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Unleashing the Power of LPB Piso Wifi: Quick and Easy Guide

LPB Piso Wifi

In a world where everything revolves around internet connectivity, LPB Piso Wifi stands out in bringing quality wifi access to the masses. What makes it more cool is the option for vendo owners and customers to make changes to various settings at😎. Want to be a wifi pro? Stick around, and we’ll guide you through the mysteries of inserting money, pausing time, and tweaking those interesting settings!


Laying down Cash in Your LPB PISO WIFI like a Beast!

Now who said getting connected had to be a chore? With LPB Piso Wifi, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Grab your device and connect to the LPB Piso Wifi network . Open your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, you name it!) and type in Look for that shiny Insert Money button and click it! Now it’s time to feed the beast with some cold hard cash . Tap on Done Paying once you’re satisfied. Next thing you know, you’re surfing the web at blazing speed! But wait! Got a Voucher Code? Well, isn’t that just a treat! Enter the code, hit Submit and make way for some amazing web experience!


Time to hit the Pause Button on Your LPB Piso Wifi! ⏸️

Now we all need a little break sometimes, right? Well, just because you’re away from your device, doesn’t mean you should miss out on your paid time. Just hit up your browser, type in, and boom, look for that Pause Time button. Click it! That’s it, your time is now on hold . Ready to jump back in? Just click Resume Time and off you go again!


Mastering the Admin Portal of LPB Piso Wifi like a Champ!

So you’re a vendo owner now, huh? Well, buckle up, because we’re taking a ride into the admin portal! Connect to the Piso wifi network and open your browser. Type in that address bar. And now, it’s time to unlock the gate with the magic keys. Enter Username as ‘admin’ and Password as ‘123456789’ (don’t worry, you can change it later ). Voila, welcome to the dashboard! The portal is your playground, where you can check out the Sales report, System Info, and Vendo Total Sales. You can explore the Sales Inventory, generate vouchers, set timer rates, and tweak schedules/settings!


Generating Vouchers in LPB Piso Wifi? It’s a No-Brainer!

Head over to the Voucher Generator page and click on Generate Voucher. Set your terms like Price, Minutes and Voucher Validity, and even control Data Capping, and Download and Upload Speed. Hit Generate and your voucher is ready to roll!


Adding Timer Rates in LPB Piso Wifi? Easy peasy!

From the menu, find Timer Rates. Click Add Rates and get down to customizing! Choose the number of Pesos, Minutes/Hours/Days and optionally the Expiry Date (for instance, 10 pesos for 3 hours ). Click Add and you’re all set!


Messing with Wi-Fi Speed Limit in LPB Piso Wifi? Bring it on!

Under Network in the menu, bring out the beast and select Speed Limiter. Now you can control the Global Speed Limiter and Per User Speed Limiter for both upload and download speed. Built-in Port prioritization? Automatic! Set TCP/UDP from high to low for each task. Finally, hit Save Changes and take the internet by storm !


With LPB Piso Wifi, the power to control your Wi-Fi experience is in your hands. The beast inside you is unleashed as you become the king or queen 👑 of your network castle. So go ahead, make the most of this awesome plugin and keep that Wi-Fi game going strong! 🤟

Firstly, make sure you’re connected to the LPB Piso Wi-Fi network on your mobile device. Launch your preferred browser and enter into the address bar. You’ll see an ‘Insert Money’ button on the page which you need to click. Once you have successfully inserted your money, click on the ‘Done Paying’ button. You should now be connected to the hotspot machine.

Initiate your preferred browser and key in in the address bar. Once you see the portal, you can click on the ‘Pause Time’ button. Your time has now been paused! To continue your usage, simply click the ‘Resume Time’ button.

Begin by connecting to the Piso wifi network. Launch a browser and type in the address bar. Input the Username and Password then click ‘Sign In’. By default, the Username is ‘admin’ and the Password is ‘123456789’. You will then gain access to the LPB Piso Wifi dashboard.

The LPB Piso Wifi dashboard showcases valuable information such as your Sales report, System Info, and Vendo Total Sales. You could also access other features like Sales Inventory, Voucher Generator, Timer Rates, Schedule, along with different Client, Network and System settings.

Navigate to the Voucher Generator page and click the ‘Generate Voucher’ button. You will be prompted to fill in details like the Price, Minutes and Voucher Validity, Data Capping, and the Download and Upload Speed. After entering these details, click on ‘Generate’. The voucher code along with its status will be displayed on the adjacent table.

To add timer rates, go to the ‘Timer Rates’ option in the menu and click on ‘Add Rates’. Here you’ll be required to enter the Number of Pesos, the desired Minutes/Hours/Days, and optionally, an Expiry Date. As an example, 10 pesos could be valid for a span of 3 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds. Click ‘Add’ to save the changes.

To set a Wi-Fi speed limit, navigate to ‘Network’ in the menu and select ‘Speed Limiter’. Here, you can set the Global Speed Limiter and Default Per User Speed Limiter for Upload and Download speeds. The built-in Port prioritization is automatic by default, enabling you to set TCP/UDP from High to Low for every task. Remember to click ‘Save Changes’ to apply any modifications.

If you possess a Voucher Code, simply input it in the designated box and click ‘Submit’ in order to redeem it.

When limiting your Wi-Fi speed, you have the freedom to set both the Global Speed and the Default Per User Speed for both Upload and Download operations. The choice therefore largely depends on your needs and preferences.

To produce a voucher, you’d require information like the Price, Minutes and Voucher Validity details, Data Capping, as well as the Download and Upload Speed. After entering these details, clicking on ‘Generate’ should successfully produce the voucher.

The built-in Port prioritization system in LPB Piso Wifi is typically automatic by default. This allows users to set TCP/UDP from High to Low depending on each task. To modify these settings, navigate to ‘Speed Limiter’ under ‘Network’ in the menu.

Yes, the LPB Piso Wifi platform provides a detailed sales report. You can access this information by logging into the LPB Piso Wifi Admin Portal.

While adding timer rates, there’s an optional field to set an Expiry Date. To set an expiration date for a rate, simply input your desired date in this field before clicking ‘Add’.

Yes, if you have a Voucher Code, it can be redeemed. Input the code in the designated box and hit ‘Submit’ to redeem it.

Once you have successfully inserted money, it is imperative to click on the ‘Done Paying’ button. This finalizes the process and you’ll be connected to the hotspot machine.

After pausing your time on LPB Piso Wifi, you will find a ‘Resume Time’ button on the portal. By clicking this, you can effortlessly resume your usage.

The default login credentials for the LPB Piso Wifi Admin Portal are ‘admin’ (Username) and ‘123456789’ (Password).

The System Info can be found in the LPB Piso Wifi dashboard. To access the dashboard, connect to the Piso wifi network, open your browser, and enter, then login using the default credentials.

Yes, network settings are among the various options that you can access from the LPB Piso Wifi dashboard. This feature allows you to manage different aspects of the network including the Speed Limiter.

Accessing the LPB Piso Wifi dashboard involves logging into the admin portal. This can be achieved by connecting to the Piso wifi network, launching your browser, and typing into the address bar. The default Username and Password are ‘admin’ and ‘123456789’ respectively.