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Amazon Kindle vs Audible (best reading apps / software)

Book Selection
Ease of Use
Available Formats
App Performance
Customization Options
Highlighting & Note-taking
Offline Access
Customer Service
Free to use, books to purchase. Offers Kindle Unlimited subscription ($9.99/month) for unlimited access to selected books.
Free to use, credits system to purchase audiobooks. Membership options start from $14.95/month.

Amazon Kindle runs the show with a vast array of books and competitive prices. 😃📚👍 Perfect for the versatile reader. 💼🚀

Audible is a great choice for those who prefer audiobooks. 🎧📙 Expansive content but a bit pricey. 💰🤔

Amazon Kindle Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Massive book selection 📚

  • Affordable prices 💵

  • High functionality 🎛️

  • Smooth app performance 🏎️

  • Various text customization options 🌈

Audible Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Excellent for audiobooks 🎧

  • Incredible narrations 🎙️

  • Seamless app performance 🚀

  • Superb voice speed control ⏫⏬

  • Good book curation 📖🔍

  • Quality customer service 🙋‍♂️

Top Cons
  • Interface could be better 📱🔄

  • Ads in the free version 😒

  • Limited audiobook options 🎧🚫

  • Some books are region-locked 🌎❌

  • Can’t buy books directly from the app 🔒

  • Slightly complex for newcomers 🕹️🤷‍♂️

Top Cons
  • Quite pricey 💰

  • Limited options for ebook readers 📚❌

  • Need a separate app for eBooks 📱⛔

  • Relatively small library compared to competitors 📖📉

  • No text-to-speech feature 🗣️❎

Other best reading apps


Google Play Books offers a generous variety of titles and formats. 😊✌️ Great for Android users. 📱🌟


Apple Books is well-integrated with Apple devices offering an effortless reading experience. 📖🍎 Slightly limited content. 🚧👓


Nook provides a comprehensive reading service with a focus on simplicity and user experience. 👌📘 Less popular but worth trying.🚦😎


There are numerous excellent reading apps out there but some of the most popular ones include Amazon Kindle, Audible, iBooks, and Google Play Books.

Amazon Kindle is popular for its massive library of e-books, comics, and magazines. It’s also appreciated for its customizable features such as text size, brightness, and background color.

Audible is an app that provides access to a vast collection of audiobooks, podcasts and original series. After you subscribe, you can purchase audiobooks or use credits given to members for free monthly audiobooks.

Amazon Kindle and Audible are designed to work across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and even on your desktop via their respective websites.

Yes, both Amazon Kindle and Audible offer a wide variety of genres, from classics to bestsellers, non-fiction to fantasy, and everything in between.

Yes, both Amazon Kindle and Audible have new titles added routinely, maintaining a fresh, updated collection of books for all kinds of readers and listeners.

Yes, both the Amazon Kindle app and Audible offer a selection of free ebooks and audiobooks, especially for first-time users or those with a paid subscription.

The Amazon Kindle app provides unique features such as Whispersync technology that syncs your last read page, bookmarks, and notes across all your devices, and a built-in dictionary that lets you look up words instantly while you’re reading.

In the Audible app, you can adjust the narration speed, set a sleep timer, or jump forward or back. Also, it offers synchronization between the audiobook and the Kindle ebook version if you have both.

Yes, you can share books with friends and family through the Family Library feature on Amazon Kindle. However, sharing on Audible is limited to sending a book to someone only once.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 per month while the regular Audible subscription is $14.95. Both offer free trials for first-time users.

The number of books you can store on the Amazon Kindle app isn’t technically limited. It largely depends on the storage capacity of your device.

Yes, after you download your audiobooks in the Audible app, you can listen to them without an internet connection.

Yes, once a book has been downloaded on your Amazon Kindle app, you can read it without internet access. However, you will need a connection to download new books or sync your reading progress across devices.

Yes, you can change the narration speed on the Audible app to suit your listening preferences.

Yes, Amazon Kindle and Audible have a great return policy. If you’re not satisfied with a book, you can return or exchange it within a certain period of time.

Amazon Kindle and Audible services are available in numerous countries globally. However, the availability of some books may vary according to the region due to licensing agreements.

Yes, with Amazon Kindle‘s Whispersync for Voice, if you also have the Audible version of a book, you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening without losing your place.

Yes, it’s possible to gift both Amazon Kindle books and Audible subscriptions. Amazon offers an option to Give as a Gift and Audible allows you to give gift memberships.

Yes, the Amazon Kindle app allows users to download a free sample, typically the first few chapters of a book, before deciding to purchase the whole content.

There is a multitude of reading apps available but the most highly recommended ones are Amazon Kindle, Audible, Google Play Books, Nook, and Apple Books. These apps have distinctive features that cater to diverse reading preferences.

The Amazon Kindle app offers millions of books, newspapers, and magazines. It provides customizable reading experiences by enabling users to choose their preferred font size, screen brightness, background color, and orientation (portrait or landscape).

Yes, Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. It specializes in the creation and distribution of digital audiobooks and other spoken-word content.

Audible offers a vast collection of audiobooks ranging from best-sellers, new releases, and classic titles across various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, educational, and self-improvement books.

Yes, readers can download books using the Amazon Kindle app and read them offline at their leisure.

Yes, the Audible app allows users to download their preferred audiobooks and listen to them offline.

Yes, the Amazon Kindle app offers an extensive selection of free books, which includes classics and out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books.

Yes, to access Audible‘s extensive audiobook library, a monthly subscription is required. Subscribers receive credits each month that can be used to purchase audiobooks.

Yes, Amazon Kindle users can share eligible Kindle books with others using the Family Library or Lending feature. However, there are some limitations to be mindful of depending on the book and your geographical location.

Yes, Audible has a ‘Send this Book’ feature that allows users to share their favorite audiobooks with others. However, each recipient can only receive one book for free through this method.

Yes, both Amazon Kindle and Audible apps are versatile and available on multiple platforms. They are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices. They can also be accessed via web browsers.

Amazon Kindle offers a text-to-speech feature for certain books, which reads the text aloud. Audible as mostly an audiobook service does not offer this feature since the content is already narrated.

Yes, on the Amazon Kindle app, readers can highlight passages and bookmark pages. Similarly, in Audible, listeners can set bookmarks at their preferred points in an audiobook.

Kindle books use a proprietary format that is not compatible with other e-readers. However, with the help of the Kindle Reading Apps, readers can enjoy Kindle books on a wide array of devices.

Yes, users can listen to their Audible audiobooks across multiple devices. Audible also syncs the listener’s progress across devices, enabling a seamless listening experience.

Yes, the Amazon Kindle app comes with a built-in dictionary that allows readers to look up words instantly while reading.

Yes, the Audible app does offer a sleep timer. This allows users to set a time at which the audiobook will stop playing.

The Amazon Kindle app does support PDF files, but it does not natively support EPUB files. Users may need to convert EPUB files to a compatible format using a separate tool.

Yes, Audible allows users to listen to samples of audiobooks before they decide to purchase or use their monthly credits.

Yes, certain eBooks can be loaned to anyone with an email address, even if they do not own a Kindle device or app, using Amazon Kindle’s Lend or Borrow Books feature.