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ADDitude vs ADHD reWired (best apps adhd / software)

Online Community
Specialized Features
Content Quality
Visual Appeal
Customer Support
ADDitude monetizes through magazine subscriptions and costs $20 per month 🗞️💵
ADHD reWired monetizes through coaching groups and their prices start from $30 per month 🔁💰

🏆 ADDitude is comprehensive 💼🎓, offering well-rounded info for adults & kids! 🎉 Costs can be a 🧗 challenge, though. 👀 Consider wisely!

ADHD reWired focuses on 🧠 brain functionality – a hit for the scientifically inclined! 🚀 Pricing, however, is steep! 💰😯

ADDitude Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Superb usability 👍

  • High-quality content 🌟

  • Great for both adults & kids 👨‍👩‍👦

  • Good customer support 👏

  • Well-featured 😎

ADHD reWired Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Unique focus on brain functionality 🧠💡

  • Impressive online community 👥✨

  • Quality content 💯

  • Excellent customer support 👍

  • Functional and valuable 🎯

  • Very relevant to ADHD discussions 🎯

Top Cons
  • Pricey 💸

  • Some features may be too specialized 🎯

  • Interface could use minor tweaks 🖥️😕

  • Not the best for very niche needs ❌😅

  • Adaptable, but has room for improvements 👌💭

  • More emphasis on visual appeal won’t hurt 🌈

Top Cons
  • Less visually appealing 😔

  • Quite expensive 💰

  • Less usability-friendly than some competitors 😯💻

  • Limited in specialized features ❌

  • Slightly less adaptable than competition 🔄⏸️

Other best apps adhd


ADHD Home Base is great for home organization 🏠✨, but might be too niche for some 👥❔


LifeUP offers daily life assistance! 🌞 Fantastic for scheduling and tasks! 💻🏃‍♀️


Need quick, daily 💡 self-improvement? 15Minutes4Me is your app 📱 but limited to stress & anxiety relief. 😌👍


A selection of the top apps beneficial to those with ADHD includes Evernote for organization, Forest for focusing on tasks, Microsoft To Do for managing tasks and deadlines, Headspace for stress management and mindfulness practices, and RescueTime for tracking time and productivity.

ADDitude is a leading online resource offering expert advice, personal stories, and tools to help individuals living with ADHD or related conditions, as well as their families. This platform includes articles, webinars, and podcasts that explore ADHD symptoms, strategies to manage ADHD, and support to thrive with the condition.

ADHD reWired is not actually an app, but rather a podcast and coaching community developed by Eric Tivers, designed to support adults with ADHD. The investment in this resource includes access to the podcast, coaching group, and a unique supportive community.

Yes, there are apps such as the ADHD Angel and Brili that are particularly dedicated to supporting individuals with ADHD, helping them structure routines, manage tasks, and stay focused on their daily activities.

ADDitude offers a wealth of information, including expert advice on management and coping strategies for ADHD, as well as personal success stories. They provide webinars, podcasts, symptom tests, and education resources to guide individuals, parents, and teachers.

ADHD reWired stands out for its unique focus on adults with ADHD. It offers coaching, podcasts, and a community network, focusing on ADHD management strategies, self-awareness, and personal growth.

The Evernote app excels at organization – a common challenge for individuals with ADHD. The app allows people to take notes, create lists, and save things they discover online for easy reference and categorization. This helps enhance focus and organization.

The Forest app encourages users to stay off their devices and concentrate on tasks at hand. By setting focus times, individuals plant virtual trees that grow as long as the user remains in the app, not getting distracted by the other apps on their devices.

Brili is an app designed to transform routines into fun, game-like challenges for children with ADHD. It uses timers and rewards to motivate and reinforce positive behaviors, making the execution of daily tasks easier and more engaging.

Yes, ADDitude offers resources not only for individuals and families dealing with ADHD, but also for teachers. The platform provides strategies, tips, and advice to help educators better understand and support students with ADHD.

ADHD reWired provides its flagship ADHD reWired podcast, along with sister podcasts like ADHD Essentials and ADHD Diversified. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics, offering coping strategies, personal stories, expert advice, and more.

ADDitude’s website houses a variety of resources such as expert-guided webinars, symptom tests, downloadable guides, articles, and blogs pertaining to ADHD and associated conditions. The resources are designed to educate and support those impacted directly or indirectly by ADHD.

ADHD reWired features a welcoming and supportive community made up of adults from all walks of life living with ADHD. Within this community, members can share experiences, offer support, and learn from each other while navigating through ADHD-related challenges.

Yes. Microsoft To Do is a user-friendly app that allows you to clearly list and manage tasks, making it easier to focus and avoid forgetting important activities or deadlines. This can be of significant help to those dealing with ADHD.

Headspace is a popular mindfulness and meditation app. Regular meditation can help reduce stress and improve concentration, both of which can be particularly beneficial for those who are managing symptoms of ADHD.

The ADHD Angel app is particularly designed to support children with ADHD. It includes a visual time schedule, a point system, and an alarm system, all aimed at helping children with time management and organization skills.

ADDitude covers a diverse range of ADHD-related subjects. Topics span from understanding key symptoms of ADHD, strategies to manage ADHD at home and school, to lifestyle guides for managing relationships, careers, and personal health.

Yes, in addition to podcasts, ADHD reWired also provides personalized coaching services. Their coaching groups offer intensive online video-based sessions with ADHD experts to help individuals set goals and develop practical strategies to manage their ADHD.

RescueTime is an app that tracks the amount of time you spend on apps, websites, and projects, providing detailed reports on your activities. This can help individuals with ADHD better understand their habits and make adjustments to improve productivity and time management.

The Brili app employs gamification techniques to engage children with ADHD. By turning routines into interactive game-like tasks, complete with timers and rewards, the app helps instill good habits, increase focus and improve the completion of essential daily tasks.

ADHD-friendly apps greatly help individuals living with ADHD. Some of the top-rated ones include Forest, a productivity app that encourages users to stay focused, and, which generates music designed to improve concentration. Evernote is also recommended for note-taking and organization, while Headspace is a popular meditation app that is beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms.

The ADDitude app is a rich resource bank for individuals with ADHD and their families. It offers daily articles, personal testimonies, expert advices, and strategies for managing ADHD. The app also allows users to participate in webinars and read digital issues of the ADDitude magazine.

Yes, the ADHD reWired coaching and accountability groups aim to help individuals with ADHD develop structure and implement efficient time management techniques. Utilizing strategies like setting organized goals, creating action steps, and maintaining accountability, these groups work to improve the participants’ executive functioning skills.

The ADDitude magazine features articles sharing expert advice on ADHD management, personal experiences of individuals living with ADHD, and updates about the latest ADHD research. The publication is ideal for people with ADHD, their families, and professionals.

To join the ADHD reWired coaching and accountability groups, you need to fill out an online application form and schedule a consultation. After the evaluation, acceptance to a group is granted based on the individual’s needs and availability of slots.

Yes, the Forest app is designed to help users concentrate by gamifying the process of time management. Users ‘plant a tree’ and must avoid using their phone for a set time for the tree to ‘grow’, thereby promoting focus and productivity.

Indeed, uses a special technology known as functional music to help users improve their focus. The app plays music specifically designed to benefit the brain and boost concentration levels, which users can tailor to their desired duration.

The Evernote app allows users to take notes in different formats like texts, photos, audio, and web clippings. The app also offers templates for efficient organization and enables syncing across all devices so users can access notes anytime, anywhere.

Yes, Headspace offers a range of guided meditations, lessons on mindfulness, and calming music tracks which can help individuals with ADHD to manage their symptoms effectively.

In addition to apps, there are websites like CHADD and TotallyADD that provide support, education, and resources for individuals with ADHD. There are also online communities and forums available for peer support and advice.

Yes, the Forest app is proven to enhance productivity by encouraging users to spend specific periods focusing on tasks without phone distractions. The longer the focus period, the more the virtual tree grows, making the process more rewarding.

Yes, provides a wide range of sessions from focus music to meditation soundtracks. Users can choose the length and type of session appropriate to their tasks, mood, or time allotment.

Yes, the Evernote app allows users to access their notes even when they are offline, making it easy for them to manage their thoughts and tasks anywhere, anytime.

Yes, new users can enjoy a free two-week trial on the Headspace app. It allows unfamiliar users to explore the range of resources available before committing to a subscription.

The ADHD reWired coaching and accountability groups typically hold sessions twice a week for ten weeks, offering ten one-hour live meetings with the coach, Eric Tivers. Members also have the option to participate in a third weekly session, the study hall, for additional support.

An ADHD reWired coaching session provides structured goal setting discussions and teaches productivity tools and strategies. Members share their experiences and work on their particular challenges with the support of the group. The accountability factor is also central to the coaching process, emphasizing consistent goal tracking and progress.

The ADHD reWired coaching sessions are group sessions but maintain a high level of privacy and confidentially. The groups are deliberately limited to a manageable size to encourage trust and openness while ensuring that each member has ample opportunity to participate.

Absolutely! The ADDitude magazine and associated app provide articles and resources not only for individuals with ADHD, but also for parents, educators, and professionals seeking to understand and help manage ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents.

The ADDitude website provides a section dedicated specifically for educators. It offers articles giving expert advice, teaching tips and strategies, and resources to better understand students with ADHD and their unique needs in a classroom environment.