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Buildium vs AppFolio (best property management apps / software)

Ease of use
Customer Support
Payment Options
Tenant Tracking
Maintenance Management
Property Inspection
Document Management
AppFolio does not provide a pricing scheme on its website. However, it’s known to offer a property manager price of $1.40 per unit/month with a minimum monthly spend of $280.
Buildium offers a Basic plan starting at $50 per month for up to 20 units, an Essential plan for $160 per month for 40 units, and a Premium plan for bigger portfolios.

AppFolio stands out with its outstanding customer support and comprehensive features list. It’s a great choice for those looking for an all-in-one solution. 👌🏢👥

If property accounting is a top concern, Buildium is the way to go! 👍💼💰 The platform has tiered pricing 🔢 to suit different types of users.

AppFolio Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Outstanding customer support 🏆👨‍💼

  • Powerful set of features 👏🌟

  • Easy to use and navigate 👍👩‍💻

  • Fast and efficient updates 💡💼

  • Great for large and small scale properties 🏢🏡

Buildium Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Robust accounting features 👑💰

  • Easy-to-use interface 👨‍💻

  • Excellent customer support 👏✨

  • Comprehensive set of features 😃👍

  • Reasonable pricing 💡💸

  • Strong Reporting 🔍📈

Top Cons
  • Relatively high-cost 💸😱

  • Less customization options 🛠️😥

  • Learning curve for new users 💡🧗‍♂️

  • Limited support for smaller portfolios 👩‍💼⚠️

  • Poor frequency of updates 🔄🐌

  • Tenant tracking could be improved 👥🧐

Top Cons
  • Lacks customization 🛠️😞

  • Can get expensive as portfolio grows 💰😖

  • Slow software updates 🐢🔄

  • Less ideal for large portfolios 🏢😕

  • Learning curve for beginners 💡🧗‍♀️

Other best property management software


Yardi Breeze offers a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze for property management! 😎🏡 Easy to use but slightly expensive than others.💰🚁


Zoho Creator wins for the most flexibility! It’s versatile for property managers who need customization. 🏢✍️🚀


Rentec Direct is value for money 💸 and ideal for smaller property managers looking for an understandable & affordable solution. 🏘️💡✅


The Buildium provides a wide array of features such as online rent collection, property inspection, property advertising, tenant screening, lease tracking, maintenance management, financial reporting, and communication tools among others. These functionalities provide an efficient way for real estate professionals to manage their properties.

The AppFolio software is used in property management to streamline and automate various tasks including online rent collection, property maintenance requests, tenant screening, financial accounting, property marketing and leasing, and communication with property owners and tenants.

Both Buildium and AppFolio software are highly reliable and trusted by thousands of property managers worldwide. These platforms continually update their systems to ensure security and efficiency in managing real estate properties.

Yes, both Buildium and AppFolio provide technical support for their users. Customers can reach the support team via phone, email and chat for any assistance or inquiries about the software.

Yes, both Buildium and AppFolio are cloud-based software which can be accessed from any location using an internet-connected device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Yes, AppFolio does have a mobile application available for both iOS and Android users. The app offers full functionality of the software and is designed to increase efficiency while on the go.

Yes, Buildium is capable of managing a variety of financial reports. It can track income and expenses, create balance sheet reports, and also generate tax prep reports among others.

Yes, the AppFolio property management software is designed to handle properties of all sizes. So, it can efficiently handle large property portfolios while also benefiting smaller property managers.

Buildium property management software can manage a wide range of properties such as residential, commercial, student housing, homeowners association, and community association properties.

Yes, AppFolio has a maintenance tracking feature that allows property managers to efficiently track and organize requests from tenants. This feature also allows for streamlined communication between managers, tenants, and vendors.

Yes, Buildium can be integrated with other software for a more efficient workflow. It can be synced with software like QuickBooks, HappyCo, SurePayroll, Resident Center, etc.

Yes, AppFolio offers a free-trial period, during which prospective users can explore the software and test out its features before making a purchasing decision.

Buildium offers several pricing options suitable for different needs and budgets. The pricing is mainly based on the number of units managed and begins from $50 a month.

Yes, AppFolio is known for its user-friendly interface that simplifies property management tasks. Its intuitive design allows users to easily navigate through the system without needing technical background.

Yes, Buildium provides a tenant portal where residents can pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with property managers conveniently.

Yes, AppFolio complies with all necessary financial regulations, providing property managers with peace of mind over the financial management of their properties.

Buildium is highly suitable for residential property management. It offers specific features tailored for this such as tenant screening, lease tracking, online rent payment, and maintenance requests tracking among others.

Indeed, AppFolio comes with various marketing tools to help with tenant acquisition, such as property listing, online applications, and an integrated website so that managers can easily attract and screen potential tenants.

Yes, Buildium provides communication tools for easy interaction between property managers and tenants. This includes in-app messaging, email capabilities, and a designated portal for tenants.

Yes, AppFolio provides comprehensive financial management tools, including handling transactions, monitoring cash flow, and generating financial reports. This helps in keeping track of your financial details with ease.

The essential function of property management software like Buildium and AppFolio is to assist property managers in organizing, controlling, and administering their real estate properties. They streamline various tasks, such as payment collection, rental listings, maintenance issues management, financial reporting, lease tracking, and communication with residents and owners.

Buildium makes rent collection convenient by allowing property managers to accept payments online, reduce processing time, and automatically update the accounts. It also helps in sending payment reminders and managing late fees.

AppFolio provides a feature for tenants to submit maintenance requests directly. Property managers can then track these requests and even dispatch repair staff all from within the software. This enhances efficiency and improves the property’s overall maintenance.

Yes, Buildium supports lease tracking. It organizes all lease information in a single place, tracks lease dates, renewal status, rent escalation, and other important details, enhancing compliance and reducing risks of lease violations.

Absolutely. AppFolio gives comprehensive and customizable financial reporting tools. Property managers can monitor financial performance, manage budgets, and generate necessary statements and reports for owners and regulatory bodies. It also integrates with banks for streamlined reconciliation and payment processes.

Buildium offers various automation features like Auto Pay for recurring bills, automatic bank reconciliations, and automated resident communications. It also has Task Lists that automatically assign tasks to staff members, increasing efficiency and consistency.

Yes, AppFolio provides comprehensive, integrated tenant screening services. This includes a complete credit, criminal, and eviction history check. It aids property managers in selecting reliable tenants, minimizing property damage risk and payment issues.

Yes, Buildium offers a feature for marketing vacancies. Property managers can publicly list the vacancies directly from the software on popular real estate listing sites, leading to higher visibility and faster leasing.

Yes, AppFolio has a built-in messaging system that facilitates direct communication between landlords and tenants. It keeps a record of all conversations and promotes transparent and efficient communication.

Buildium ensures data security through SSL encryption, regular audits, and compliance to strict international and industry-specific regulations, such as PCI DSS for payments. This safeguards sensitive property, landlord, and tenant information.

Yes, AppFolio offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices, allowing property managers to access and manage their properties from any location.

Yes, property managers can conveniently manage inspections using Buildium. They can schedule inspections, generate and share reports, and even document property condition with photos, ensuring that property standards are maintained.

AppFolio allows integration with a variety of other software such as accounting software, payment gateways, screening services, and listing platforms. This interoperability enables a consistent and efficient workflow within the system.

Absolutely. Buildium provides secure and organized document storage and management. Both property managers and residents can upload, access, and share files, ensuring seamless and paperless operations.

Yes, AppFolio can assist in budget management. It gives real-time visibility of property finances and aids in planning bills, maintenance costs, or other expenses. The software also tracks budget performance over time, providing valuable insights.

Buildium offers various support services such as rectifying platform issues, conducting training sessions, and providing tutorials on specific features. All these are aimed at giving users a smooth, trouble-free experience.

Not at all. AppFolio has a dedicated implementation team that guides users through the setup and transition. They also offer training resources and 24/7 customer support to ensure ease of use.

Yes, Buildium offers a free trial to prospective users. It allows users to test out the software and understand its features and benefits before deciding on a purchase.

AppFolio offers various pricing options based on the number of units managed. The pricing structure is tiered, meaning the cost per unit decreases as the total number of units managed increases.

Absolutely. Buildium caters to both residential and commercial properties. The features of the software can be configured to suit the unique management requirements of both property types.