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Asana vs Trello (best productivity apps / software)

User Interface
Task Management
Project Planning
App Integration
Asana monetizes with premium subscriptions starting at $10.99/month per user.
Trello monetizes with a business class package starting at $10/month per user.

For team collaboration and project completion, Asana gets the job done!

Trello might be your go-to for versatility and user-friendly interface ✔️

Asana Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Great for project planning

  • Strong collaboration features

  • Scalable for big teams

  • Task management

  • Assign tasks to team members

Trello Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy to create and move tasks ↔️

  • Good for different types of projects ✔️

  • Great pricing

  • Customizable boards

  • Native mobile apps

Top Cons
  • Higher pricing

  • Needs training to understand features

  • Overwhelming for small tasks

  • Limited app integration

  • Limited automation features

  • Not ideal for personal tasks ⛔

Top Cons
  • Limited task details

  • No built-in time tracking ⏱️

  • Limited reporting and analytics

  • Limited automation features

  • Limited subtask management

Other best productivity apps


For instant team communication and app integration, check out Slack! 💼📲💬

4 offers visualization and automation for your tasks!💹🤖⚙️


Evernote is a great pick for note-taking and organizing personal tasks! 📓🔖🔍


There are numerous productivity apps available today, but some of the most popular include Asana, Trello, and other tools like Slack, Evernote, and Microsoft Teams.

Asana offers features designed for project management, such as task assignment and tracking, file sharing, and integration with other software like Google Drive and Slack. It also supports recurring tasks and custom fields.

Trello provides a board system to organize and prioritize projects, to-do lists, and much more in a fun, flexible, and visual way. It also has the ability to integrate with other tools and supports checklists, labels, and reminders.

Asana leans more towards project management, while Trello is more focused on task management. Asana has more advanced features for managing complex projects, and Trello is more straightforward with its visual boards for organizing tasks and teams.

Yes, both Trello and Asana can be integrated using third-party tools like Unito and Zapier.

Definitely, Asana has apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

Yes, Trello has applications available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to stay organized on the go.

Yes, Asana does offer a free version. Although it’s limited in features, it can be very useful for small teams or individual use.

Trello also provides a free plan with limited features, perfect for individuals or small teams.

Prominent companies around the world, including Deloitte, Pandora, and Uber, use Asana for their project management needs.

Several well-known companies, such as Google, Adobe, and The New York Times, use Trello for organizing their projects and workflows.

Both Asana and Trello have a relatively simple and intuitive interface, making these platforms user-friendly for beginners.

Asana is fully equipped to handle large projects and teams, and it even has additional features specifically designed for enterprise use such as admin controls, data exporting, and priority support.

While Trello can certainly be used for larger projects, its simplicity and visual nature make it more ideal for smaller, straightforward tasks and projects.

Asana uses multiple layers of security including data encryption, network and application security features. It is also GDPR compliant, giving users more control over their personal data.

Trello uses data encryption, regular vulnerability testing, and other security measures to keep its users’ data safe. It also complies with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Asana provides comprehensive support through a variety of means, including an extensive knowledge base, training videos, webinars, and a community forum. Premium users can also contact Asana’s support team via email.

Trello offers several avenues for support such as a comprehensive help center, email support, and a community forum where you can ask other Trello users for help and advice.

Asana is highly customizable. You can add custom fields, create your own project templates, and even change the look of Asana with your own branding.

Yes, Trello is highly customizable. You can change board backgrounds, use stickers, customize labels, and much more. With power-ups, you can also add new features and integrations to your boards.

There are several productivity apps that are well-regarded for their features and efficiency, including Asana, Trello, Slack, Evernote, and Google Drive, among others.

Asana allows you to plan, organize, and manage all kinds of work tasks. It’s great for tracking daily tasks, managing large projects, setting deadlines, and collaborating with team members. Additionally, Asana can integrate with other apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Yes, Trello is not only excellent for managing team projects but can also be incredibly useful for personal task management. Whether you need to manage daily chores, plan events, or keep track of personal goals and hobbies, Trello can be customized to meet your needs.

Yes, Asana does offer a free version, also known as the Basic plan. It can accommodate up to 15 members and provides access to essential task and project management features. For more complex needs, they offer premium options with additional features and tools.

While both are powerful project management tools, Asana and Trello have their unique strengths. Trello is more straightforward and utilizes a board-and-card system that is great for visual management. Asana, on the other hand, offers more depth with project planning and team coordination features.

Absolutely, Trello offers robust integration capabilities with a myriad of different apps like Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, and many more. These integrations enable users to augment Trello’s functionality according to their needs.

Asana provides a shared workspace to enable real-time collaboration among team members. It allows for easy task assignment, provides a platform for discussion on each task or project, and keeps everyone on the team updated on progress and changes.

Any business that needs organization and project management can benefit from using Trello. This includes startups, small businesses, large corporations, and even non-profit organizations. It’s especially valued by businesses that prioritize visual project management.

Asana takes security seriously. It provides data encryption both at rest and in transit, complies with GDPR, and offers features like SSO and Google SSO for added security. Furthermore, Asana regularly undergoes third-party audits and certifications to ensure top-notch security for user data.

Yes, Trello is well-known for its user-friendly interface. It uses a card-based layout that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, making project management accessible for even the least tech-savvy users.

Yes, you can integrate Asana with several popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Apple Calendar. This can help you visualize your tasks and deadlines more effectively.

Absolutely, Trello sends notifications about due dates, card and board updates, and any other changes in real time, helping you and your team to stay on top of things.

Asana is loved by many for its extensive functionality, offering robust project management features alongside task management. It’s also highly customizable and can integrate with numerous apps, making it suitable for virtually any work or project management needs.

Yes, Trello allows customization. You can modify the interface with backgrounds and stickers to make boards visually appealing. There are also Power-Ups that you can enable to enhance the functionality of your boards.

Yes, Asana is a multi-platform app. You can use it on the web, and it also has mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to manage your tasks conveniently anywhere, anytime.

Yes, you can access and make changes on your Trello boards even when offline. Any changes you make will be synced across all devices once you’re back online.

Yes, Asana allows you set priority levels on tasks. This helps you and your team to know what tasks need immediate attention and which ones can be scheduled for later.

Yes, you can upload files to your Trello cards. This is helpful for sharing necessary documents or images directly related to specific tasks or projects. Plus, Trello integrates with services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easy access to stored files.

Absolutely. Asana was built with team collaboration in mind. It allows multiple users to work on the same project, enabling real-time updates and collaboration to ensure seamless project execution.

Yes, there are a variety of resources available, including Trello guides, tutorials, blogs, and an active community forum. These resources help users understand the basics of Trello, as well as explore its advanced features.