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Indeed vs LinkedIn (best job apps / software)

User Interface
Job Variety
Job Posting Quality
Search Filters
Salary Insight
Company Reviews
Career Development
LinkedIn operates on a subscription model with its premium plans. The ‘Career’ plan, geared toward job seekers, costs $29.99/month and includes features such as direct messaging to recruiters, interview preparations, and competitive insights.
Indeed operates on a ‘Freemium’ model, offering basic features for free while premium features, like resume boosting and sponsored posts, are available at a monthly or one-time fee ranging from $5 to $10.

LinkedIn shines in networking and profession growth aspects but falls short in job searching functionality. It remains user-friendly and highly recommended for professionals 👍👔

Indeed is an excellent tool for job searchers and employers, providing a large, diverse pool of candidates and jobs. However, use can be tricky due to the intensive ads 🧐🛑

LinkedIn Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Professional networking 👔🤝

  • Career development opportunities 🏗️👩‍🎓

  • Good job posting quality 📌👍

  • Excellent for industry news and trends 📰📈

  • Strong privacy controls 🔒🔐

Indeed Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • High job variety 💼🌐

  • Great search filters 🔍✔️

  • Provides salary insights 💲🔎

  • User-friendly platform 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • Large, diverse pool of candidates 👥👥👥

  • Free for job seekers 🆓🔍

Top Cons
  • Less focus on job searching functionality 🔍😞

  • Free version has limitations 🆓🔐

  • Industry-heavy, not ideal for all job types 🧰🚫

  • Influencer content can overshadow job posts 📯💼

  • Charges for job postings 💲📝

  • Limited search filters compared to others 🔍🔒

Top Cons
  • Intrusive ads can slow down the application process 🛑🕐

  • Experience may vary greatly by region 🌍🔄

  • Company reviews are inconsistent 🏢💔

  • Platform can feel clunky at times 🔧😕

  • Charges for job postings 💲📝

Other best job apps


Glassdoor offers valuable insights into company culture and salaries, but the job search functionality could be improved for a more personalized experience 👓💼


Monster provides great features but suffers from technical issues and an influx of irrelevant job posts. Offers good filters and search options, but the user experience could be better 😅💻


Ziprecruiter excels in its quick apply feature and personalization on job matches, but the user interface could use an upgrade for easier navigation. Good for fast applications 🚀✔️


The Indeed Job app leverages numerous features that assist in job search and application. It permits you to scan vacancies in more than 60 countries and in 28 languages. You can seek by job title, company, and location to get personalized results. Moreover, the app offers resume uploading and application tracking features. You can also set alerts to keep updated with recently posted vacancies in your preferred fields. Discover more about it here.

The LinkedIn Jobs app is highly popular due to its ability to connect applicants directly to hiring managers and recruiters. It uses your submitted information to bring forth suitable vacancies. The app also delivers features like saving jobs, tracking applications, and getting job alerts. Combining both professional social networking and job hunting provides a unique edge, making it a preferred choice. Learn more about it here.

By setting job preferences in Indeed, you can refine job searches to better match your interests. You can modify preferences such as job title, location, job type (part-time, full-time, etc.), and pay rate. It allows these settings to bring more accurate results. This way, you’ll only see vacancies that rightly align with your specifications. See how to set your preferences here.

Yes, to use the LinkedIn Jobs app effectively, it’s important to fully complete your LinkedIn profile including skills, experiences, and portfolio. Use the ‘Open to Job Opportunities’ feature to appear in recruiter searches, and leverage the network to connect with professionals, companies and groups in your preferred industry. Also, follow companies of interest to stay updated with their vacancies. Know more here.

To save a job on Indeed, find the job posting you’re interested in, then click the ‘heart’ symbol or the ‘Save job’ button. This moves the posting to your ‘Saved jobs’ list which is conveniently accessible from your account anytime. You can revisit these saved vacancies at your leisure. See how to do this here.

Yes, following a company on LinkedIn is possible and recommended. By following, you’ll receive regular updates about the company’s activities, including job postings, company updates, and industry news. To follow a company, navigate to their LinkedIn page and click the ‘Follow’ button. Discover more about it here.

Yes, Indeed has a ‘Job Alert’ feature that sends you notifications for new vacancies that match your predefined criteria. You can set alerts based on job title, keywords, or company name. You can modify the frequency of these alerts as per your preference. Discover how to set job alerts here.

Yes, a LinkedIn profile is required to use the LinkedIn Jobs app. Your profile functions as your digital resume, showcasing your skills, experiences, and recommendations. Having a robust, updated LinkedIn profile increases your visibility to recruiters and helps you leverage the full potential of the app. Learn more about creating a LinkedIn profile here.

Yes, the Indeed app allows you to apply for jobs directly from your mobile device. You can upload your resume into the app, then use it to apply for job postings with just a few taps. This makes the job application process quick and convenient. Find out more about it here.

Yes, personalized job recommendations on LinkedIn are provided based on your profile information, including skills, job history, and geographical locations. The more complete your profile, the more personalized your job recommendations. For the best results, regularly update your profile and job preferences. Further details here.

The ‘Easy Apply’ feature on Indeed signifies that you can apply for a job directly on Indeed without being redirected to an external website. This simplifies the application process, allowing you to apply for multiple jobs more efficiently. More information about it here.

The LinkedIn Jobs app covers a broad spectrum of industries and job types. You can find opportunities in IT, finance, healthcare, education, marketing, and many more. The app comprises jobs ranging from internships and entry-level roles to management and executive positions. Learn more about it here.

To improve your chances on Indeed, ensure your resume is up-to-date, make use of relevant keywords in your resume, and tailor it to the job description. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ feature to refine your job search. Regularly check for job postings and apply to them as early as possible. Learn about it here.

Yes, the LinkedIn Jobs app offers features such as job alerts, ‘Easy Apply’, and the ability to save jobs or searches. Additionally, it provides salary insights and gives you the chance to connect directly with recruiters. Discover these features here.

Indeed offers a variety of job search filters like keyword, location, salary, job type (full time, part time, contract, etc.), and experience level. These filters help streamline your job search, making it more efficient and effective. Read more about these filters here.

To set job alerts on LinkedIn, navigate to the ‘Jobs’ section and enter your job preferences. Once you’ve made a search, click the ‘Job Alert’ button to turn on alerts for that specific job criteria. You can adjust the frequency of these alerts and turn them off at any time. Learn how to do this here.

Yes, Indeed provides various resources to aid in interview preparation. This includes common interview questions, tips on how to answer them, advice on what to wear, and how to follow-up after an interview. Find more about this here.

Yes, LinkedIn offers features such as ‘Open to Job Opportunities’, personalized job recommendations, and ‘Salary Insights’, which can greatly enhance your job search. These features allow you to indicate to recruiters you’re open to new opportunities, receive job suggestions that fit your profile, and gain insight into salary ranges. Read about these features here.

Yes, the Indeed app is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and many others. This flexibility makes it user-friendly for a global audience. Find more details here.

Some of the top job search platforms include Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder. These apps provide comprehensive job listings, helpful resources, and networking opportunities for job seekers.

Indeed is a highly-regarded job search app due to its massive database of job listings across different industries and locations. The app offers useful tools like job alerts, company reviews, and simple application processes, thus making job hunting more efficient.

As a networking platform, LinkedIn is extremely effective for job searching. Its unique feature lets you connect with professionals and employers directly, giving you an edge. Furthermore, LinkedIn features include job postings and professional recommendations.

The prominent features of Indeed include the ability to create a resume, set job alerts, search employment opportunities by location, keywords, job titles, and company. Furthermore, it provides company reviews to provide insights into the organization culture and environment.

Using LinkedIn for job searching involves creating an alluring profile, making connections with professional contacts, following companies of interest for job postings, and joining relevant industry groups for networking opportunities. It also includes applying through LinkedIn’s specific job listing section.

To create a job alert on Indeed, go to the Indeed website, type in your job interest in the search bar, click on the ‘get job alerts’ button, and follow the prompts to set up your email alerts.

To apply for jobs on LinkedIn, go to the jobs tab, search for the job you’re interested in, and click the ‘Easy Apply’ or ‘Apply’ button on the job listing. Then, fill out the necessary details and submit your application.

Indeed differentiates itself from other job apps with its vast number of job listings from websites, job boards, newspapers, and company career pages. Its robust search algorithm and user-friendly interface make it easy to find and apply for jobs.

LinkedIn stands out from other job search apps due to its networking focus. It allows users to connect with professionals, join industry groups, follow companies, and engage in discussions. The platform also serves as a professional online profile, showcasing your credentials to potential employers.

No, using Indeed for job searching is free. However, they do offer premium services such as Indeed Resume for additional fees.

You can use LinkedIn for job searching free of charge. However, premium plans like LinkedIn Premium Career provide additional benefits like seeing who viewed your profile and access to online professional development courses.

Indeed is among the most reliable job search platforms. It boasts a large comprehensive job library and provides accurate, timely information on job openings. However, users should still exercise caution and research employers thoroughly before applying.

LinkedIn, having a professional-oriented framework, is a very reliable platform for job searching. It serves as both a job board and a networking tool, thus increasing the chances of finding job opportunities.

Yes, Indeed provides the functionality to apply for jobs directly through its platform. You can even upload your resume on Indeed and use it to apply for jobs with a single click.

Yes, LinkedIn provides a feature where you can apply directly to jobs posted within its platform. The ‘Easy Apply’ option allows you to apply for jobs with your LinkedIn profile.

Indeed does not generally provide the option to contact employers directly. However, upon applying for a job, you can often include a message to the employer.

Yes, on LinkedIn, you can directly message the hiring managers or recruiters of the companies you’re interested in, providing a more direct channel for job applications and inquiries.

Yes, on Indeed, you can upload and build your resume. These resumes can be accessed by employers and used to apply for jobs.

Yes, when applying for jobs on LinkedIn, you can use your LinkedIn profile as your resume. This feature makes it faster and easier for job seekers to apply for jobs.

Indeed updates its job listings regularly and continuously, ensuring that users see the latest job postings. It also allows users to see new jobs by sorting the job search results by the most recent postings.