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🎬💃Top TikTok Trends to Boost Your 2023 Marketing Strategy | 🚀 Hacks and Challenges for Brand Boosts

8 TikTok Trends to Fuel Your Content for 2023 image 💥Hey there, fellow marketers! Ready to step into 🌟TikTok trends🌟 and elevate your marketing strategy? You’ve found the right spot! TikTok is an ever-changing world, and to keep up, you gotta be updated with the hottest trends. No need to worry though, because we’ve gathered the 🚀top eight TikTok trends that are gonna rule the roost in 2023. Let’s dive into these trends and learn how they can be used to bolster your TikTok strategy, keeping your channel riveting and timely. 👌💥

🔥 Making Your TikTok Strategy Dope Just Like MrBeast!! 💯

Hey guys! Want to take over TikTok just like MrBeast dominates YouTube? 🧐 The secret is in staying ahead of the trends. So, for all you brands pondering about the kind of content to create on TikTok, this guide is just for you. 😎

Evolve your TikTok marketing strategy by blending popular trends and evergreen content, to make your channel relevant and to keep pace 🏃‍♀️ with trends. But first, you need to know what these trends are. ✌️ So, sit tight and get ready to make your TikTok game stronger!!! 💪

Here’s a compilation of the top eight TikTok trends we’re expecting to see this year. With each trend, we’ll break it down and show you how you can use these trends in your content just like MrBeast would do. 💡


Dance Challenges: Shake a Leg 🕺

Dance challenges are a hot trend on TikTok. Sure, the song and dance change, but the hype never fades away! 😲 Especially for brands with mascots, you have a chance to stand out. Get your mascot to join an existing dance challenge or create your own, just like #CharminSlide. So, get those dancing shoes and join in on the dance challenges guys! 💃


Pack an Order with Me: Order Up! 📦

The ‘Pack an Order with Me’ trend helps small businesses build communities by packing orders live on camera. By making your stockpile visually appealing, you can create an engaging video and earn your customers’ trust. 🤝 Remember, the goal here is to make your content relatable and genuine, just the way MrBeast does! 😊


ASMR/Satisfying Videos: Soothe the Senses 👂

ASMR videos focus on sounds that trigger a sense of satisfaction. You can create similar videos with sounds like restocking items or filling jars with your product, much like this example. Think about how you can make your products visually or auditorily satisfying, and start filming! 🎥


Green Screen: Lights, Camera, Action! 🟢

TikTok’s green screen feature allows creators to superimpose different images behind their main subject. You can use this feature to add an engaging background to your videos. Take a look at how Chipotle used green screen for their videos! 😮 Get creative and use the green screen to add some extra flavor to your content. 🎬


Skits: Let’s Play It Out 🎭

Skits are short, playful videos meant to entertain or inform your audience. You can create skits to explain complex topics or share customer interactions. Just like MrBeast, you gotta keep it fun and interesting for your audience! 😁


Day in the Life: Sharing is Caring 📆

A ‘Day in the Life’ video follows someone as they go about their day. These videos offer a transparent, behind-the-scenes look into a brand or business, helping to build trust and connection with the viewers. You don’t have to reveal trade secrets but showing some behind-the-scenes action can make your brand more relatable to your audience! 🎥


Creators Take the Wheel: Influencer Power 🏎️

Creator and influencer driven content is fueling the rise of the creative economy. Creators are key to connecting users to brands and products. Hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt have led to record-breaking sales in 2021. So, get those creators on board and let them work their magic on your brand! 🧙‍♂️


A Deep Dive into TikTok Trend Crafting: Let’s Go Platinum with Cookietok

If you’re a fan of small businesses and gastronomic delights, you might have noticed something big happening in the bustling city of Vegas! 🍪 Last Crumb, a luxury cookie company, is making waves with their new partner in sweet tooth goodness! Powered by a similar spirit we see in our pal MrBeast, they’ve just sent over a box of their gourmet cookies – and the results were nothing short of mouth-watering. 🎉 Let’s hop on the #LastCrumbunboxing and LastCrumbtastetest trend ASAP! 💃

But wait, how exactly do they make this magic happen? TikTok, of course! From #BookTok and #FoodTok to #MoneyTok, TikTok is versatile, just like a factory of dreams, catering to a cornucopia of interests! 🌍 It’s like the internet’s wholesome wonderland making niche interests accessible. But here’s the deal: you gotta keep your content authentic. 💡 And that’s the punch you need in these subculture videos, just like our legendary MrBeast! 😎


Join the Crowd in #BookTok

Speaking of subculture communities, let’s take a look at #BookTok! 📚 Just like Barnes and Noble, you can seamlessly blend into the community with TikTok accounts. Show off your favorite reads, discuss intriguing storylines, and make a splash with fun filters! 🎈 Imagine it as your digital book club, but way cooler and with a worldwide audience. 👫


Capitalizing on TikTok Trends: Kickstart Your 2023 Strategy 🔥

  1. Sprout’s powerful social listening tools can detect trending audio clips and topics even before they blow up, giving you a head start! 🚀
  2. Get your brand noticed by creating content that’s not only relevant to your business but also to TikTok’s buzzing subcultures and communities. 🎯
  3. Embrace your authenticity and use that to your advantage. Remember, trustworthy content is what builds a strong TikTok presence. 💪
  4. Make liberal use of hashtags like #cookietok, #foodie, to get on to the trending scene and get visible to your potential customers! Hashtags are a powerful way to reach a larger audience. 💥

Ready to tap into the power of TikTok and create top-shelf content that your audience will love? 💖 Then let’s jump in and start the fun! TikTok is a treasure trove of trends and cultures, and it’s just waiting for you to explore! 🚀 Time to light the sparkle of viral content. Happy TikToking! 😁


🎉So there you have it! Those are the big trends guaranteed to keep your brand 🔥hot🔥 on TikTok in 2023. From restocking ASMR videos to building a community with “Pack an order with me” videos, these trends are here to stay. Don’t let them pass you by! Also, don’t forget to leverage the power of popular TikTok creators in your strategy. They’re the bridge that connects your brand to the people. Stay creative, authentic and in the loop with these trends – that’s your ticket to an unbeatable presence on TikTok this year! Happy TikToking, marketers! 🎊💯

The eight anticipated trends on TikTok for 2023 include dance challenges, pack an order with me videos, ASMR/satisfying videos, the use of green screens, creating skits, day in the life content, influencers taking over brand accounts, and then tailoring content towards cultural subgroups within TikTok, like #BookTok or #FoodTok.

Brands can successfully use dance challenges if they have mascots join in, which can be quite entertaining and unique. Brands may also create their own dance challenge, like Charmin’s Charmin Slide remix.

These videos, often populated by small businesses, show the process of preparing a customer’s order. The videos often mix visual and auditory stimulus, catering to the ASMR trend, which happens to be also an emerging TikTok trend.

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, videos are ones that focus on sounds that elicit a soothing, tingling sensation. Combining this with another trending topic like ‘ordering’ can double its impact.

Green screens, popular in film and television, are used in TikTok to superimpose other images on the video. TikTok offers its own version of the tool, which can be accessed in the Effects tab when recording a video.

Skits are short informational or entertaining performances. They are popular ways for brands to explain complex topics, share customer interactions, or showcase new products or services in a light, entertaining manner.

The day in the life videos follow an individual throughout their daily tasks. They provide transparent insights into the person’s role in their business, which can encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

TikTok’s creator economy allows popular creators to connect people with brands and products. Their genuine and realistic content resonates with followers, making their product reviews and endorsements highly influential.

Subculture trends on TikTok are shared interests that spawn their own communities within the platform. Examples include #BookTok and #FoodTok. The content in these subcultures must be trustworthy and authentic standards of the community.

Social listening tools, like those offered by Sprout, allow brands to find the latest trends and audio clips. Used in conjunction with a solid marketing strategy, they can significantly improve a brand’s TikTok presence.

Evergreen content is important as it allows a brand’s TikTok channel to remain relevant over time. Mixing this with popular trends can keep the brand timely without losing its consistency.

Companies can create an engaging setup where all merchandise is housed for the order. Making the stockpile visually appealing while showcasing their packing process can build trust with their audience.

Satisfying videos are those that give a viewer either visual or auditory pleasure. They are usually close-up, slow-motion videos that focus on a specific process or product.

Using a green screen can provide brands with a wide range of creative possibilities. Different types of content can be superimposed over the video, such as images or additional video footage.

TikTok skits can be used to convey a wide range of topics, from complex information to customer interaction stories, or even new product or service announcements.

Day in the life videos can aid in creating transparency about the brand. As the audience learns more about the people behind the brand, this brings a personal touch that can draw a loyal following.

Creators are trusted by their followers for their genuine and honest feedback. As such, their product reviews often feel more relatable and trustworthy than official brand commercials.

Success in subculture TikToks is achieved by creating content that feels trustworthy and authentic to your brand, while also understanding and keeping up with the trending culture references within that subgroup.

Social listening tools can be used to follow relevant trends and popular audio clips, as well as competitor’s activities. This helps the brand stay updated and gain insights for their own content creation.

A brand can tap into a subculture trend by creating relevant and authentic content that resonates with that community. Immersing the brand in the culture and keeping up with its trending memes, music and edits is also crucial.