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Top 6 Wonolo Alternatives: Best Work Apps You Must Try in 2023 (SEO Guide)

Discover the top 10 Wonolo alternatives that are revolutionizing the gig economy in 2023! In today’s fast-paced world, flexible work options have become increasingly popular, and apps like Wonolo have garnered significant attention for providing on-demand job opportunities. But as the market for work apps expands, it’s essential to explore other contenders that offer even more features and opportunities for freelancers, part-timers, and side hustlers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the best work apps of 2023, comparing their unique features, user experiences, and earning potential, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving gig economy. Get ready to amp up your income and gain access to a plethora of job opportunities with these 10 top Wonolo alternatives!




Instacart is a leading grocery delivery app that effortlessly streamlines your shopping experience by connecting you with local stores in your area. Save time and reduce stress by scheduling a convenient delivery or pickup through the easy-to-use interface. Browse thousands of products from your favorite stores, compare prices, and tap into exclusive deals to make grocery shopping a breeze. Enjoy a personalized experience tailored to your preferences and dietary needs, ensuring each order reflects your unique lifestyle. Discover the benefits of using Instacart to simplify and make your grocery shopping more efficient today!

Official Website


  • Convenient way to order groceries from local stores and have them delivered
  • Ability to choose from multiple stores and compare prices


  • Service fees and delivery fees can add up, making the overall cost higher than shopping in-store
  • Dependent on availability of delivery slots, which can make it difficult to plan grocery shopping ahead of time

Conclusion: Instacart is a useful option for those who value convenience over cost, but may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget or those who prefer to shop in-store.




TaskRabbit is a renowned app that efficiently connects users with skilled, reliable taskers to handle everyday tasks and errands. From home cleaning to handyman services, TaskRabbit streamlines and enhances the overall user experience by offering personalized solutions through their user-friendly platform. Their stringent vetting process ensures that service providers are trustworthy, enabling users to confidently delegate tasks in a time-saving manner. Explore the advantages of TaskRabbit for effortlessly finding professional help for your everyday needs.

Official Website


  • Provides a convenient way for users to find and hire reliable, vetted taskers for a variety of tasks.
  • Offers a range of task categories, including cleaning, handyman work, event planning, and more.


  • Some users have reported higher than expected pricing for certain tasks.
  • There have been occasional reports of taskers not showing up or not completing tasks to the satisfaction of the user.

Conclusion: Overall, TaskRabbit can be a helpful tool for those in need of assistance with various tasks. However, users should be aware of the potential drawbacks and carefully read reviews before hiring a tasker.




Postmates is a popular on-demand delivery app, offering a convenient solution for users to get their favorite items from local stores and restaurants effortlessly. With an extensive range of options, catered to individual preferences and dietary needs, Postmates seamlessly bridges the gap between customers and local businesses. Experience reliable, trackable, and efficient delivery services, making it easy to satisfy cravings, stock up on essentials or grab a last-minute gift. Discover the benefits of Postmates – your go-to app for timely and dependable deliveries that redefine convenience at your fingertips.

Official Website


  • Convenient and time-saving delivery with a wide range of restaurant and store options available.
  • Option for on-demand or scheduled delivery, providing flexibility and accommodating various needs.


  • Delivery fees and service fees can be steep and add up quickly, especially for smaller orders.
  • Delivery times can vary and be delayed due to factors such as traffic or store preparation time.

Conclusion: Postmates can be a useful and convenient app for getting food and other items delivered, especially if time is limited or in need of a flexible delivery option. However, users should carefully consider the fees and delivery times before making a decision to use the service.




Uber is a cutting-edge ridesharing app that seamlessly connects riders with reliable transportation options through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Operating in over 10,000 cities worldwide, Uber's expansive network offers a variety of vehicle choices, from budget-friendly to luxury, ensuring you find the perfect ride for any occasion. This industry-leading app emphasizes safety, convenience, and affordability, making transportation more accessible and stress-free for millions of users across the globe. Experience the ultimate in ridesharing convenience with the innovative Uber app.

Official Website


  • Convenient and efficient way to get around cities and avoid parking and traffic headaches.
  • Offers flexible earning opportunities for drivers looking to work on their own schedules.


  • Price surges during peak times or events can make the service expensive.
  • Safety concerns have been raised related to rider and driver interactions, particularly with respect to sexual harassment and assault.

Conclusion: Overall, Uber can be a beneficial service for individuals seeking transportation and drivers looking for extra income. However, potential riders should be aware of safety concerns and potential price surges when using the service.




Discover the convenience of the Handy app, a one-stop solution for booking trusted home cleaning and handyman services in your area. Experience the ease of selecting from a range of top-rated professionals who are ready to tackle your everyday household tasks and essential maintenance requirements. With an intuitive interface and a meticulous screening process, Handy ensures a hassle-free experience, making home care more streamlined and accessible. Don't compromise on quality, and embrace a reliable and efficient way to manage your home with the Handy app.

Official Website


  • Convenient and easy to use for booking and paying for home services
  • Offers a wide range of services including cleaning, plumbing, and handyman tasks


  • Services can be expensive compared to other providers
  • Quality of service may vary depending on the individual contractor hired

Conclusion: Overall, Handy provides a convenient and diverse range of home services but may be costly and require some research to ensure quality services are provided.




Discover the convenience of on-demand grocery delivery with the Shipt app. With hundreds of popular retailers and thousands of products available, Shipt provides a seamless and efficient shopping experience. Personal shoppers handpick your items, ensuring quality and freshness. Easily manage your preferences, schedule deliveries, and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free, time-saving grocery solution. Start simplifying your life with Shipt's innovative grocery delivery service today.

Official Website


  • Convenience: Shipt allows users to order groceries and other household essentials from their phones and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, simplifying the shopping process and saving time.
  • Flexibility: Shipt offers flexible scheduling for its shoppers, allowing them to work part-time or full-time depending on their availability and preferences.


  • Higher costs: Shipt charges a membership fee and often higher prices for products than in-store prices, so users may end up paying more than they would if they shopped in person.
  • Limited availability: Shipt is only available in certain areas, so not all users may have access to the service.

Conclusion: Overall, Shipt can be a useful app for those who value convenience and flexibility but may not be the best option for those on a tight budget or those living in areas without access to the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some popular Wonolo alternatives for flexible job opportunities?

A: Popular alternatives to Wonolo include Instacart, TaskRabbit, Postmates, Rover, DoorDash, Uber, Thumbtack, Handy, Shipt, and Wonolo itself. Each app caters to different industries and job types, providing a variety of opportunities for gig workers.

Q: Are all Wonolo alternatives offering freelance and part-time work opportunities?

A: Yes, all the Wonolo alternatives mentioned in this article provide flexible work opportunities, ranging from freelance, part-time, and on-demand gig work, catering to various industries and job types.

Q: Do these apps require a subscription or membership fee to use their services?

A: While some apps, like Shipt, charge a membership fee, others are free to use at the basic level. The cost structure depends on the app and the service offered. It is advised to check the individual app's payment policies before using their services.

Q: How does the vetting process work for service providers on these apps?

A: Different apps have different vetting processes for service providers. For example, TaskRabbit requires taskers to go through an identity check, criminal background check, and attend an orientation. Other apps have similar processes to ensure service providers are trustworthy and reliable.

Q: Can I find specialized services on these Wonolo alternatives?

A: Yes, many of the mentioned apps offer specialized services. For example, Rover provides pet care services, Thumbtack connects users with service professionals in various fields, and Handy offers home cleaning and maintenance services.

Q: Are these work apps available in all cities and countries?

A: The availability of these apps varies depending on the city and country. Some apps like Uber and DoorDash have a widespread reach, operating in thousands of cities worldwide, while others like Shipt and Handy have a more limited coverage. It's best to check each app's availability in your location before signing up.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of service provided by these Wonolo alternatives?

A: To ensure you receive quality service, it is crucial to read reviews, check ratings, and communicate with the service provider beforehand. Additionally, many of these apps have mechanisms in place for resolving service-related issues to ensure a positive experience.

Q: Are these Wonolo alternatives suitable for long-term or permanent employment?

A: The nature of work provided by these apps is primarily flexible and part-time, catering to gig workers. These apps are ideal for those seeking temporary, part-time, or on-demand work opportunities but may not be suitable for long-term or permanent employment.

Q: Can I use multiple work apps simultaneously to maximize my income potential?

A: Yes, using multiple work apps can help increase income potential, as it provides more opportunities and enables you to work in different industries simultaneously. However, it is crucial to manage your time efficiently and ensure you can fulfill the commitments made on each platform.

Q: How do payments work for workers on these Wonolo alternatives?

A: Payment processes vary across these apps. Some apps, like Instacart and DoorDash, have specific payout schedules and methods, while others like TaskRabbit allow you to set your rates. It is essential to familiarize yourself with each app's payment policies and processes to ensure timely and accurate compensation for work completed.