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How to recover deleted messages on Instagram in 2024

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram  in 2024

Have you ever accidentally deleted a crucial message on Instagram and frantically searched for ways to recover it? Well, you’re not alone. With Instagram becoming an essential communication tool for many, losing messages can be distressing. Fortunately, there are several methods you can employ to retrieve those lost messages. This article outlines practical steps I’ve personally tested, which will guide you on how to recover deleted messages on Instagram.


Common Scenarios:

Accidental Deletion 😬

  • You may have unintentionally deleted a conversation and later realized it contained important information.
  • The user interface can sometimes be tricky, leading to the accidental deletion of messages.

Clearing Conversations 🧹

  • In an attempt to declutter your inbox, you might have cleared some conversations not realising there was a message you’d want to reference later.
  • Operating on autopilot, you could have mistakenly hit the ‘Delete’ button while clearing up old messages.

Intentional Deletion Followed by Regret 🤦

  • Maybe you deleted a message on purpose during a moment of frustration or anger, but later wished to have it back.
  • The realization that the deleted message had sentimental value can cause a desire to recover it.

Step-by-Step Guide. Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram:

Method 1: Request a Copy of Your Data 📦

  • Open your Instagram app and head to your profile.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) and then click ‘Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Security’ and select ‘Download Data’.
  • Enter the email address where you want to receive your Instagram data and press ‘Request Download’.
  • Once the data arrives (it could take up to 48 hours), download it and unzip the file to view your deleted messages.

Note: This will only retrieve messages that were deleted after the last data backup Instagram made.

Conclusion: This method is useful for a comprehensive data retrieval, including messages, but it does require some patience.

Method 2: Check Your Email 📫

  • Search through your email account that’s linked to your Instagram profile.
  • Look for any notifications from Instagram about messages. This works if you have not turned off email notifications for Instagram DMs.
  • If you find emails from Instagram notifying you of Direct Messages, you can read the content of the messages there.

Note: Any deleted messages from your Instagram app may still be intact in your email if you had the notification settings on.

Conclusion: It’s a quick method to recover the content of messages but not to actually restore them in the Instagram app.

Method 3: Restore from Device Backup

  • If you have a backup on iCloud for iPhone or Google Drive for Android, made before deleting the messages, you can attempt to restore it.
  • Perform a factory reset on your device and then restore the backup during the setup process.
  • Once your device has been restored, login to Instagram to see if the messages have returned.

Note: This action is quite drastic, and you should ensure all of your other data is backed up before proceeding.

Conclusion: Although effective for some, this method involves a risk of losing other data and should be used as a last resort.

Method 4: Use Instagram’s Recently Deleted Feature 🗑

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to your ‘Settings’ via your profile page.
  • Tap on ‘Account’ and then select ‘Recently Deleted’.
  • See if your deleted messages are listed there and choose to ‘Restore’ if they are available.

Note: Instagram’s Recently Deleted feature mainly focuses on photos and videos and might not work for messages.

Conclusion: This method is a great, user-friendly option to recover content, but its applicability to messages can be limited.

Method 5: Contact Instagram Support 🎧

  • Try reaching out to Instagram Help Center for assistance.
  • Explain your issue in detail through the provided support request form, and wait for a response from their team.

Note: While there is no guarantee of data recovery through customer support, it’s still worth the attempt when other methods fail.

Conclusion: Reaching out to customer support should be done when all other methods don’t yield the desired results.


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Precautions and Tips:

Keep Your Data Safe 🔒

  • Regularly back up your Instagram data to ensure you have a recent copy saved.
  • Be cautious while clearing conversations and double-check before you delete any messages.
  • Change your notification settings to receive emails for Instagram DMs, creating an automatic backup for receiving messages.

Maintaining Message Security

Instagram has become an integrated part of our social lives and business dealings. Ensuring the security and recoverability of our messages is of utmost importance. It’s not always just about personal conversations; sometimes, messages on Instagram contain business agreements, important contacts, or creative ideas that you cannot afford to lose.

To mitigate the risk of data loss on platforms like Instagram, one should consider using additional third-party apps designed to automatically save or back up your messages. However, be mindful of the privacy implications, and always choose services with a credible reputation for data security.

To learn more about Instagram’s data policies and how they handle user data, you can visit the Instagram Help Center. For a deeper understanding of data security and practices on social media, resources such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation at can provide invaluable information.


In conclusion, recovering deleted messages on Instagram can be a challenge, but with the methods outlined in this article, you have multiple avenues to attempt retrieval. Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s crucial to choose the one that aligns with your needs and the situation at hand. Remember, preventing data loss is always easier than recovery, so take necessary precautions to protect your messages. Always back up your data regularly, be cautious with deletion, and adjust your notification settings wisely. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to explore the Instagram Help Center for more detailed information and support.


Yes, it's possible to recover messages you've deleted on Instagram. You can request a copy of your data, which includes messages, through Instagram's settings.

Go to Instagram settings, select 'Security', then 'Download Data', and enter your email. Instagram will send a link to download your data, including messages.

There are third-party apps claiming to recover deleted messages, but use caution as they can be unreliable and potentially compromise your privacy and security.

Yes, the data download feature is accessible both on the mobile Instagram app and the website. You can follow the same process to request your data.

Instagram may take up to 48 hours to compile your data and send the download link to the email associated with your Instagram account.

Deleted messages may be recoverable shortly after deletion. However, Instagram doesn't specify a precise time limit for data recovery.

Yes, the downloaded data file includes both sent and received messages, along with other information related to your Instagram account.

Permanently deleted conversations are more difficult to recover, but you can try requesting your data from Instagram to see if the conversation is included.

Messages exchanged before being blocked may still be included in your Instagram data download, but new messages sent after being blocked won't be recoverable.

For official guidelines, visit Instagram’s Help Center at for detailed instructions on data recovery.