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🔥Instagram Story Links: The Next-Level Game! 🚀

How to add a link to your Instagram Story image Hey hey hey! 😎 Swipe up feature on Instagram is old news – welcome to the new era of storytelling with Instagram link stickers! 🎉 This feature is dramatically reshaping the landscape, intensifying the web traffic and shaking up the conversion rates. Give me just a few minutes of your time, and I promise lots of fun and vital info. 💡 Ready? Set. Go! 🚦

🔥Linking Up with Instagram Stories: Say Goodbye to Swipe Up and Hello to Link Stickers!🔥

Guys, you know what’s totally fire right now? 🔥 Instagram Stories! Instagram Stories have blown up, with so many brands using cool features like the old “swipe up” link in their Instagram marketing game plan.📱💯 But hold up, ’cause as of August 2021, Instagram said bye-bye to the swipe up feature and dropped a brand new link sticker for Stories. 😲 Let’s get into the details!


🤔 You’re asking, “What were Instagram swipe up links?”

The ‘Gram is always dropping new features, so no shame if you feel a bit lost when it comes to Instagram linking updates. 👀💬 Instagram doesn’t let you add links to posts and your bio link is best for top landing pages. So, Stories swipe up links became super popular for linking to individual pages and timely content.🔗🚀

Back in the day, when you added a swipe up link to your Story, your followers could tap the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swipe up on the Story to access the link right in the app.👆📲


🆕🔖 What do link stickers in Instagram Stories look like now?

With the new update, shake off the old swipe up motion and get ready for something fresher. 🌊 Now you can put a link anywhere in your Story. Ready to throw down those link stickers? 🎯 Here are some deets:

  • Make sure you have access to the link sticker feature. 🎟️
  • You’ll find them in your usual sticker options when you go to add a link to your Instagram Story. 📍

🔑So, how do you get access to Instagram Stories link stickers?

Just like the old swipe up link, there are some limitations on who can flex those link stickers in their Instagram Stories. ✔️ Right now, the rules are the same:

  • Your account must be an Instagram Business Profile 🏢
  • You gotta have over 10,000 followers 👥🔟k
  • Or, be a verified account 🎗️

🤔 Be on the lookout for an update though. Instagram tested out link stickers with other users in summer 2021. So, a full rollout for everyone might be coming. 🌞🎉


🔗 How to put a link in your Instagram Story

If you are blessed with access to Instagram link stickers, start cooking up your Story. Tap the sticker icon to bring up your sticker options. You’ll see the link option in your list of stickers you can slap on your Story. 🎬📝

After tapping it, a pop-up lets you add a link to your Story. This is where you can add literally any link to your website, like a blog post, a landing page, or some curated content you’re sharing with your fam. 💼🌐

Finish off your Story with some cool design details and bam! You’ve got a link in your Instagram Story. 🚀👏


👌 Effective ways to use Instagram Story links

Now that you’re in the know about how to get access and add link stickers to your ‘Gram Stories, how about we talk strategy? 👀👍

  • Promote blog posts and content: Got a fresh blog post you want to show off? Make a killer graphic and share that bad boy on your Instagram Story! Just remember to get those Instagram Story dimensions right. 👌💥
  • Promote products: Wanna show off your products? Instagram is all about that eye candy., so hit ’em with some stunning, pro-level photos of your products with a direct link to their product page. 👀📸
  • Promote virtual events: Trying to get more people to your virtual event? Use that Story link to attract more sign-ups. Just share your promotional graphics to your Story with a link to the landing page. 💻🎈
  • Promote landing pages: If you’ve created a sales or service page, it’s important to get it in front of your potential customers 24/7. 🔦💰
  • Promote videos: Just posted a new video to IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, or your website? Share a link to it on your Instagram Story to bump up those views. 🎥✨
  • Promote lead magnets: Trying to boost that email list? Use the Instagram Story link to promote email sign-ups and lead magnets. 📝💡

🚦 How to get more traffic from Instagram Story links

Ready to go all out with links in your Instagram Story? Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind to win at the Instagram link sticker game. 🏁🎉

Remember, it’s all good fun, and remember to do it all in style. 🙌


🚀Unleash Your Power of Instagram Stories 📲

Ain’t nobody got time for missed opportunities! Amp up your Insta game with some simple yet powerful tweaks to your Stories 💪. Let’s explore how a dash of graphics and design choices, coupled with regular posting, can transform your Instagram presence.


👆Call to Action is Your Superpower!

Adding a call to action in your Story can boost your website clicks ✨. Use a flashy link sticker instead of the old swipe-up method 🔄. But hey, don’t forget those loyal users still familiar with the swipe gesture. A signpost or some dazzling graphics might just help. 👀


💥Post Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Ever heard of ‘out of sight, out of mind’? You stand the chance of losing your hard-won followers if you let your Stories game slip 💔. Keep popping up in their feeds to remain relevant and also at the forefront of their stories feed. Stay resilient with your Instagram strategy, else your viewership may dwindle 📉.


📚Instagram 101 for Brands 🚀

Diving headfirst into Instagram? Make sure to chalk out a foolproof Instagram Marketing Strategy 🔍. Want some help? Check out this handy Guide perfect for beginners and pros alike! 👌


💼Stay Business Ready with Instagram

Turn your followers into customers by leveraging the perks of an Instagram Business Profile. Embrace its nifty features, and watch your business bloom 🌷. Still got questions? Enrich yourself with Instagram’s business resources.


⏳Take Your Time But Don’t Dilly-Dally

Use Instagram to your advantage. Start strategizing, commit to regular posting and keep the engagement alive. But remember, all this takes time to mature into results. So, watch your step while climbing the ladder of Instagram success. You’ve got this! ✊


Wow, what a ride! 🎢 We journeyed through Instagram’s transformative new feature, link stickers, and explored all its magical possibilities! From putting up teasers for your blogs, products, virtual events, to creating sleek landing pages – the world is your oyster. 🌍 Now that’s what I call storytelling on steroids! 💪 Break the internet with your phenomenal strategy. Until next time, stay awesome! 😎

The ‘Swipe Up’ feature on Instagram allowed users to add a link to their stories. When viewers of the story tapped on the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swiped up, they would be taken to the linked page directly within the Instagram application. This feature was particularly popular for marketing strategies, as it offered a more flexible way to link to individual pages and timely pieces of content.

Yes, in August 2021, Instagram retired the swipe up feature. It has been replaced by the link sticker, which allows links to be added to anywhere in the Story space. This gives more visibility to the links in Stories as they can be placed at any spot, as opposed to the bottom screen tap that was required for the swipe up feature.

The criteria for access to link stickers remains the same as the swipe up feature. To qualify, you must either operate an Instagram Business Profile and have a following of over 10,000 or possess a verified account. Instagram has also been testing this feature for other users, but the selection parameters for this test remain unclear.

If you have access to the link stickers, you can start by creating your Story and tapping on the sticker icon. This will open a tray of sticker options, where you will find the link sticker. After you select it, a new window will appear, allowing you to add the desired link to your Story. Once the link is added, you can finish up your Story and publish it as usual.

There are numerous ways to make use of Instagram Story links. A few notable methods include promoting blog posts, virtual events, landing pages, products, and videos. Link stickers also allow you to promote lead magnets, which can help increase your email list sign-ups. By experimenting with these tactics, you can maximize the benefits of the link sticker feature to drive engagement and conversions on your Instagram account.

Promoting your blog posts using Instagram Story links is an effective way to drive more social traffic to your content. It’s essential to create graphics that align with Instagram’s Story dimensions and your brand to ensure success. You can use the insights from your Instagram Stories to measure the traffic driven to your blog content.

Instagram’s visual nature makes it a great platform to spotlight your products. You can share professional pictures of your products via Instagram Stories and directly link to their product pages. This can trigger instant buying decisions from interested viewers.

Yes. The Instagram Story link feature is a powerful tool that you can use to attract more attendees for your virtual event. Simply share promotional graphics of the event and include a link to the registration landing page using the link sticker feature.

Yes, promoting landing pages through your Instagram stories can be very effective. These pages are transactional in nature and can result in sign-ups and purchases. By linking directly to these pages from your Instagram stories, you can reel in more visitors and potential customers.

Promoting videos using Instagram Story links allows you to drive more views and create more engagement. Whether your video is on IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, or your own website, you can increase its visibility by sharing a link on your Instagram Story.

Yes, Instagram Story links are quite effective in promoting lead magnets. By incorporating a link to sign-up forms or pages, you can grow your email list and strengthen your marketing strategies.

To increase traffic and conversions from your Instagram Story links, always include a call to action in your Story. Regular posting can also enhance your reach and engagement, keeping your brand prominent in your followers’ feeds. Both these strategies can help in increasing the clicks on your Story links.

Inserting a call to action in your Instagram Story can direct the attention of the viewers to your link, increasing the chances of clicks. Even though the link sticker is already quite noticeable, a call to action further highlights it and prompts viewers to take the desired action.

Regular posting of Instagram Stories increases your visibility and keeps you at the forefront of your followers’ feeds. Consistency is crucial, as taking long breaks from posting can result in losing place in your followers’ feeds.

Yes, by sharing a thumbnail of your new IGTV or YouTube video in your Instagram story and linking directly to the video, you can drive your Instagram followers to watch it. This feature can be quite useful in increasing cross-platform promotional content viewership.

Instagram Story links can be a valuable tool for building your email list. Promoting lead magnets such as downloadable resources or exclusive content in exchange for email sign-up can be very effective. You can even include easy-to-use sign-up forms in your Instagram Story ads to streamline this process.

Even after Instagram changed the swipe up feature to link stickers, swipe ups in your Instagram insights are preserved. Previous highlights and Stories that had swipe up links will still display the ‘see more’ clickable link at the bottom. This ensures that your viewers can still access links as you originally intended.

Regular posting of Instagram Stories ensures your brand remains visible to your audience. The Instagram algorithm tends to rank Stories from accounts that post often at the beginning of users’ Stories feeds. Inconsistent posting can result in your Stories appearing less prominently, which can reduce viewership and potential conversions.

An Instagram Business Profile offers various features that can help you grow and promote your business. It allows access to Instagram Story links, contributes to building your brand, and offers robust analytics to measure your performance. All of these additions can substantially bolster your Instagram marketing strategy.