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Meetup vs Bumble BFF (best apps to make friends / software)

User Interface
User Base
Matchmaking Algorithm
Interest-based Groups
Ease of Use
Bumble BFF is free for use with the option of upgrading to Bumble Boost for $9.99 per month to enjoy advanced features.
Meetup’s financial plan involves free basic services with premium plans that start at $9.99 per month, adding additional features and controls.

Bumble BFF 🐝 gains plus points for its woman-friendly approach 👭. Explore friendships beyond regular circles and keep creeps at bay 🚫!

Meetup 🌐 is great for finding groups 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 sharing same interest 💭. Ideal for locals and travelers alike 🏞️. Upgraded plans 💰 add more power 👍.

Bumble BFF Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 👫 Woman friendly approach

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Advanced matching algorithm

  • ✊ Strong privacy policies

  • 😃 Intuitive interface

  • 🔔 Instant updates and notifications

Meetup Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🔍 Wide range of interest groups

  • 🗺️ Great for locals and travelers

  • 👥 Large user base

  • 🛡️ Effective anti-harassment measures

  • 🔄 Regularly updated for security

  • ✅ Easy to navigate interface

Top Cons
  • 🚪 Restrictive for male users

  • ⏱ Wait time for connections

  • ⚙️ Limited customization settings

  • 👫 Mostly for female friendships

  • 📵 No group chat feature

  • ⚠️ Can be overwhelming for introverts

Top Cons
  • 💰 Paid plans for advanced features

  • ⏲️ Time-consuming group search

  • 👥 Limited to group interactions

  • 🔐 Privacy issues with public profiles

  • ♻️ Repetitive events

Other best apps to make friends


Friender 💁‍♂️ shines when it comes to connecting with people sharing same activities 🏄‍♀️. Perfect for sporty folks 🤾 and pet owners 🐕.


Nearify 📍 is the go-to app for those seeking event-based social interaction 🎫. Don’t miss out on local happenings 🎉 with real-time updates ⌚.


Peanut 🥜 is like a haven for moms 🤱. Connect with like-minded mommies, discuss child-rearing and make perfect mommy dates 🍼.


Some of the best apps for making friends include Meetup, Bumble BFF, FriendMatch, Peanut, and Skout. They offer efficient ways to connect with people who share the same interests or live in the same area.

Meetup works by allowing members to create and join groups related to their interests and hobbies. The group members then schedule and host meetups, allowing people to connect in person or online and develop friendships. Check out more on their website.

Bumble BFF is a feature of the Bumble app that’s designed specifically for making friends as opposed to dating. Users swipe right on potential matches, and when two people both swipe right, they’re given the opportunity to start a conversation.

Creating a Meetup account and joining groups is free, but some groups may charge fees for certain events or to support the group’s running costs.

Yes, Bumble BFF is free to use. However, there are premium features available which require payment.

Yes, one of the main features of Meetup is that it allows you to discover events and groups in your local area.

On Bumble BFF, users can view others’ profiles which contain information about their interests and hobbies, and then decide if they want to swipe right to potentially form a friendship.

Meetup is available for people of all age groups, but users must be at least 18 years old to register.

The Bumble BFF feature is available to all Bumble users and there is no specified age range, but users must be at least 18 years old to use Bumble.

Yes, Meetup has a mobile app that is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, Bumble BFF is a feature inside the Bumble app, which is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, Meetup groups are available internationally, so users can join groups and make friends from different countries, especially if they are interested in cultural exchange or learning languages.

Yes, Bumble BFF is available globally, providing opportunities to connect with people from different countries and cultures. However, the feature primarily shows you people who live nearby.

Meetup highly encourages people to meet in public spaces for group activities. If you’re meeting one-on-one, always tell someone you trust about the plan, and meet in a public place rather than at home.

If you decide to meet someone from Bumble BFF in person, always meet in a public setting, tell a friend or family member about the meeting, do not share too much personal information online, and trust your instincts.

Yes, if you encounter any issues with another member on Meetup, you can block them and report them to site administrators.

Yes, Bumble provides an option to block and report any users who show inappropriate behavior or make you feel uncomfortable.

Yes, Meetup allows users to join multiple groups based on their interests and preferences, providing an effective way to explore and make new friends.

In Bumble BFF, users can swipe right if they’re interested in becoming friends with someone, and swipe left if they’re not. If both people swipe right, it’s a match, and they can start messaging each other.

Yes, Meetup allows users to customize their profiles including profile picture, bio, and interests to better match with relevant groups and individuals.

Several apps specialize in helping individuals establish new friendships. They include Meetup, Bumble BFF, Peanut, and Friender. These apps provide various features that allow users to connect based on shared interests and geographical location.

Meetup focuses on gathering people who share common interests. From book clubs to hiking groups, users can find and join many gatherings in their area. It allows individuals to bond over their shared hobbies and develop friendships naturally. You can check out the app here.

No, Bumble BFF is not gender-exclusive. Both men and women can use it to find friends. Bumble is an app known for dating services, but BFF mode allows users to match purely on the basis of forming platonic relationships.

Customizing your profile and stating your interests on Bumble BFF is the first step. The app then shows you potential friends based on your location and interests. If a mutual connection is made, you can start a conversation.

The app called Peanut is designed for mothers who want to connect with other moms. This platform helps users find like-minded mothers in their local area, providing them with friendship and support.

Friender works by matching users based on common activities and hobbies. This unique feature helps establish a meaningful connection and friendship by ensuring you share similar interests.

After a successful match on Bumble BFF, users can initiate a conversation and get to know each other better. Users have 24 hours to respond after the first message has been sent.

Meetup takes user safety as a priority. The majority of their gatherings occur in public places, and their policies strongly remind their users to prioritize safety when organizing or attending Meetups. They also strictly enforce community guidelines to ensure user safety.

Yes, Bumble BFF can be used by couples to find other like-minded duos. The app allows couples to build their circle and meet new friends.

Yes, applications like Meetup and Bumble BFF allow you to adjust the location settings. This helps users who travel frequently or are planning to move to a new city establish connections before they arrive.

While downloading and joining Meetup is free, there’s a fee if you wish to create a group or become an event organizer.

To start using Friender, download the app, create a profile, and list your interests. The app will then show you potential friends who share the same hobbies.

No, attendance is not compulsory in Meetup events. Users have the freedom to choose which events they want to participate in based on their availability and interests.

Yes, Meetup operates internationally. It is available in many countries, cities and offers a variety of groups for different interests.

Meetup can host both virtual and in-person events. The nature of the event often depends on the group and the convention of choice for its members.

If you encounter any issues with Bumble BFF, you can reach out to their customer service team via the app, or visit their website to find solutions to common problems.

There is a wide range of activities available on Meetup. You can join groups with interests that include everything from tech and business to leisure and sports. You’re likely to find a Meetup for almost any interest you may have.

Besides making friends, Bumble BFF can also be used for professional networking. Bumble has a separate mode called Bumble Bizz which allows users to explore job opportunities, find mentors, and create new career opportunities.

The frequency of checking these apps largely depends on your availability and interest. For Bumble BFF or Meetup, you might want to check regularly to respond to messages or keep up with upcoming events in your groups.

Yes, all these apps, including Meetup, Bumble BFF, and Friender, are available for download on both Apple’s App store and Google Play.