be recovered through the app. Snapchat deletes the content from their servers to maintain privacy. However, Snapchat has to keep some data for legal reasons, but this isn’t accessible to regular users.

The selection is vast, but some of the highest-rated iPhone applications at the moment include Instagram, Snapchat, Uber, WhatsApp and Zoom. They are praised for their functionality, user-friendliness, and innovative features.

To download Snapchat on your iPhone, simply open the App Store, tap on the search bar, type ‘Snapchat’, and then tap ‘Get’ to download and install the application.

Yes, Instagram is available for iPhone users. It can be downloaded and installed from the App Store.

Snapchat is popular due its unique features such as disappearing photos and videos, filters and fun overlays, stories, and custom Bitmoji. It also promotes a sense of connectedness with real-time sharing options.

There is no direct option within the Instagram app to view stories anonymously. However, third-party apps or websites may offer this feature. Keep in mind these aren’t officially supported or endorsed by Instagram and may compromise your security or privacy.

Snapchat offers unique features that aren’t available on other social media platforms, such as lenses and filters, disposable content, and Snap Map. They are especially appealing for a younger demographic.

The minimum age requirement to use Instagram, as stipulated in its Terms of Service, is 13 years old.

Yes, you can send messages on Snapchat using your iPhone. Simply open a Chat with the person you’d like to message, type your message, and tap ‘Send’.

To use filters on Instagram, simply open the camera in the Instagram app, scroll along the bottom options until you see ‘Browse Effects’, tap on it, and then select the filter you wish to use.

You can share your location with friends on Snapchat using Snap Map. To activate this feature, open Snapchat, pinch your fingers together like you’re zooming out on a photo, then follow the prompts to enable location services.

Yes, you can follow celebrity accounts on Instagram using your iPhone. Just search for their official account using the Search function in the app and then tap ‘Follow’.

Snapchat scores are calculated based on the number of Snaps you send and receive, Stories you post, and other factors. These scores are visible on your profile and serve to indicate your level of activity on the app.

Yes, you can share photos from your iPhone camera roll to your Instagram feed or Story. When creating a new post or Story, just tap on ‘Camera Roll’ to choose a photo to share.

You can manage your Snapchat privacy settings through the Settings menu within the app. From here, you can control who can contact you, view your Story or your location, and more.

You can’t directly repost someone else’s post using the native Instagram app on your iPhone. However, you can use third-party apps such as ‘Repost for Instagram’ to do this. Alternatively, you can also take a screenshot of the post and upload it as your own, but remember to give credit to the original poster.

Yes, you can add text to your Snapchat photos. After capturing a Snap, tap the ‘T’ button located on the screen’s upper-right corner. You can then type your message and even customize it with different colors and fonts.

Yes, Instagram provides editing tools that allow you to alter contrast, saturation, brightness and more. You can also apply different filters to your photos before posting them.

To recover your Snapchat password on your iPhone, tap ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login screen. You can then choose to either recover your account via phone or email.

Yes, you can save your Instagram photos to your iPhone. Go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top right corner, tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’, and finally ‘Original Photos’. From there, you can enable the ‘Save Original Photos’ option.

To delete a Snapchat Story on your iPhone, tap on your story that you want to delete, then swipe up to see the bottom options. Tap on ‘Delete’, and confirm that you want to remove it.