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Google Maps vs Waze (best carplay apps / software)

User Friendliness
Design and Interface
Music Libary
Audio Quality
Ad Interruptions
Community Features
Offline Use
Personalized Playlists
Waze is free to use, contains in-app ads to monetize
Google Maps is free to use, monetizes through data collection for advertising

Waze 🚘 excels in real-time traffic updates 👥 and community-driven features ⛏, not as feature-rich for non-commuting navigation 📍.

Google Maps 🌐 is reliable and intuitive for navigation 🚗, with strong location data 💪, but some features require you to be online 📶.

Waze Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🚦 Real-time traffic updates

  • 👥 Community-driven alerts

  • ⛽ Gas price information

  • 🎯 Accurate ETA

  • 🔄 Automatic rerouting

Google Maps Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🌐 Widely used and reliable

  • 📍 Accurate navigation

  • 💼 Business data integration

  • 🅿️ Parking information

  • 🔖 Bookmark feature

  • 🎯 Precision in location data

Top Cons
  • 📜 Not as feature-rich for non-commuting

  • 📱 Requires constant Internet

  • 🏢 Fewer business data

  • 🅿️ Lacks parking info

  • 🔖 Lacks bookmark feature

  • 🌐 Smaller user base

Top Cons
  • 📵 Must be online for full features

  • 🔄 Rerouting can be slow

  • 🚔 Less police reports

  • ⛔ Fewer community-driven features

  • ⚠️ Less frequent updates

Other best carplay apps


Spotify 🎵 offers a diverse music library 📚 with strong algorithmic playlists🎼 , but some users may not like the ads 🚫.


Apple Music 🎧 integrates well with Apple’s ecosystem 🍏, offers high quality streaming 📶, yet more expensive 💸.


Overcast 🎙 is a standout podcast app with Smart Speed feature 🐇, but interface might be non-intuitive for some users 😕.


There are several CarPlay apps that stand out due to their efficiency and usefulness. Some include Google Maps for navigation, Waze for traffic information, Apple Music for audio entertainment, Apple Maps for holistic navigation, Spotify for music streaming, Audible for audiobooks and podcasts, and WhatsApp for communication.

With the iOS 12 update, Apple allows third-party map applications like Google Maps to work seamlessly with CarPlay. When you connect your iPhone to your vehicle with CarPlay, Google Maps will appear on the car’s display. With this, you can use voice commands or manual input to navigate the app.

Yes, definitely. Waze is integrated into CarPlay, giving drivers a useful tool for real-time traffic information and details about police presence or hazards on the route. Once your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, launch the Waze app and you’re ready to go.

Google Maps is incredibly interactive, offering a myriad of features like live traffic updates, lane guidance, offline maps, and location saving, among others. The app’s integration with CarPlay has further increased its popularity, as it provides safe and easy navigation during drives.

Waze stands out because it’s more community-driven compared to other navigation tools. Drivers can report accidents, speed traps, obstacles, and other incidents in real-time. This gives users real-time updates and alerts about their routes, making it a unique tool on CarPlay.

CarPlay perfectly ties together with Siri to enable voice control in Google Maps. To use voice commands, press and hold the voice control button on your steering wheel or touch and hold the home button on your CarPlay screen, then ask Siri for directions or any other help.

Yes, you can. After opening the Waze app on your CarPlay, you can use Siri or the microphone icon in the app to operate it hands-free. This way, you can report hazards, ask for route details or simply seek navigation assistance.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to listen to music while navigating with Google Maps on CarPlay. You can select your preferred music app like Apple Music or Spotify and start playing songs. If you set a destination on Google Maps, navigation instructions will override the music momentarily to provide guidance.

Using Waze with CarPlay is designed to be safe for drivers. The interface is very user-friendly and all notifications and alerts can be received audibly. Using Siri or the Waze voice control feature, you can operate the app hands-free, ensuring you keep your eyes on the road.

Integrating Google Maps with CarPlay brings safer and easier navigation, reducing the risk of phone-related distractions while driving. The live traffic updates, detailed maps, and voice-guided GPS navigation assist drivers in reaching their destinations without any hassle.

Drivers appreciate Waze owing to its community-driven capabilities. These include real-time traffic updates, detailed route information, light alerts, and speed camera locations which ensure a safe and efficient driving experience. Its compatibility with CarPlay further enhances its usefulness.

Yes, Google Maps is available on CarPlay in over 100 countries worldwide, making it a reliable and widely used navigation tool. This allows ease of use even when driving in unfamiliar territories.

Waze indeed helps drivers find cheaper gas stations on their route. Users report gas prices on Waze, providing real-time information about the cost of gas at different stations. This, in turn, aids drivers in making cost-effective decisions while on their journey using CarPlay.

Using Google Maps with CarPlay provides a number of advantages: voice-guided navigation, offline maps, real-time traffic updates, and ETA sharing. All these features enhance the driver’s experience by making navigation stress-free and efficient.

Yes, Waze provides several unique features such as real-time traffic and road information, community-reported alerts about police, hazards, and traffic jams, along with the ability to compare gas prices at nearby stations. These features give CarPlay users a unique and interactive driving experience compared to other navigation applications.

When using Google Maps with CarPlay, traffic updates are displayed through color-coding on the routes. Green signifies clear roads, while orange and red indicate medium and heavy traffic congestion, respectively. Real-time updates help drivers decide the fastest routes to their destination.

Yes, Waze does provide a speed limit feature. It gives users the ability to see the speed limit of the road they are driving on in real-time. Waze even sends a visual and sound alert when the driver exceeds the speed limit, helping maintain safe driving habits.

With Google Maps on CarPlay, route planning is easier and more efficient. Whether you need to cater to multiple stops or want to avoid traffic congestion, Google Maps simplifies route planning. It also provides an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to help schedule your journey.

Indeed, Waze allows users to report accidents, hazards, police, and other incidents along their route. Users simply tap the orange button on the Waze app and choose the appropriate reporting option. This promotes an interconnected network of drivers assisting each other on the road.

Yes, Google Maps on CarPlay allows you to access your saved places. This feature lets you navigate to your favorite or frequently visited places quickly without requiring to enter the address every time.

On Apple CarPlay, Google Maps functions primarily as a navigation tool. It guides users along the best route to reach their destinations, accounts for real-time traffic data, provides estimated arrival times, and alerts users about potential hazards or accidents on a planned route.

Waze, another popular navigation app owned by Google, is also compatible with Apple CarPlay. Like Google Maps, Waze provides directions, real-time traffic updates, and alerts about road hazards.

First, ensure that your car supports Apple CarPlay and your iPhone is running iOS 12 or higher. Connect your iPhone to your car using a USB cable, then on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay, and select your car. Start your car, and your CarPlay dashboard should appear on your car’s display. From there, you can select the Google Maps app to use it.

Waze on Apple CarPlay comes with features like real-time traffic and road info, community reported alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures, and more. Plus, you can find and compare fuel prices along your route.

You need to install the Waze app on your iPhone first. Then, connect your iPhone to your car. Open the Settings on your iPhone, and then go to General > CarPlay, and select your car. You can then customize the order in which your CarPlay apps appear, including Waze.

No, using Google Maps on Apple CarPlay is completely free, though data charges from your carrier may apply for using internet services.

Waze does not offer a full offline mode. However, you can download your routes when you have an internet connection, and then the app will continue to work using your phone’s GPS even if you lose internet connection.

Yes, Google Maps on Apple CarPlay can route multiple destinations. This feature is particularly useful for planning trips with multiple stops.

Yes, Waze on Apple CarPlay can alert you about speed traps along your route. These alerts are based on reports from the Waze user community.

Yes, Apple CarPlay supports voice commands for both Google Maps and Waze. You can activate Google Assistant or Siri to enter your destination or make changes to your route without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Yes, Google Maps through CarPlay delivers real-time traffic updates to ensure users get the most accurate travel times and routes.

Yes, Waze users can report incidents like accidents, hazards, and road closures on Apple CarPlay. These user-reported incidents help keep the Waze community well-informed about real-time road conditions.

Yes, Google Maps on CarPlay offers a satellite view option, giving users a detailed overhead view of the terrain and landmarks on their route.

Yes, Waze on Apple CarPlay can provide parking suggestions near your destination, as well as information about pricing where available.

While Google Maps does provide walking directions, it’s worthwhile to note that Apple CarPlay is designed for use while driving, not walking.

Indeed, Waze on CarPlay can suggest better routes based on real-time traffic and road conditions to help users get to their destination faster.

Yes, on Google Maps with CarPlay, users can customize settings such as satellite view, traffic view, and the display of points of interest along the route.

Yes, Waze can be integrated with other apps on Apple CarPlay, like music streaming and podcast apps, so you can control your audio entertainment without leaving Waze.

Yes, Google Maps with CarPlay can provide alternative routes to a destination, which allows the driver to choose the most suitable option based on real-time traffic conditions.

Yes, once your phone is connected to CarPlay, you can use the Waze app on your car’s larger display rather than on your phone, which can make planning routes easier and safer while driving.