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AfterPay vs Klarna (best buy now pay later apps / software)

Mobile Experience
Payment Options
Late Fees
Customer Service
Speed of Approval
Credit Impact
Product Offering
Klarna is also free with timely payments, but late fees can reach up to $7 or even higher depending on the purchase amount. There might be interest for some payment plans.
AfterPay is free to use if payments are made on time. However, if you’re late, you’ll pay a fee. The first late fee is $8, and if still late after seven days, another $8 fee is charged.

Klarna offers flexibility with multiple payment options 🎁 and no interest if paid on time. But keep an eye on those possible late fees! 😟

AfterPay is convenient and user-friendly 👍, providing instant approval and zero interest 👏. However, late fees might be a downside 🙃.

Klarna Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Various payment options 🎁

  • No late fees if paid on time 🕊️

  • Wide range of cooperating retailers 🛍️

  • Smooth mobile experience 📲

  • Quick approval process ⚡

AfterPay Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • User-friendly design 😊

  • Instant approval 🚀

  • No interest if paid on time 🏅

  • Widely available 🌍

  • Good mobile experience 📱

  • Multiples payment options 💳

Top Cons
  • Possible late fees 🛎️

  • Short return window ⏰

  • Limited to specific stores 🔗

  • May impact credit score if payments are late 👣

  • Customer service can be improved 📢

  • Not available in every state 🏢

Top Cons
  • Late fees may apply 🙄

  • Each installment needs to be paid bi-weekly, no flexibility 📆

  • Lengthy sign up process 📝

  • May affect credit score if not paid on time 👎

  • Limited to certain retailers 🔒

Other best buy now pay later apps


With Affirm, transparency is key 🔑. You know exactly what you owe upfront ⚖️ but interest rates can be high 🌡️.


Sezzle is fast and simple to use 🏎️ with no interest and good customer service 👏. Don’t overlook possible late fees though 🕵️.


Perpay is unique in offering a ‘spend to save’ model 💰. Though convenient, it carries a high markup on purchases 😱.


‘Buy now pay later’ apps like AfterPay and Klarna allow shoppers to purchase items immediately and then pay for them over time, usually in equal installments over a few weeks. It effectively offers short-term interest-free loan that splits your purchases into manageable payments.

AfterPay allows customers to split their purchases into four equal payments due every two weeks. The first payment is due at checkout, while the remaining three are automatically charged to your card on file every two weeks. You can find more on their official website.

Klarna is a ‘buy now pay later’ app that offers a few different payment options, including interest-free installments, a 30-day pay option, and financing plans for larger purchases. Klarna gives customers more flexibility compared to AfterPay. More details can be found on the Klarna website.

Services like AfterPay and Klarna are generally free to use for buyers as long as payments are made on time. Late payments may result in fees, so it’s important to ensure you can afford the payments before you make a purchase.

Not every store accepts AfterPay or Klarna. Both apps have lists of participating retailers on their websites, and many also offer a directory in their mobile apps. It’s always best to check availability before shopping.

If you miss a payment with either AfterPay or Klarna, you may have to pay a late fee. Both services will typically send reminders ahead of a payment due date to help avoid this.

In most cases, using AfterPay or Klarna won’t impact your credit score. However, if you choose a financing plan with Klarna that requires a hard credit check, this could potentially impact your score.

If you need to return an item purchased with AfterPay or Klarna, the return would be handled by the retailer according to their return policy. Once the return is processed, your payment plan would be adjusted or cancelled depending on the situation.

There are purchase limits when using AfterPay and Klarna, which depend on factors like the purchase price and an individual’s payment history. These limits are in place to encourage responsible spending.

The minimum purchase amount to use AfterPay is typically around $35, and the maximum depends on individual limits. More information can be found on the AfterPay website.

The minimum purchase amount for Klarna varies by retailer, while the maximum limit depends on a variety of factors like the type of purchase and previous payment history. You can find more details on the Klarna website.

Yes, with both AfterPay and Klarna you can choose to make extra payments or pay off your balance early without penalty.

Neither AfterPay nor Klarna charge interest on their standard installment plans. However, Klarna does offer a financing option for larger purchases that can accrue interest if not paid in full during the promotional period.

Serviced countries depend on the individual app. AfterPay is available in select countries, while Klarna supports purchases in many countries worldwide. Always check on their official websites for the most up-to-date information.

You can sign up for AfterPay or Klarna on their respective websites or by downloading their apps. For most new users, only basic details are needed to create an account.

Yes, to use AfterPay or Klarna you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the serviced countries. Identity verification may also be required at the time of sign-up.

Employing secure systems, AfterPay and Klarna take measures to protect your information. However, like with all digital transactions, it’s recommended to use strong, unique passwords and regularly monitor your account for any suspicious activity.

Yes, both AfterPay and Klarna allow users to link a credit card for payments. Users can also link a debit card if preferred.

Using AfterPay or Klarna is free for shoppers if payments are made on time. However, late payment fees can apply if an installment is missed, so it’s important to stay on top of due dates.

‘Buy now, pay later’ apps like AfterPay and Klarna allow consumers to purchase items instantly and pay for them over a period of time, often in interest-free installments. This financial service is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and flexibility, giving users more control over their finances.

Using buy now, pay later apps could be cost-effective if used responsibly. This can work as a form of short-term, interest-free loan as long as the payments are made within the preset timelines. However, late payments can lead to additional fees, affecting overall cost-effectiveness.

AfterPay allows users to divide a purchase into four equal payments due every two weeks. There is no interest charged if payments are made on time. It can be used at any retailer partnered with AfterPay, either online or in-store. Just choose AfterPay at checkout, complete your purchase, and then pay over time.

Yes, there is a spending limit with AfterPay. The limit varies based on individual AfterPay accounts and each retailer. Factors such as the length of time you have been using AfterPay, your payment history, and the amount you have to repay all play a significant role in determining your spending limit.

No, AfterPay does not require a credit check before providing its services. However, it does assess your ability to repay by checking your payment history and insuring you have the necessary funds for the initial transaction.

Similar to AfterPay, Klarna splits your purchase into four payments. However, Klarna also offers the option of paying the full amount after 30 days or financing your purchase over several months, which differentiates it from AfterPay.

You can use Klarna at numerous online and physical retailers. Partnering brands range from luxury fashion labels to renowned technology companies. For a list of partners, you can check the Klarna shopping directory.

Klarna does not generally affect your credit score when you use its ‘Pay in 4’ service. However, if you choose their ‘Financing’ option, Klarna may run a hard credit check that could potentially impact your credit score.

Yes, Klarna may charge late fees if payments are not made on time. The amount charged varies depending on the type of purchase and where you reside. It is advisable to refer to the customer service page on the Klarna website for details specific to your location.

Yes, Klarna provides customer support through its website and app. They offer 24/7 support, addressing issues like login trouble, disputes, and payment difficulties.

Your AfterPay purchase can be declined for several reasons like insufficient funds in your account, exceeding your spending limit, or having overdue payments on previous AfterPay purchases. It is recommended to review your account details and ensure all information is current and accurate.

No, currently there is no option to adjust your payment schedule on AfterPay. Payments are automatically scheduled to be charged every two weeks. However, you may be able to pay off your balance early through your AfterPay account.

Yes, Klarna has an app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to split payments, shop at your favorite stores, track your purchases, and deal directly with issues or disputes.

AfterPay is currently available in several countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They’re continuously expanding, so check their website for updates.

Yes, you can return a product purchased with Klarna. However, the return and refund policies depend on the retailer’s specific terms. Once the return is approved by the retailer, Klarna updates your statement and refunds the balance, if any.

Yes, AfterPay can be used in-store at many participating retailers. To use AfterPay in-store, open the app, select the ‘Card’ tab, and follow the instructions to set up the AfterPay card in your digital wallet.

The refund processing time for Klarna typically depends on the retailer’s return policy. Once the retailer has received and approved the return, the refund is processed instantly on Klarna’s side. It can take up to 10 business days to reflect in your bank or credit card account.

No, AfterPay does not charge interest. However, late fees do apply for missed payments, with a cap of 25% of the original order value or $68, whichever is less.

AfterPay and Klarna can be used for a wide range of purchases, both in-store and online, including clothing, electronics, beauty products, and more. However, not all stores accept AfterPay or Klarna, so it’s important to check with the retailer.