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Pluto TV vs Tubi TV (best free live tv streaming apps / software)

Channel Selection
User Interface
Ad Frequency
Live TV quality
On-Demand Content
Device Compatibility
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Customer Support
Tubi TV 🧪 monetizes with ads 📢, so it’s free 🆓 for viewers. However, it does give you the option to subscribe 💳 to eliminate ads.
Pluto TV 👽 monetizes with ads 📢, so it’s completely free to use for viewers 💰.

Tubi TV 🧪 is packed with free, on-demand movies 🎬 and TV shows 📺. But, it has limited live TV 🕰️ options and its interface could use improvements 🚧.

Pluto TV 👽 is a unique choice for free, live TV 📺 with a large selection of channels 🌐. However, it lacks advanced features 🌟 and performs mid-range in reliability 📏.

Tubi TV Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 👍 Extensive On-Demand Content 🍿

  • 👍 Stable Video Quality 🖥️

  • 👍 Reliable Performance ⚙️

  • 👍 Decent Device Compatibility 📲

  • 👍 Less Frequent Ads 🚫

Pluto TV Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 👍 Large Channel Selection 🌐

  • 👍 Authentic Live TV Experience 🎬

  • 👍 Wide Device Compatibility 📲

  • 👍 Good On-Demand Content 🍿

  • 👍 Stable Video Quality 🖥️

  • 👍 Free to Use 💰

Top Cons
  • 👎 Limited Live TV Channels 🌐

  • 👎 Basic User Interface 🔧

  • 👎 Limited Customer Support 👥

  • 👎 Average Audio Quality 🎧

  • 👎 Needs Internet Connection 🌐

  • 👎 Limited Remote Control Options 🕹️

Top Cons
  • 👎 Frequent Ads 🚫

  • 👎 Average User Interface 🔧

  • 👎 Limited Customer Support 👥

  • 👎 Average Audio Quality 🎧

  • 👎 Needs Internet Connection 🌐

Other best free live tv streaming apps


Peacock TV 🦚 stands out with its mix of on-demand and live TV 📺 options. But, it lacks certain basic channels 🌐 in its free version 😓.


Crackle 🧨 is great for on-demand movies 🎬, but lacks in the live TV 📺 department. It may have some buffering issues 🚧.


IMDb TV 📚 offers a small selection of live TV channels 📺 and a great movie catalog 🎬. It’s strong 💪 in reliability but weak 😓 in some features 🌟.


Pluto TV is a legal streaming platform that enables users to watch a wide range of television channels online without any subscription. It offers a multitude of channels, divided into various categories such as movies, news, entertainment and many others. You can simply visit Pluto TV or download the app from the app store to start watching.

Tubi TV is a free and legal streaming app that offers thousands of movies and TV shows from various genres. One of its key features includes a ‘Not on Netflix’ category, showcasing content that’s not available on Netflix. Tubi TV also offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. You can access Tubi TV on your device by heading to Tubi TV website or fetching it from the app store.

No, creating an account on Pluto TV isn’t mandatory. You can watch the content without signing up. However, creating an account enables you to personalize your experience and save favorite channels for easy access.

Unlike Pluto TV, Tubi TV does require its users to sign up and create an account. This helps Tubi TV in curating personalized content based on your viewing history.

Yes, along with live streaming, Pluto TV also provides an ‘On Demand’ section where you can watch movies and TV shows anytime you like. Their on-demand content is updated regularly.

No, Tubi TV mainly operates as an on-demand streaming platform offering a vast collection of movies and TV shows, it doesn’t provide live TV streaming service.

Yes, being a completely free app Pluto TV offers ad-supported content. You may see commercials before and during your streaming experience similar to traditional TV services.

Just like Pluto TV, Tubi TV is also an ad-supported streaming service. There will be occasional commercials throughout your viewing session to keep their service free of cost.

Yes, Pluto TV is available internationally, however, the content and channel offerings may vary depending on the geographical location due to licensing restrictions.

Tubi TV is primarily available in the United States, but they have started expanding to select countries such as Australia and Canada. However, the content offering may not be the same in all regions.

Yes, you can watch Pluto TV on various devices including smart TVs, streaming devices, mobile tablets and smartphones, as well as on the Pluto TV website.

Tubi TV can be accessed through a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices, in addition to the Tubi TV website.

Yes, Pluto TV has a dedicated mobile app available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Yes, Tubi TV indeed boasts mobile application for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores.

Pluto TV primarily streams content at 720p resolution for live TV, but the quality can fluctuate based on the strength of your internet connection. Some on-demand contents are offered in 1080p Full HD.

Tubi TV allows streaming in Full HD 1080p resolution, depending on your internet connection and the device you’re using. However, not all content is available in this quality.

While Pluto TV offers a wide range of channels, it doesn’t provide premium channels like HBO or Showtime. It’s content is more about variety and volume rather than premium channels.

No, Tubi TV doesn’t offer premium channels. It mainly provides a vast library of older TV shows and movies, as well as some newer content.

Pluto TV constantly adds new channels and rotates its content to keep the selection fresh and engaging. Most updates happen on a monthly basis.

Tubi TV updates its library every week with new content. This often includes both movies and TV shows. The ‘Recently Added’ section provides a quick look at what’s new on Tubi TV.

Pluto TV stands out among its peers due to its broad range of available channels, both live TV and exclusive ones, categorized under various genres. Moreover, Pluto TV doesn’t require a registration, so you can start watching immediately.

Tubi TV offers a plethora of movies and TV shows across different genres. While it’s ad-supported, the frequency of ads is reasonable, and it offers a large selection of free content compared to many other free streaming apps.

No, both Pluto TV and Tubi TV are free streaming platforms. While they do feature advertisements, these are what allow the platform to provide free content to users.

Pluto TV provides a few international channels amongst its offerings. However, the majority of its content is in English and targeted at viewers in the United States.

Yes, both Pluto TV and Tubi TV are available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, web browsers, and several smart TV platforms.

No, Pluto TV doesn’t require users to register or create an account. This allows you to begin streaming content instantly upon accessing the platform.

Tubi TV does feature a Family Movies section which includes a variety of children’s programming. However, parental discretion is always advised when allowing children to access free streaming platforms.

Yes, as long as the apps are downloaded from the official App Store or Google Play Store. Both Pluto TV and Tubi TV are legitimate services supported by ad revenues.

Yes, both Pluto TV and Tubi TV offer high definition content. The quality of the stream may vary based on your internet connection speed.

Yes, Pluto TV has commercial breaks similar to traditional cable TV. This is how they provide free content to viewers.

Pluto TV offers a diverse range of channels including news, sports, entertainment, movies, and many special interest channels.

Yes, Tubi TV provides a large collection of on-demand movies and TV shows, in addition to its free live TV streams.

Pluto TV provides a limited number of live sports channels. However, for a wider range of live sports channels, a dedicated sports streaming app or subscription service might be necessary.

No, Tubi TV does not offer a paid subscription or premium service. It purely operates on an ad-supported model.

No, Pluto TV does not have any customization or personalization features. Content is presented as-is, similar to traditional cable TV.

Yes, Tubi TV regularly adds new titles to its library. This ensures a constant stream of fresh content for viewers.

Pluto TV is available in several regions outside the United States. However, the content may vary due to regional licensing restrictions.

Yes, Tubi TV does provide parental control features. These can be set up in the account settings on the platform’s website.

Pluto TV provides closed captions for a majority of its content. Tubi TV also offers closed captions for most of its library. However, availability can vary by title and device.

Neither Pluto TV nor Tubi TV places any restrictions on the amount of content you can watch. However, specific titles may be unavailable due to licensing agreements or regional restrictions.