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Fishbrain vs Fishing Points (best fishing apps / software)

User Interface
Mapping Capabilities
Social Networking
Data Logging
Educational Content
Access to Real-Time Weather Info
Species Recognition
Guided Fishing
Community Size
Subscription Cost
Fishbrain has both free and premium versions available. The premium subscription costs $79.99 per annum or $9.99 per month, which unlocks a world of features like species recognition and detailed mapping.
Fishing Points also operates on a freemium model. The paid version asks for a $49.99 annual fee or a $8.99 monthly fee and provides advanced features such as real-time weather notifications and stored fishing points.

Fishbrain leads the pack with cutting-edge features and a massive user community. It’s a sure catch for any angler seeking one for the books. 🎣👌📱

Fishing Points corners the market with its superb navigation and fishing log tools. It’s a fantastic bet for anglers fishing unknown waters. 🌐💡📌

Fishbrain Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Established and large user community 🌐👥

  • Exceptional mapping and data logging 🗺️📊

  • Real-time weather updates ☁️⏰

  • Great user interface 👌📱

  • Solid species recognition tool 🎣💡

Fishing Points Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Fantastic navigation capabilities 🧭👌

  • Exemplary fishing log tools 🎣📒

  • Real-time weather reports ☁️⏰

  • Great species database 🎣💡

  • Easy to use 👌📱

  • Syncable with GPS and other devices 📲🔄

Top Cons
  • Subscription cost can be high 💸

  • Ho-hum educational content 📖😕

  • Guided fishing could be better 🗺️🎣

  • Unguided for non-popular places 🗺️😐

  • Ads in Free version 📱👎

  • Some features may be too advanced for novices 🧠💥

Top Cons
  • Community features are less impressive 👥😕

  • User interface could use improvements 👌📱

  • Limited educational content 📖😒

  • Species recognition is middling 🎣💡

  • Limited guided fishing 🗺️🎣

Other best fishing apps


FishAngler shines with its user-friendly design and hefty educational content. Perfect for novice anglers looking for a learning boost. 💡📖🎣


Netfish offers a simplified experience with its guided fishing adventures. A choice pick for casual anglers wanting less fuss more fishing.🎣🗺️💫


Navionics dominates in terms of detailed maps and charts. It’s the top match for hardcore anglers needing nautical and terrain data.🧭🌊🏞️


One of the most popular apps for fishing is Fishbrain. It provides anglers with a suite of features including fishing maps, species identification, fishing forecasts, and a social network for sharing catches and experiences.

Fishbrain is used for a wide range of fishing activities. It helps fishermen find the best fishing spots, identify different species of fish, predict fish activity based on weather and time of day, record fishing experiences, and share catches with the Fishbrain community.

You can download Fishbrain from either the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or from the Apple App Store if you use iOS.

Yes, Fishbrain offers a free version with limited features. However, if you want access to its full suite of features like detailed fishing forecasts, you need to upgrade to Fishbrain Premium which is a paid subscription.

Fishing Points is another app similar to Fishbrain. It offers GPS, fishing forecasts, navigation and even a fishing logbook.

One unique feature of Fishing Points is its ability to save fishing locations, hotspots, and waypoints. You can also record trolling paths and trotlines, which is particularly useful for offshore fishing.

Fishing Points can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users and from the Apple App Store for iOS users.

While Fishing Points can be downloaded for free, a fuller experience with additional features is available via the Fishing Points Premium subscription.

Seasoned anglers can benefit from these applications by using them to discover new fishing spots, get up-to-date weather and fishing forecasts, log their fishing activity and even connect with other passionate fishermen in the community.

For novice anglers, the species identification and fishing spot suggestions are probably the most beneficial features. These features can help them learn more about fishing and find the best places to catch their first fish.

While some features like updating fishing forecasts or sharing your catch with the community will require an internet connection, some features of Fishbrain and Fishing Points, like viewing previously saved maps or logging catches, can work even offline.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points allow users to upgrade to premium versions at any time for access to additional features.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points offer in-app purchases. These usually relate to premium subscriptions offering additional features.

Both Fishbrain and Fishing Points are known for their user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for users of all technological proficiencies to navigate and use the apps.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points are regularly updated to improve their features and provide better experiences for their users.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points are available for download worldwide, helping fishermen everywhere enhance their fishing experiences.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points support several languages making it easy for non-English speakers to use these apps.

Indeed, the Fishbrain and Fishing Points apps can be accessed on both smartphones and tablets.

Yes, both Fishbrain and Fishing Points feature a community sharing option where you can display your catches, exchange fishing stories, and connect with other users.

Absolutely. Both Fishbrain and Fishing Points have high ratings in App Stores, demonstrating user satisfaction with the features and user interfaces.

The Fishbrain app is a popular mobile application specifically designed for anglers. It provides them with a variety of functionalities such as logging catches, finding new fishing spots, connecting with other anglers, and much more. In addition, the app also provides real-time weather updates, forecasts, and solunar data to help make your fishing trips more successful. It’s widely respected as one of the top fishing apps available. Fishbrain is free to download with in-app purchases available for premium features.

Offering wide-ranging features, the Fishing Points app is another superb tool for fish enthusiasts. It provides important functionalities like GPS fishing spots, casting track recording, and offline maps. Users also get detailed weather and tide reports to help plan their trip. Fishing Points is free with in-app purchases for advanced features.

Yes! Within the Fishbrain app, users can connect with a community of more than 9 million anglers around the world. This social feature lets you share your catches, location, and techniques, while also learning from others’ experiences. It creates a great platform for sharing and learning more about the sport of fishing.

Absolutely, Fishing Points is a fantastic tool for saving your fishing spots. You can mark your favourite locations and the app will generate GPS coordinates for each spot. This helps to easily navigate back to your favourite fishing places. It’s a great feature for anglers of all skill levels.

Fishbrain enhances fishing experiences by providing comprehensive data and features like fish species recognition. It uses data from millions of logged catches to provide you with the best times to fish and what types of fishing gear work best. Additionally, the app’s species recognition assists in identifying fish species based on your photos. It’s a well-rounded tool that helps you make the most of your fishing trip.

Yes, Fishing Points includes robust navigational features. The app provides offline maps and navigational tools, that allows users to find their way even in remote fishing spots without internet service. You can also save your current location, create waypoints and routes, making it a very useful tool for anglers.

Yes, Fishbrain is available and used globally. It supports numerous fishing locations around the world, from freshwater to saltwater spots. Whether you’re fishing locally or in a new country, Fishbrain can be an invaluable tool.

With Fishing Points you can receive comprehensive weather data, including hourly forecasts, wind speed and direction, temperatures, barometric pressure, and a lunar calendar. It provides everything you need to plan your fishing trips under optimal conditions.

Yes, Fishbrain provides gear recommendations. Based on extensive data from its community of users, the app suggests what type of gear and techniques are best suited for catching certain types of fish. The gear shop within the app also offers a range of quality fishing equipment to purchase.

Yes, with the Fishing Points app, you can set fishing forecast reminders so you never miss the best fishing times. You can set alarms for any specific time or for major and minor fishing times. It’s a thoughtful feature for busy anglers.

Fishbrain is a great tool for beginners because it offers a wealth of knowledge available from the large community of users. Beginners can gain a great deal from the shared catches, fishing spots, gear recommendations, and techniques shared within the app. It also helps beginners identify different species of fish using the species recognition feature.

No, Fishing Points doesn’t provide specific bait selection guidance directly. However, it does provide other crucial information like depth maps, temperature, and the lunar calendar, that can indirectly influence your bait choice. It also allows you to connect with a community of anglers where you may gain such insights.

Yes, Fishbrain supports various fishing methods, including Fly Fishing and Ice Fishing. You can explore and connect with communities or groups within the app that share your interests in these specific types of fishing.

Yes, Fishing Points is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can easily download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.

Fishbrain gives you control over the information you share. You can choose to share your catches publicly, with your followers only, or keep them private. Your location is also only shared if you permit it. Fishbrain values user privacy and takes measures to ensure your data is secure.

The Fishing Points app provides highly detailed offline nautical charts and lake maps. These include contour lines, depths, and other important water body details. It’s a great asset for planning and navigating during your fishing adventures.

Indeed, Fishbrain has a catch logging feature that allows you to record key details about your catches, such as weight, length, species, and the gear used. You can also add photos and notes to each catch. The app makes keeping a detailed fishing diary easy and fun.

Fishing Points offers some safety features like sending your current location via SMS in case of emergencies. Also, by using the waypoint feature, you can mark the location of your car, camp, or other important points to navigate back safely. The app is a useful tool not just for fishing, but also the safety of your outdoor excursions.

Yes, Fishbrain offers a premium version, Fishbrain Pro. The Pro subscription provides additional features such as depth maps, advanced catch statistics, automated personal fishing forecasts, and more. The premium version enhances your fishing experience even further.

The premium version of Fishing Points offers several additional features. These include access to Fishing Points on web browsers, detailed map overlays for currents and sea temperature, Google Earth integration, and an ad-free experience. These premium features can significantly upgrade your fishing journey.