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Microsoft To-Do vs Google Keep (best planner apps / software)

Ease of use
Task management
Sharing and collaboration
User interface
Google Keep does not have a premium paid version, they support the app through their Google services. 🌐💰
Microsoft To-Do does not have a premium paid version, they support the app through their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 🌐💰

Incredibly simple, ⚙️ Google Keep is great for quick notes 📝 and reminders. 🛎️

With integrations with other Microsoft services, 🌐 Microsoft To-Do excels in task management 📊, especially for Windows users. 🖥️

Google Keep Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Simple and quick note-taking ✍️

  • Google integration 🌐

  • No price tag 💰

  • Powerful reminders 📅

  • Cross-platform compatibility 🔄

Microsoft To-Do Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Microsoft integration 🌐

  • Great task management 📊

  • Clean user interface 🖥️

  • No price tag 💰

  • Cross-platform compatibility 🔄

  • Reliable syncing 🛠️

Top Cons
  • Lacks advanced task management 💼

  • Limited collaboration features 🤝

  • Markdown support is basic 📝

  • Limited labeling options 🔖

  • No Windows app version 💻

  • Lacks offline mode ⛔️

Top Cons
  • Lacks collaboration features 🤝

  • No color coding for notes 🌈

  • Limited task categories 📂

  • Lacks advanced markdown support 🔗

  • No location-based reminders ⛔️

Other best planner apps


Powerful features and friendly user interface, 🖥️ Todoist is commendable for busy people who love structured task management. 🏁✅


Ideal for team projects, 🚀 Wunderlist’s sharing and collaboration features win the day. 🏆🎖️

5 ticks all the boxes for a great planner app, but its smart watch compatibility sets it apart. 🚀🏁⌚


Microsoft To-Do provides numerous benefits that can increase productivity levels for its users. These include integration with Office 365, cross-platform use, task details and notes feature, reminders and due dates, task sharing, and its user-friendly design with simple and effective features that make it easy to manage tasks.

Offering an easy and minimalistic interface, Google Keep allows users to capture and organize information in a number of ways. These include creating notes and lists, recording voice memos, capturing images, color coding for simplified organization, and attaching labels to categorize notes. The integration with other Google apps is also a significant feature.

Yes, you can. Microsoft To-Do is cross-platform, which means you can use it on your Android or iOS smartphones, as well as on Windows desktops and laptops, and even access it online. This enables you sync your tasks across multiple devices.

You can easily categorize your notes in Google Keep by using labels. Labels allow you to group related notes together and find them quickly. You can also use color-coding to visually distinguish between different categories of notes.

With Microsoft To-Do, you can manage a wide range of tasks. These include personal errands, various chores, work assignments, study outlines, and even collaboration tasks with colleagues or friends. The app allows you to create multiple lists for different categories of tasks and set reminders for them.

Yes. Google Keep supports sharing of its notes and lists. This feature is especially useful for collaborative projects. Other participants can be invited to view and edit the shared notes or lists.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do is available for free on a variety of platforms. However, a premium subscription to Office 365 may unlock some additional features.

Yes and yes. Google Keep allows voice notes, which are automatically transcribed, and it is a free application.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do offers an offline mode that allows you to access your tasks without an internet connection. Your changes will be synchronized when you reconnect to the internet.

Yes, Google Keep does indeed have a Dark Mode feature, providing a visually relaxing interface and battery-saving benefits on AMOLED displays.

Your data on Microsoft To-Do is secure, it uses two-factor authentication for added security and encrypts your data at rest and in transit.

Yes, it does! One of the key strengths of Google Keep is its smooth integration with other Google applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Gmail. This provides an added layer of convenience for users.

Yes. Microsoft To-Do allows you to set both time-based and location-based reminders for your tasks. This ensures that you are reminded at the right time or when you arrive at or leave a certain location.

Yes. Google Keep allows you to export your notes to Google Docs, from where you can then download them to your device or share them with others.

Yes. Microsoft To-Do syncs seamlessly with Outlook Tasks, providing you with a consistent task management experience across both applications.

If you delete the Google Keep app, any reminders you’ve set will still be available and active in other Google services like Google Calendar and Gmail.

No, there is no known limit to the number of tasks you can create in Microsoft To-Do. You can manage as many tasks as you need.

Yes, you can. Google Keep offers the ability to attach images to your notes. This can be handy for adding visual context to your notes and reminders.

Yes, it does. In Microsoft To-Do you can create Steps, which serve as subtasks within a given task. This helps to break down complex tasks into manageable actions.

Yes. Google Keep provides a feature for handwriting and drawing directly in your notes. It’s perfect for quickly jotting down ideas, sketching, or handwriting notes.

Microsoft To-Do is a task management app. The main function of this application is to help the user stay organized and manage their day-to-day tasks. It allows users to create simple to-do lists, set reminders, and also prioritize tasks according to their importance.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do delivers a cloud-based service which can sync your tasks across all of your devices. This includes platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

Yes, Google Keep does allow users to create voice memos. The app then transcribes them for you, making it extremely convenient for when you need to capture an idea quickly.

Indeed, Google Keep provides the function of sharing your notes with other users. This feature is handy in a collaborative workspace or for maintaining a shared shopping list or plan, for example.

Yes, both Microsoft To-Do and Google Keep are free to use. They offer their basic features without any cost, although both also offer premium paid services for more advanced features.

A ‘Plan’ in Microsoft To-Do is essentially a collection of related tasks. It helps users stay organized by grouping together all the tasks related to a specific project or objective.

Yes, Google Keep does allow users to attach photos to their notes. This can be especially useful for tasks such as cooking recipes or DIY projects where visual instructions can be extremely helpful.

Yes, you can set task reminders in Microsoft To-Do. The app allows you to set both due dates and actual reminder times, ensuring you never forget a task.

Google Keep can be accessed from several platforms. These include web browsers, iOS, Android, and as a Chrome app for easy access on your desktop.

Microsoft To-Do can be accessed from several platforms. These include web browsers, Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

No, unfortunately as of now, Microsoft To-Do does not provide the feature to print lists.

Your notes in Google Keep are secure as they are linked to your Google account. This means that only those who have access to your Google account can access your notes.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do does have an offline mode. This allows you to access your lists and tasks without an internet connection.

Yes, Google Keep allows you to color-code your notes. This is very helpful when you need to visually categorize your to-do list or notes.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do provides the capability to import data from some other task management apps. For instance, it has a built-in feature allowing users to import tasks from Wunderlist.

Yes, Google Keep can be used in conjunction with Google Drive. You can save notes from Keep directly into Drive, and even access Keep notes from within Drive.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do does support dark mode. You can change this in the settings of the app.

Yes, Google Keep can be used for collaboration. You can share your notes with others who also use Google Keep, making it an effective tool for group projects or shared tasks.

Yes, Microsoft To-Do integrates with the MS Office suite. For example, it can integrate with Outlook Tasks, allowing for a seamless task management experience across the Office platform.

Yes, Google Keep can be used to save articles for later reading. You can use the Google Keep Chrome extension to save URLs, quotes, and images from web pages directly into your notes.