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Feeld vs 3Fun (best threesome apps / software)

User Base
Messaging Features
Specificity for Threesomes
Profile Quality
Monetization Model
Feeld has both a free version and a paid subscription called ‘Feeld Majestic’ which costs $11.99 per month
3Fun uses a freemium model, offering most features for free, but premium features cost between $15.99 to $29.99 per month

Feeld provides unique options for non-traditional relationships 🔥 User interface can be confusing 👀 💬

3Fun offers a focused platform for threesomes, but limited features and bugs mar the experience 🎲 🐛

Feeld Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🔥 Large User Base

  • 🔒 Good Privacy Settings

  • 💌 Unique Messaging Features

  • 💎 High Profile Quality

  • 🎯 Specific for Threesomes

3Fun Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🎲 Focused on Threesomes

  • 📈 Growing User Base

  • 🔓 Privacy Options

  • 💎 Unique Profile Features

  • 💬 Active Community

  • 💵 Affordable Pricing

Top Cons
  • 💢 Confusing Interface

  • 🔓 Privacy Concerns

  • 🐛 Occasional Software Bugs

  • 💌 Limited Messaging Options

  • 📑 Lengthy Registration Process

  • 💰 Lots of Paid Features

Top Cons
  • 🔥 Smaller User Base

  • 💢 Fewer Features

  • 🐛 Frequent Software Bugs

  • 🔓 Privacy Concerns

  • 🔍 Limited Search Options

Other best threesome apps


Tinder isn’t specifically for threesomes but offers a large user base and easy-to-use interface 🚀 🎯


OkCupid offers room for detailed profiles and a range of relationship types but lacks specificity for threesomes 💑 💡


Grindr is geared towards gay, bi, trans, and queer people; lacks specific features for threesomes 👬 👭


Try out Feeld and 3Fun. These are some of the most preferred apps for finding individuals or couples interested in adding a third participant to their relationship.

Feeld is highly-rated because it features a wide user base, easy-to-use interface, and user privacy protection. Furthermore, it caters to not just threesomes but numerous non-traditional sexual arrangements.

Yes, Feeld‘, like most reputable dating apps, takes user privacy and security seriously, providing features such as enhanced profile privacy and data encryption to keep user information secure.

Although 3Fun is particularly popular among those who are interested in threesome relationships, it also caters to a variety of non-traditional sexual preferences, similar to Feeld.

Yes, 3Fun offers several privacy and security protections, including photo verification to ensure users are authentic and private photo albums that are only accessible to your matches.

Other notable threesome apps include 3rder and Swingery. These alternatives also have unique features that make them worth considering.

Feeld is unique because it caters to an array of sexual preferences including polyamorous and non-heteronormative relationships, and provides a non-judgemental community where users can explore such interests.

3Fun offers special features such as private photo albums, pattern lock security measures, and an optional advanced subscription for greater functionality and feature access.

Start by downloading the Feeld app from either the App Store or Google Play Store, create a profile, and begin exploring matches.

Simply download the 3Fun app from the App Store or Google Play Store, set up your profile, and you can start searching for potential partners.

Yes, Feeld offers a premium subscription called Feeld Majestic Membership, which offers benefits like seeing who liked your profile and advanced filtering options.

Yes, 3Fun also provides premium features such as seeing who viewed your profile and unlimited message responses with a VIP membership.

Yes, both Feeld and 3Fun are inclusive and cater to all kinds of sexual orientations, providing an open space for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

Yes, you can. Feeld provides a messaging system that allows direct communication with your matches.

Yes, 3Fun includes an instant messaging feature that allows you to communicate with your matches directly.

The user base of both Feeld and 3Fun is quite diverse, encompassing people of all sexual orientations and preferences, across different age groups and geographical locations.

Feeld uses multiple methods to protect user info; these include not requiring full names for profiles and implementing strict data encryption. Furthermore, users can connect through a pseudonymous Facebook account for additional privacy.

3Fun uses several methods to protect user privacy. These include private photo albums, pattern lock security, and photo verification to ensure only real users access the app.

It’s not mandatory to use social media to register on either Feeld or 3Fun. Users have the option to sign up with their email on both platforms.

If you wish to deactivate your account on either Feeld or 3Fun, you can do so easily via the account settings in the respective apps.

Some of the top apps for arranging threesomes include Feeld, 3Fun, and others like 3somer and Swingtowns. These apps are designed to help open-minded singles and couples find like-minded partners.

Feeld is an inclusive dating app specifically designed for non-traditional relationships. It works by allowing users to create profiles and indicate their interests, after which they can browse through potential matches and start conversations with like-minded individuals.

3Fun is a dating app for open-minded singles and couples. It offers a safe and private platform for people to explore their desires and interact with others with similar interests. The unique feature about 3Fun is their emphasis on privacy, ensuring your actions on the app remain confidential.

Apps like Feeld and 3Fun prioritize user safety. They offer features like photo verification and have strict privacy policies. However, users should always exercise caution because internet safety depends highly on individual actions.

On Feeld, you can explore all types of relationships – from casual encounters to long-term engagements. This includes non-monogamous relationships, polyamory, and more. The app encourages open communication about desires and boundaries.

Yes, 3Fun offers location-based searching, so you can find local matches in your area. This is useful for users who’d rather not build long-distance connections.

Absolutely. Both Feeld and 3Fun welcome singles who are interested in non-traditional relationships and sexual encounters with couples.

While 3Fun does offer a basic version for free, there are several subscription plans available that offer additional features to enhance the user experience.

Yes, Feeld offers several privacy protection features, such as incognito browsing and private photos. These features allow users to control who sees their profile and photos.

People may prefer using threesome apps because it provides a safe and inclusive environment to discuss and explore their sexual interests. Apps like Feeld and 3Fun can make it easier for individuals to find like-minded partners that they might not easily meet in normal circumstances.

Yes, 3Fun allows you to delete your account at any time. You can do this by going to the settings option on the app, selecting ‘account settings’, and then ‘delete account’.

Yes, Feeld utilizes a user verification process to ensure a safer environment. This process typically involves verifying a user’s phone number or connecting a social media account.

Yes, 3Fun allows couples to create a single joint account. This is beneficial for couples looking to explore together as it enables them to match and chat with others as a unit.

Yes, Feeld offers a membership subscription called ‘Feeld Majestic’. This paid subscription unlocks premium features like incognito mode, advanced search options, and seeing when someone was last online.

The 3Fun app is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The cost of Feeld Majestic membership varies depending on how long you subscribe. The monthly cost decreases with longer-term subscriptions.

The user reviews for 3Fun are generally positive. Many users appreciate its easy-to-use interface, large user base, and the focus on privacy and security.

On Feeld, you can find profiles from people interested in non-traditional relationships. Users may identify as singles or couples, and the app is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations.

Yes, 3Fun allows you to block and report users who behave inappropriately. This way, you can ensure your experience on the app remains safe and enjoyable.

To increase your chances of getting matches on Feeld, invest time in creating a detailed profile, upload quality photos, be open and respectful in your descriptions, and engage actively with other users on the app.