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🚀Boost Your Social Media Strategy with the Top 9 Types of Content in 2023!

9 Popular Types of Social Media Content image Hey, y’ all! 👋 If we’ve learned one thing from making some crazy videos, it’s that content is king! 👑 On social media, excellent content is the thumb-stopping magic that keeps audiences hooked. So, are you ready to level the game and make waves on social media in 2023? We’ve got a fun little spoiler from The 2023 Content Benchmarks Report that gives the dish on the hottest types of social media content. Stick around, as we dive into some serious analysis and share cool tips on how each format can create a social media splash!

Buckle up! Welcome to the Ultimate Social Media Content Guide! 🚀🔥

First stop, content land, be it pics, memes, or TikTok dances, this stuff is the 👊 punchline of every social strategy. It’s like the first wink 😉 or, fingers crossed, the lasting grin 😁 that brands flash across social media. It’s this content that helps brands strike up a conversation and vibe with new fans and long-time followers. Know more about social media platform posting. Gotta keep things spicy 🌶️ and trendy! So, in this easy-to-digest piece of internet-approved wisdom, we’re throwing light on the TOP 9 types of social media content that have the marketing gurus nodding. Need insider knowledge on how brands are scoring big with these formats? Hang tight… we’ve got that too!


2023’s Most-Clicked Types of Social Media Content 💫🔮

Reading the social media tea leaves ain’t easy, folks! It’s a wild world out there, with endless platforms, bizillion features, and unpredictable algorithms. But hey, thanks to the super insightful 2023 Content Benchmark Report, we can decode the most valuable types of social media content that’ll get your audience clicking and craving for more!


Bite-sized Chunk of Awesomeness: Short-form Video 🎥

1️⃣ step into the future of social: short-form videos! Think of them as tiny morsels of awesomeness, served under a minute. Ideal for sharing and perfect for today’s always-on-the-go, give-me-more-and-give-it-fast audience! Why does short-form video kick it? 🤔 Well, about 66% of peeps think short-form videos are the best vibe on social media. This ain’t because big brands are rolling in resources to churn out high-quality videos. Nope! Slaying video content doesn’t mean blowing your budget. Just bring on the funnies 🤣, add a dash of relatability, and your audience is hooked. Authenticity rules! Got a few social media post ideas? Go wild! Showcase your product or service, buddy up with an influencer, or treat your followers to some behind-the-scenes action. Best platforms for this? TikTok and Instagram! They’ve even got nifty tools to help create your masterpiece FOR FREE! 🤑 Plus, YouTube Shorts are gaining traction too with their impressive daily views! 😲


Visual Gems: Images 🖼️

Numero dos 🥈 on our list: Images! They’re classics and they’re evergreen. A single snap, the colors, composition, and bam! It leaves an instant impression of your brand. Say cheese! Why images work on social? 🤔 61% of social media users vote for images as the most engaging type of content. Mobile HD-cameras and editing tools make it easy for marketers to create stunning visuals without breaking the bank. Instagram and Pinterest are the best digs for your image posts! You can even tag products and turn your images into “shoppable” content!


Real-time Vibes: Live Video 🎬

The digital space is all about that real-time interaction, and Live video is the flex! Viewership shot up to 152.5 million in 2020 amidst the pandemic. 📈 What’s so lit about Live video? 🤔 37% of used say live video is the most engaging content on social media. It’s like having a real-time conversation, and you don’t even have to wait for likes or comments! Plus, you can repurpose your live video content to create snippets for other platforms. Talk about milking your content! 🐮 So that’s the skinny on the top three types of social media content. With a little creativity and these secret sauce ingredients, you’re set to rock the social media world! 🚀


💥Live Streaming – The Greats of 2021🔥

If you’re looking to slay the game of streaming, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live and LinkedIn Live are your go-to platforms. 👩‍💻 There is no battle royale here, only ways to beat boredom and connect with your peeps. 🤘

The streams have saved our sanity during the lockdowns, no cap. 📈 YouTube and Facebook Live gave us that daily dose of fun, while LinkedIn Live helped us all to quit being couch potatoes and start networking.💼 😉 And guess what, LinkedIn live videos scored 7x more reactions than regular videos on average! 😮

Swooshing into the scene with the younger crowds, Instagram Live was used by a whopping 43% of social media users aged 18-34 in the US last year, according to Statista. 📸 Why, you ask? Because it’s more than just a platform, it’s a vibe. When you hit that live button, your content appears at the start of Insta’s story queue, pulling in your followers for a peak! 🥳


🎯BuzzFeed, Memes, and GIFs: Crushing The Content Game📈

Now, let’s talk about some epic social media content types: GIFs and memes. 🧠 These are the secret sauce of viral posts for the millennial crowd! 🎉

BuzzFeed, an actual trendsetter, uses Facebook Live to make its blog content come alive! 📹 They keep their audience in the loop by jumping on viral trends, making them a go-to source of entertainment and info! 👓

GIFs and memes are more than just fun — they help you connect with your followers on a personal level. Because really, who can resist a good meme? 🤷‍♂️ Memes drive traffic and engagement, and they are shared over a million times daily on Instagram! 🚀

On the flip side, GIFs bring conversations to life, making them the perfect convo-starter. And the best platforms for GIFs? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 📲 If you go for Instagram, remember that GIFs will be posted as short videos. Still, a win-win situation! 🏆


📝Text-Based Posts: The Classics That Still Work🔥

Sure, visuals are fire, but the power of the written word is undeniable. 🖊️ In fact, 32% of consumers say text-based posts are one of the most engaging types of social media content! 📜

This is where Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn shine as the top-dogs for text-based posts. 👑 Reddit is your new best friend for Q&As, while LinkedIn lets you flex your professional knowledge and networking skills. 💪

But Twitter takes the crown! 👑 Share your hot takes, news, and engage in discussions for your chance at viral fame. 🐦 It’s a constant chatterbox waiting for your voice – so turn up the volume and speak out! 📣


👥Turning Followers Into Content Makers: User-Generated Content🚀

Whoever said fans can’t be part of the team was dead wrong! 😎 User-generated content (UGC) is the new black – it’s content created by your followers that you can use to spice up your feed. 🥳

Why does UGC work? It’s all about trust! 💖 Almost 40% of consumers love seeing testimonials and demos from real people. And this makes 58% of consumers prefer a brand over its competitors, according to our latest Index data. 💯

Embrace the UGC wave and enjoy a larger reach, all while keeping your budget in check! 🎉 It’s the virtual word-of-mouth that reaches beyond your immediate circle, almost like a domino effect! And yet, only 7% of marketers are fully harnessing the power of UGC. So, strike now and ride the UGC wave! 🏄


🔥Hot Social Media Content & You: Exploring the Best Platforms for Share-Worthy Content!

Hey, all you content creators out there! 📸 🎥 If you’re constantly looking for new ways to make your social media stand out, we’ve got the ultimate secret sauce for you! We’ve crunched data and decoded the best platforms for user-generated content, and the cover star of the show is none other than Instagram and TikTok! 😄 Whoa, talk about a dynamic duo, right? 💥 These platforms are leading the charge with fun, engaging, and yes, addictively entertaining visual content.


🔮The Crystal Ball Reads: Video Content is on Fire! 🔥

No kidding, folks! The statisticians have spoken 📈💬 and whopping 79% of marketers are all set to pump up their investment in video-based user-generated content (UGC) in the coming years. And why not? When wordy posts and static images seem so yesterday, the vibrant world of video content is capturing the imagination like never before! 👀📹💖

Consider the story of the cosmetic brand that ran a TikTok contest for showcasing their newest mascara. TikTok was set abuzz with tons of self-made mascara demo videos, and guess who won big? Both, the brand and the users! 😁 Sales boosted, brand love multiplied, and the contest itself was a hotbed of viral content. Really, who wouldn’t want their brand to have that kinda magic?


🎬 Are You Game for Long-Form Videos? Grab the Popcorn! 🍿

Short-form content might be the king, but long-form video holds its own regal court! Think about the times you’ve yearned for more depth and information. This is where long-form videos become the unsung heroes. Packed with chunky insights and immersive storytelling, they’re your ticket to becoming a thought leader. Remember, engagement is the name of the game and 24% of consumers say longform videos get their thumbs up 👍 for keeping them hooked!

The platforms ruling the roost here are YouTube and Facebook. Oh, and don’t forget, our friends at TED Talks are big fans of YouTube and the long-form format, hooking their audience with thought-provoking ideas and engaging storytelling! Go, take a bow, people at TED! 🙇‍♂️


🎧 Can You Hear the Sound of Success? Make Way for Audio Content! 📢

Step aside, visuals! Audio content is here to prove that the pen may be mightier than the sword, but the voice is mightier than both! Podcasts are savored by 32% of people in the US, even while they’re zooming down the freeway. It’s a whole new world of road-tripping with knowledge! 🎧🚗💨

Looking for the best platforms for audio content? 🤔 Well, our money’s on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. And for a little visual kick, go right over to TikTok and YouTube.


🌐 Don’t Forget about URL/Links to Other Content! It’s Your Golden Ticket to Website Traffic! 🎟️

Link-in-bio, anyone? 😉 Including links to other content in your social media posts is a surefire way to drive traffic galore to your site. And what better choice than LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for this? Convert your social popularity into website traffic, one link at a time! 🖱️🚀


🎯 Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum: Discovering YOUR Perfect Social Media Content Mix

Alright folks, so we’ve covered the bases, but that’s just a starting point. Your audience, your brand, your voice — they’re all as unique as you! 🔎🎨 So, experiment boldly, falter wisely, learn constantly and don’t stop until you’ve discovered the magic formula that works perfectly for your content mix. 🧪🔬 To make things easier, take our social media content mix quiz. Who knows, it might just hold the key to your content wonderland! 🏰💫


Whooooshh! That was a wild ride through the corridors of social media content types! From short video clips that pack a punch to decked-out images, memes that tickle the funny bone, and real-time engagement through live videos – the options are as crazy as the YouTube world itself! Just remember that playing to your audience’s preferences is the key to winning big! And if you still need help on deciding what content type to go for, take the social media content mix quiz, and let the fun games begin! Stay pumped, continue creating, and remember to keep it lit! 🔥

Content is the backbone of any social media strategy. Not only does it help brands to make a strong and lasting impression on social media platforms, but it also allows them to communicate and connect with both new and loyal customers. Moreover, understanding what types of content to post on each social media platform can significantly enhance a brand’s ability to engage its audience and foster customer relationships.

Short-form videos have the advantage of presenting information in a concise and entertaining way. Given the busy lifestyle of today’s consumers who constantly seek immediate gratification and convenient content consumption, the less than one-minute duration of these videos makes them more shareable and ideal for social media usage. Our research also indicates that short-form videos are 2.5x more engaging than long-form videos, largely due to their ability to evoke humor and relate to the audience.

The most effective platforms for sharing short-form videos are TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms provide tools to create and edit short videos easily and for free, and they also help extend the reach of the content through ad campaigns. TikTok and Instagram Reels have proven particularly successful in this respect, along with YouTube Shorts which has gained popularity, accumulating 15 billion global daily views.

Images are quick and easy to consume, giving audiences an immediate impression of a brand. According to our data, 61% of consumers deem images as the most engaging type of in-feed social content. Moreover, the availability of high-definition cameras on mobile devices and free editing tools allow marketers to create visual content conveniently, thereby enhancing their content strategy without the need for substantial resources.

The best social media platforms for sharing images are Instagram and Pinterest. Both platforms offer unique visuals-oriented features such as filters and effects that can further enhance the appeal of images. Instagram, originally an image-sharing platform, still comprises 87% image-based content. Pinterest, on the other hand, is renowned for inspiring creativity and discovery, making it perfect for leveraging compelling visuals to draw attention to a brand.

Live videos have emerged as an effective way of real-time engagement with a brand’s audience. This format allows businesses to broadcast webinars, Q&As, and virtual events, inviting viewers to react and interact as the session unfolds. Live videos not only foster a sense of community among viewers but can be repurposed to create additional content for other platforms, thereby increasing its value.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live are the most popular platforms for livestreaming content. These platforms saw a surge in usage during the pandemic and continue to serve as major entertainment and professional networking hubs. LinkedIn Live, in particular, has proven to be highly effective in reaching professional audiences, garnering seven times more reactions than native videos.

GIFs and memes are particularly favored by younger audiences for their ability to convey emotions and situations in a fun and relatable way. Their high shareability and enjoyable nature make them nearly personalized content. When audiences see such content, they are likely to interact with it and share it, potentially leading to the content going viral.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are optimal for posting memes, while Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are recommended for posting GIFs. These platforms have specific features catering to the sharing of these types of content, facilitating greater engagement and driving traffic.

Even though visual content is essential, businesses should not discount the power of words in their social media strategy. Our data suggests that 34% of consumers follow their favorite brands on social media to understand the brand’s personality, which is best conveyed through text-based content. Furthermore, text-based social media content is valuable for initiating conversations that provide deeper insights into customer preferences and behavior.

Text-based posts are best suited to platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reddit is an excellent platform for Q&As and informative discussions, while LinkedIn is ideal for sharing thought leadership content and engaging with professionals. Twitter, however, is the most popular for text-based posts, with its restriction on character count promoting concise and shareable content.

User-generated content or UGC is content submitted by fans, customers, or users that brands repurpose for their social media channels. It serves as a form of endorsement, providing brands with social proof and testimonials and giving brands the chance to reach a wider audience. More importantly, UGC presents actual usage scenarios of a brand’s offerings, making other followers more inclined to try them.

TikTok and Instagram are the best platforms for user-generated content because of their effectiveness in sharing visual content, especially short-form videos. Video content provides a more vivid demonstration of a product or service compared to text or static images, prompting a majority of marketers to increase their investment in video content, particularly user-generated content.

Long-form videos play a crucial role in providing detailed, educational, and informative content. These videos are excellent for developing deeper relationships with audiences, with 24% of consumers finding long-form videos to be the most engaging type of social media content. Importantly, long-form videos are effective in sharing in-depth educational content, making YouTube a popular platform for this format.

YouTube and Facebook are the leading platforms for sharing long-form videos. Given that these platforms are designed to accommodate videos of varying lengths and keep viewers engaged, they serve as ideal platforms for sharing extensive and informative content.

Audio content offers a unique means of communication. It gives brands an opportunity to express their thoughts or share interesting experiences in an intimate and personal way. Podcasts are the most popular form of social audio content, providing listeners with informative or enlightening content in a flexible format that can be consumed on-the-go.

While Spotify and Apple Podcasts are typically used for hosting podcasts, platforms like TikTok and YouTube can also be effective for sharing podcast audio along with appropriate visual content. Such repurposing can serve to enhance visibility and reach a wider audience.

Using URLs or links in your posts can boost traffic to your website or other relevant content. This not only allows brands to share more detailed information, but it also extends audience interaction with the brand across platforms. Therefore, promoting products or services through URLs can potentially optimize return from social media marketing.

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are best suited for sharing URLs or links to other content. On these platforms, users can easily include a link in their post, and the platforms emphasize these links with thumbnail images for enhanced visibility.

While understanding best practices is a good starting point, it’s important for brands to identify what types of content resonate best with their unique audience. Brands can find the types of social media content most suited to their audience by delving into their audience insights and conducting regular surveys or quizzes to gauge audience preferences. By staying attuned to their audience’s needs and interests, brands can optimize their content strategy for better engagement.