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How to Fix Chromecast Not Working After US14 Update: An Easy Guide

If you’re an Apple tech enthusiast struggling with Chromecast issues after a US14 update, this comprehensive guide is just for you 📝. In this article, we walk you through easy-to-follow solutions to restore Chromecast functionality on your device 💡.


Turn on Apps under Local Network

The first step to fixing your Chromecast connectivity issue is to control which apps have local network access 🔄. Access your device’s Settings app, scroll down to ‘Privacy’, and tap on it. Continue on to ‘Local Network’, where you’ll see a list of apps. Activate local network access for any apps you want to cast from. This action permits cost to identify local devices when casting 📱.


Force Quit All Apps and Refresh Wi-Fi

The second solution involves force quitting all background apps 🚫 and refreshing your Wi-Fi. Do this by opening your device’s Settings app then tapping on ‘Wi-Fi’. Here, you can turn off your Wi-Fi, wait 30 seconds ⌛, then turn it back on 🔄.


Disable and Enable Airplane Mode

The third solution involves managing Bluetooth settings ✈️. Access the Settings app, tap on ‘Bluetooth’, and disable it. After waiting a few seconds, switch Bluetooth back on 🔄.


Reboot Your iPhone

The fourth solution is quite straightforward. Just reboot your iPhone 🔄. Go to Settings, scroll down and tap ‘General’. Scroll further down to find ‘Shutdown’, tap on it, then slide the power slider to the right. Wait a minute ⌛ and turn on your iPhone back 📱.


Reset Network Settings

Our fifth solution suggests resetting network settings 🔄. Doing this will reset your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, APN and VPN settings, and cellular settings. As a caveat, make sure you have your Wi-Fi password jotted down before taking this step 🚨. Access your device’s Settings app, scroll down to ‘General’, then to ‘Reset’. Select ‘Reset Network Settings’, enter your iPhone’s passcode, and tap ‘Reset Network Settings’ to confirm the action.


Check for Software Update

Lastly but importantly, always check for software updates as some issues may be fixed with a simple software update 💡. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi and go to your Settings app. Continue on to ‘General’ then to ‘Software Update’. If an update is available, tap download and install 🔄.

Conclusion: 🏁

We hope this guide gives you the solutions you need to solve the Chromecast issue after a US14 update 🏆. Remember to keep your devices updated, manage your applications properly, and control your network settings for optimal device performance. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you found these tips helpful! Don’t forget to share your experience with these solutions, and subscribe for more Apple tech tips 📢.


The US14 update is a software update for the Chromecast. It brings about various improvements and fixes, enhancing the overall performance of the device.

There could be a variety of reasons causing this issue, such as: problems with the update, network issues, or compatibility issues with your device. The article gives a comprehensive overview of these issues and how to fix them.

You can try a number of methods such as: performing a factory reset, troubleshooting your network, checking for further updates, or contacting Google support. More details are provided in the article.

The specifics of what the US14 update includes can vary, but typically it could include general performance improvements, security updates, and potentially new features or bug fixes.

You can perform a factory reset of your Chromecast through the Google Home app or by holding the reset button on your Chromecast device for around 25 seconds or until the LED light starts flashing.

You can troubleshoot your network by checking if other devices are able to connect to the internet, resetting your router, or reconnecting your Chromecast to the network.

If there are further updates available after the US14 Update, it’s advised to keep your Chromecast updates to the latest software version. This will ensure that all known bugs and issues are taken care of, and your device remains optimised.

For issues with your Chromecast device, you can directly contact Google Support.

The time to fix the issue can vary depending on the specific problem and the method used to address it. In most cases, these issues can be addressed in less than an hour.

Yes, usually Chromecast updates are mandatory as Google rolls them out to ensure the best performance and security for all Chromecast users.

No, Google does not allow you to rollback updates. Once installed, the update cannot be undone.

The firmware version can vary depending on the device model and region. You can check this information in the Google Home app.

Typically, updates don’t require you to change any settings. However, if you’re experiencing issues after an update, you may need to reconfigure some settings during troubleshooting.

If you’re unable to resolve the issue by yourself, you can contact Google Customer Support. They have technicians who can troubleshoot the issue and guide you on how to fix it.

Yes, a factory reset will erase all your personalized settings and return the Chromecast to its original settings. Ensure to note down any specific settings you’d want to restore later.

No, Google does not offer a way to prevent automatic updates. They are mandatory to keep the device secure and functioning properly.

Yes, if your router is not working properly, it may interrupt the download or installation of updates and result in errors.

Not necessarily. Sometimes, updates can cause hiccups in the system and it can be resolved with troubleshooting steps provided in the article. However, if the device is still not working after troubleshooting, it might be a hardware issue.

If your TV displays normally with other inputs or devices, the issue is likely with the Chromecast. If nothing displays correctly on your TV, then the TV could be the issue.

Yes, your Chromecast needs to be connected to the internet to download and apply the US14 update.

It’s recommended not to use the device while it’s updating to prevent any potential issues. Let the update complete before using your Chromecast again.

Chromecast is a device from Google that allows you to stream video content to your TV from your phone, tablet or computer.

No, Chromecast automatically checks for and installs available updates.

Regular updates to your Chromecast ensure optimum performance, security, and sometimes introduce new features.

No, updates to your Chromecast, including the US14 update, are completely free.

No, once an update begins it cannot be paused. If you lose connectivity during an update, the update will fail and the device will attempt the update again once connectivity is restored.

The amount of data consumed during an update depends on the size of the update. However, updates are generally optimized to not consume excessive data.

You can continue to use other devices during the update, but ensure the network’s bandwidth is not fully consumed. This could slow down the update process.

Having multiple Chromecasts on the same network should not cause any problems with updates, as each Chromecast independently checks for and installs updates.

Interrupting the power supply during an update might cause the update to fail, but usually, your Chromecast should be able to recover and initiate the update again when the power is restored.

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