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ABCmouse vs ReadingIQ (best learning apps for kids / software)

User-Friendly Interface
Educational Content
Child Safety Features
Interactive Activities
Progress Tracking
Variety of Content
Offline Use
Visual and Sound Quality
ABCmouse operates on a paid subscription model, costing $9.95 per month.
ReadingIQ costs $7.99 per month, offering a cheaper option in comparison.

🌟Highly comprehensive and interactive, ABCmouse brings learning to life!💥💫⭐👍

Perfect for young readers, ReadingIQ offers insightful literacy programs📚👓🎇🎆😊

ABCmouse Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 👍Engaging multimedia content

  • 🎯Educational and Fun

  • 🛡️Safe Learning Environment

  • 🔧Customizable Lessons

  • 🗺️Progress Tracker

ReadingIQ Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 📚Here to boost reading skills

  • 🔐Kid-safe environment

  • 👛Competitive pricing

  • 📈Excellent tracking of reading progress

  • 💼Educational & Fun Content

  • 🌍Vast Library

Top Cons
  • 📵Limited offline use

  • 💸Subscription can be pricey

  • 💤Minor repetitive content

  • 📘learning can become too structured

  • 🎯Targeted more to older children

  • 💻Reliant on internet connection

Top Cons
  • 📚More focus on reading, less on other subjects

  • 💼Limited customizability

  • 💻No offline use

  • 👧Content might not engage older children

  • 🌐Limited content variety

Other best learning apps for kids


PBS Kids delivers educational content in a fun and engaging way, perfect for younger children👶🎁❤️🌈


Peekaboo Kids allows kids to explore and learn in a safe and fun environment.🤩✨👍💫🌟


Funbrain Jr. is beginners’ haven for learning math, reading, and problem solving. 👧🎓🌟✅📘


The main intention of the ABCmouse app is to provide an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for children aged 2-8. It covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, art, music, and literacy.

ReadingIQ is an advanced digital library suitable for children up to 12 years of age. It offers a wide variety of books for different reading levels, making it suitable for beginner readers and proficient readers alike.

Yes, ABCmouse allows parents to monitor and control their child’s activities. Parents can track their progress, customize their child’s learning path, and adjust the levels of the games and activities.

Yes, ReadingIQ operates on a subscription basis. But it provides unlimited access to thousands of books and is available on a wide array of devices.

Yes, education experts take part in creating the content on ABCmouse. The lessons and games are developed by teachers and learning experts, ensuring they are pedagogically sound and engaging for kids.

ReadingIQ provides an extensive variety of books including picture books, chapter books, comic books, educational books, and non-fiction. This range allows children to find books that match their interests and reading level.

Yes, ABCmouse features a step-by-step learning path that develops reading skills. Using this app, children learn letter recognition, phonics, and eventually how to read sentences and books.

Yes, the difficulty level in ReadingIQ can be modified as per the child’s ability. The app automatically adjusts the level as the child progresses, keeping them constantly challenged and engaged.

Yes, a subscription to ABCmouse can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, enabling your child to learn anytime, anywhere.

ReadingIQ doesn’t specifically target children with special needs, but it does offer a wide variety of books. The app features adjustable font sizes and a read-to-me option, which may benefit children with different learning needs.

No, ABCmouse is completely ad-free. They ensure a safe and uninterrupted learning environment for children.

ReadingIQ caters to various skill levels—from beginner readers just starting their journey to advanced readers looking for more challenging materials. The app adjusts difficulty levels to match the child’s progress.

Yes, ABCmouse can complement homeschooling efforts. It offers an extensive and well-rounded curriculum covering various subjects, making it a great supplement to homeschool education.

If a book is too challenging on ReadingIQ, the app has a ‘read to me’ feature. This function narrates the story, encouraging the child to follow along, thus developing comprehension skills without frustration.

Yes, ABCmouse offers an assessment center where parents can see progress reports reflecting their child’s learning development and achievements.

ReadingIQ has a feature where a child can take a quiz after reading a book. This helps assess their understanding of the material and provides valuable feedback on their comprehension skills.

ABCmouse uses interactive games, fun activities, and attractive animations to keep children engaged. By using these innovative techniques, it ensures that learning is made enjoyable rather than tedious.

‘Reading Level Assessment’ in ReadingIQ is a feature that measures a child’s reading capability. Using this tool, parents can understand their child’s reading level and assign them books that fit their skill level.

ABCmouse consistently adds new content to keep their users interested and engaged. Fresh activities and lessons are added regularly, ensuring a continuous learning journey for children.

Yes, ReadingIQ allows downloading of books for offline reading. This feature ensures children can continue their reading even when they don’t have access to an internet connection.

ABCmouse is a comprehensive online learning platform created for children aged 2-8. It provides various interactive learning activities spanning over subjects like reading, math, sciences, and art to help enhance the child’s learning abilities. You can access more information here.

ReadingIQ is a digital library designed for children aged 2-12. It contains thousands of books, including popular titles, classics, and instructive texts to promote literacy and a love for reading among youngsters.

Yes, ABCmouse offers a customized learning path tailored to each child’s needs. It adapts to the learner’s pace, thereby making it suitable for children with varying learning abilities, including those with learning difficulties.

Absolutely. With a plethora of books covering a wide range of genres and topics, ReadingIQ exposes children to new words, consequently broadening their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

ABCmouse covers a broad range of subjects including reading and language arts, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music. The engaging curriculum is designed to make learning fun and interactive.

ReadingIQ boasts an in-depth library featuring a diverse range of books catering to kids up to 12 years old. It offers personalization features such as reading level matching, which allows it to recommend suitable books for each child.

ABCmouse is compatible with various platforms, including PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, and Kindle. You can download the application from the respective app stores or use their website.

Yes, ReadingIQ offers a limited number of free books. To gain full access to the extensive library, a subscription is necessary.

ABCmouse is not entirely free. It offers a free trial for new users, after which a subscription fee is necessary for continued access to the comprehensive learning resources.

No, ReadingIQ contains materials suitable for all reading levels, from beginners to advanced readers. This allows it to grow with your child, continually providing suitable reading materials as they advance in their reading skills.

ABCmouse uses interactive games, puzzles, videos, and more to make learning engaging and fun. Its reward system, where kids earn tickets for completed activities, further motivates them to learn.

Yes, with a valid subscription, your child can access ReadingIQ on any compatible device, making learning possible anytime, anywhere.

ABCmouse regularly updates and adds new educational content to keep the learning experience fresh, exciting, and in line with academic standards.

Yes, ReadingIQ includes interactive and animated books that help keep reading enjoyable and engaging for kids, promoting love for reading.

Yes, the lessons on ABCmouse are aligned with Common Core and other state standards. They’re created by educators to suit kindergarten and elementary curriculums.

No, there is no limit. A ReadingIQ subscription gives your child unlimited access to their extensive library.

Yes, ABCmouse provides parents with progress tracking features, which include detailed reports to monitor their child’s progress and mastery of various learning topics.

Yes, ReadingIQ includes an array of audio books, which are excellent for improving listening skills and vocabulary, especially for beginning readers or those who struggle with reading.

While ABCmouse offers a comprehensive curriculum, it also allows kids to focus on areas that interest them the most, thereby fostering a love of learning in their favorite subjects.

Yes, ReadingIQ is designed with child safety in mind. It doesn’t include any advertisements or external links, ensuring a secure and child-friendly reading environment.