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How to Connect Apple TV Plus to Chromecast: A Simple Guide

Watching Apple TV Plus on Chromecast Guide

Looking to enjoy your favorite Apple TV Plus shows on a larger screen? Want to use your Chromecast to stream them? 📺 Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to connect Apple TV Plus to Chromecast! This method works for desktop or laptop computers running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. All you need is the Chrome browser. 🌐


Step 1: Visit Apple TV Plus Website

First, open your Chrome browser 🌐 and do a search for Apple TV Plus. It’s a paid service, so if you’ve already subscribed, sign in. 🚀 Please note, the desktop environment isn’t the friendliest, but don’t worry, you’ll find the show you’re looking for. 👀


Step 2: Select a Show and Start Playing

Once you’re in, navigate to the show you wish to watch, and hit play. 🎬 Note that the playback starts right within your browser. 🔄


Step 3: Casting to Chromecast

To cast the show to your TV, click on the menu at the top of the Chrome browser, and choose Cast. Then, select your Chromecast device 📺 and voila, you’re now streaming your favorite show on the big screen! 🥳


Step 4: Enjoy the Show on Your TV

Enjoy watching your show on the TV. The sound will, of course, come through the TV speakers. The picture quality, though not as smooth as it could be, due to it being sent through the Chrome browser, is quite acceptable. 🆗

Conclusion: 🏁

There you have it! A simple way of watching Apple TV Plus on your Chromecast. This method is a great alternative if you have a free trial 👍 but don’t have an Apple TV box 🍎 or any other streaming device. Happy streaming! 🍿


Apple TV Plus is a streaming service offering a variety of original content from Apple.

Chromecast is a device by Google that allows you to stream multimedia content from your smartphone or computer to your TV.

Yes, despite being from competing companies, you can actually connect Apple TV Plus to Chromecast.

To connect Apple TV Plus to Chromecats you just need to cast it from a device that has the Apple TV app, like an iPhone or an Android.

No, the built-in capabilities of the Apple TV app and Chromecast are enough to make the connection happen.

Yes, you can use a Chrome browser to cast Apple TV Plus to Chromecast.

No, any TV with an HDMI port can make use of Chromecast.

Yes, as long as you have the Apple TV App installed and your device supports the Chromecast feature.

You can watch all content available on Apple TV Plus via Chromecast, including movies, series, documentaries, and more.

Yes, all the features, including subtitles, language options, are available when you cast Apple TV Plus to Chromecast.

Yes, if you have a Google Assistant device, you can use voice commands to control the playback.

No, the streaming quality remains as is, although it also depends on your internet connection.

Yes, as long as Apple TV Plus and Chromecast are available in your country, you can connect them.

No, connecting Apple TV Plus to Chromecast is a completely legitimate feature and does not infringe any terms of use.

No, Apple TV Plus does not offer live TV. It’s mainly for streaming Apple-own and exclusive content.

No, there is no additional cost to watch Apple TV Plus on Chromecast, apart from your regular Apple TV Plus subscription.

No, you cannot use the Chromecast app to control Apple TV Plus. But, you can control the stream from your casting device.

Yes, the casted content will reflect the profile you are using on your Apple TV Plus app.

No, you can use any model of Chromecast to connect to Apple TV Plus.

Subtitles can be enabled from the Apple TV Plus app before casting the content to Chromecast.

Yes, anyone connected to the same Wi-Fi network can control the content being casted.

Yes, you can control the playback of Apple TV Plus content on Chromecast as you normally would.

Yes, you can watch Apple TV Plus on other devices while it’s being casted on Chromecast as per device streaming limits.

No, you can only cast to one Chromecast at a time from a single device.

No, you have to navigate the Apple TV Plus app from your casting device.

To disconnect, simply stop casting from your device. You can do this by tapping the ‘Cast’ icon and then ‘Stop casting’.

Yes, you can cast content from Apple TV Plus to a TV with Chromecast built-in.

Ensure that both your casting device and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If problems persist, try restarting your devices.

Yes, you can cast Apple TV Plus to Chromecast from the Google Chrome browser.

Yes, Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast with Google TV support 4K streaming from Apple TV Plus.

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