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Procreate vs Adobe Sketch (best drawing apps / software)

User Interface
Brush Selection
Layer Support
Zoom in/out
Ruler support
Color Variation
Shape Tools
Export Capabilities
Import Capabilities
Stylus Support
Procreate charges a one-time fee of $9.99✅ . No monthly subscription .
Adobe Sketch is free to use . However, for full access, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $52.99/month .

Procreate offers a realistic drawing experience that’s user-friendly and packed with features . However, it’s iOS-only and somewhat costly .

Adobe Sketch is a free app with a good array of brushes and tools ️. Integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud . Lacks some depth in features .

Procreate Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Excellent brush selection ️

  • Great support for layers

  • Smooth zoom in/out

  • Good ruler support

  • Variety of color options

Adobe Sketch Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud

  • Free to use

  • Good array of brush and tools ️

  • Smooth zoom in/out

  • Impressive color variation

  • Strong support for stylus✍️

Top Cons
  • Costly

  • Only available for iOS

  • Limited shape tools⚙️

  • Needs time to master the features

  • Lacks stock images for practice ️

  • Lacks animation tools ️

Top Cons
  • Not as feature-rich as Procreate

  • Requires an Adobe account for full access

  • Limited layer support

  • Lacks different shape tools

  • Limited export capabilities

Other best drawing apps


Sketchbook 🖊️ offers professional-grade features for free! But, its interface can be overwhelming for beginners 😵.


ibis Paint X 🖌️ is feature-rich and provides smooth drawing experience. A wide variety of brushes to choose from. However, it contains ads 🚫.


ArtFlow 🎨 offers a good range of features and tools for free. The UI is clean and easy to use. But, lacks layer support in the free mode 😞.


There are many excellent drawing apps available. Some of the best include Procreate, Adobe Sketch, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Paper. Each of these apps provide a unique set of tools to suit different artistic styles and preferences.

Procreate stands out due to its professional-grade brushes, an intuitive interface, advanced layer system, and impressive versatility. It is also tailored for iPad users, which allows for precise inputs from the Apple Pencil.

No, Procreate is not a free-to-use app. It comes at a one-time cost, but the plethora of professional-grade features and flexibility it provides can make it worth the investment for many artists.

Yes, Adobe Sketch is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, making it convenient and easy to create artworks on the go.

Yes, there are numerous free alternatives to Procreate. Some popular ones include Autodesk Sketchbook, MediBang Paint, and Krita. Each of these apps comes with a unique feature set and may fulfill different artistic needs.

No, Adobe Sketch is a standalone app that does not require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which allows artists to experience Adobe’s powerful drawing tools without incurring recurring costs.

Yes, Procreate allows users to create and import custom brushes, which provides artists with the freedom to tailor their digital art toolset to their personal style and needs.

Adobe Sketch supports a number of commonly used file formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PSD (Photoshop Document), thereby facilitating easy sharing and exporting of artworks.

Yes, with the addition of the animation feature in Procreate 5, artists can now create frame-by-frame animations within the app. This opens up new possibilities for digital artists who are interested in animation.

Both Procreate and Adobe Sketch offer high-quality tools and features. Procreate tends to be more popular among professionals due to its extensive brush libraries and animation features, but Adobe Sketch has the advantage of seamless integration with the Adobe suite. Thus, the ‘better’ app really depends on a user’s specific needs and preferences.

For many digital artists, both professionals and hobbyists, the answer is yes. The one-time cost of Procreate is often seen as value for money given the app’s professional-grade capabilities, versatility, and continuous updates.

Yes, Adobe Sketch does support layering. This feature allows artists to manage different elements of their art individually, thereby promoting flexible manipulation of the artwork.

Absolutely. While Procreate is known for its professional-grade features, its intuitive interface and variety of user-friendly tools make it accessible for beginners as well.

Yes, Adobe Sketch supports the use of a stylus pen. This includes both Adobe’s own stylus and other popular models, allowing artists to draw with precision and ease.

No, as of now, Procreate is only available for iOS devices. Android users may consider alternatives like Autodesk Sketchbook or Adobe Sketch.

Yes, Adobe Sketch does have a variety of tutorial resources available to help users learn the ins and outs of the app. These resources can be found on the Adobe website and within the app itself.

No, while the precision and features of the Apple Pencil can enhance your usage of Procreate, the app works well with other digital styluses too. Furthermore, you can also use your fingers to draw and navigate in the app.

No, Adobe Sketch is completely free to download and use. This makes it an accessible option for artists who are hesitant about committing to a subscription fee.

Yes, Procreate is widely used by professional digital artists thanks to its powerful features. Many illustrators, concept artists, and designers use it for their professional work.

Unfortunately, as of now, Adobe Sketch does not support timelapse recording. This feature, which allows artists to record a video of their drawing process, is available in some other apps like Procreate.

There are numerous high-quality drawing apps available currently, such as Procreate, Adobe Sketch, and others like Autodesk Sketchbook and ArtRage.

Procreate offers numerous features, including ultra-high-definition canvases, over 160 customizable brush presets, advanced layer blending, color drop tool, and other design tools.

Like Procreate, Adobe Sketch is a remarkable app with a host of features, including over 24 built-in brushes. While both are competitive, the choice between them often comes down to personal preferences and individual art styles.

While Procreate is an app specifically designed for iOS, Adobe Sketch can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

For Procreate, you will need an iPad with iOS 13.2 or later. While for Adobe Sketch, it can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as it meets the apps’ system requirements.

Procreate is a paid app, available for a one-time purchase, whereas Adobe Sketch is free to download with in-app purchases available for additional features.

While a stylus or an Apple Pencil can greatly enhance the drawing experience in apps like Procreate and Adobe Sketch, they are not compulsory to use these apps. However, using these tools can give you better control and precision.

You can utilize the tutorials provided by Procreate and Adobe Sketch on their official websites for a comprehensive understanding of these apps.

Yes, both apps, especially Procreate and Adobe Sketch, are widely used by professionals in the field of graphic design. They offer an extensive range of tools and features that cater to professional needs.

Adobe Sketch is more focused on drawing and painting with a natural feel, while Adobe Illustrator is intended for creating vector graphics. However, both provide high-quality results and are used by professionals worldwide.

To use Adobe Sketch, you’ll need iOS 11.0 or later for iPhone, and iPadOS 13.0 or later for iPad.

Procreate offers up to 128 layers for a 20×20 cm canvas at 300 DPI. The number of layers decreases as the size or resolution of the canvas increases.

While Procreate does offer advanced features, it is highly intuitive and is great for beginners too. Getting started with basic drawing and painting is quite easy, and the complexity can be increased as you get familiar with the app.

Yes, Adobe Sketch can be used offline. However, to access all the features such as cloud storage, you would need an internet connection.

Once you have purchased the Procreate app, there are no additional in-app purchases. All the features are available to you.

Yes, Adobe Sketch allows you to import your own brushes in tool presets (.TPL) format.

Yes, you can export your work from Procreate in PSD format and then import it into Adobe Sketch.

Yes, you own the rights to all your artwork created in Procreate or Adobe Sketch, and you can sell them if you wish to.

Yes, Procreate supports animation and offers an animation assist tool that allows you to create frame-by-frame animations.

Yes, if you sign in with your Adobe ID in Adobe Sketch, your work is automatically saved in the cloud and can be accessed across different devices.