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Growing Your Brand on TikTok: Tips From MrBeast

11 Ways to Get More Followers on TikTok image 👋 Hey there, folks! Entering the world of TikTok can be challenging, especially if you’re a brand attempting to penetrate this corner of social media wilderness. 😅 But don’t worry! Inspired by renowned YouTuber, MrBeast, we’re here with 11 powerful strategies that can boost your TikTok performance, skyrocket your follower count and help you reach out to your desired audience effectively. These tips will act as both your road map and cheat sheet for making your brand go viral on TikTok. So let’s dive in! 🏊‍♂️

TikTok: Your New Launchpad For Viral Awesomeness! 🚀🔥

Let’s face it guys, TikTok is the new big thing in the social media universe! It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s quirky… and if you’re a brand looking to launch yourself into cyber stardom, it’s your golden ticket! 😎 🎫 But, I hear you! “How can I transform my humble brand into a viral TikTok sensation?” Never fear, my friends! I’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for your step-by-step guide to TikTok domination! 🙌🚀⭐


Get to Know Your Tribe🎯

If you’re looking to make waves on TikTok, you’ve got to know WHO you’re talking to and WHAT they love! It’s the secret sauce to ensure your content hits the mark! So do some reconnaissance 👀 Analyze your competitors, review your customer profile, and weave your magic to create content that will have your audience going “WOW!😍” Remember, it’s about experimenting! Try different types of content, play around, and then zero in on what works best! 🔬💡🎯


Embrace The Trends… But With A Twist!😉💃

Seen everyone dancing to that funky beat or doing that wacky challenge?🕺🎶 Yeah, it’s called a trend, and they’re HUGE on TikTok! But remember, don’t just follow the trend, OWN IT! Add your brand’s unique touch, and Voila! Your brand is now an internet sensation!🔥✨


Launch A Challenge🚀🏁

Want to captivate the entire TikTok universe? Start your own challenge! 💡🎯 It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it will get everyone talking about your brand! Just ask MoonPie! They didn’t just join the party, they stole the show with their #MoonPieChallenge! 🎉🌙


#HashtagYourWayToGlory 🚀

Hashtags are your BFFs on TikTok! They help your content shine in the spotlight. But be smart, be savvy! Use relevant hashtags that really speak to your content, and catapult yourself to fame! 🚀💡📚


Timing is Everything! ⏳🕰️

If you want to rule the TikTok realm, you’ve got to know WHEN to hit “Post”. Dive into your analytics, identify the peak times when your followers are most active, and launch your content for maximum exposure! Remember, timing is crucial!⌛👑


Show off your Fans! 📢🎉

Got fans mentioning your brand or sharing raving reviews? Awesome! Showcase their content on your page! (Don’t forget to give them credit, of course! 😉) It’s a win-win! Your fans will love the spotlight and your brand gets more visibility! Just take a cue from The Sill! 🌱💚


Get on the Influencer Train! 🚂🌐

An influencer with a massive TikTock following can work wonders for your brand recognition! Make the right connections, and before you know it, your brand will be TikTok famous! 💫💁‍♀️


Cross-Pollinate Your Content! 🌐🔁

Already crushing it on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter? Awesome! Now use those platforms to spread the word about your TikTok magic! Just make sure you adjust your content to match each platform’s unique vibe for maximum impact!🎈🔄


Engage, Engage, Engage! 💬🔗

Want to grow your TikTok kingdom? Time to get the conversation rolling! Comment, like, share and engage with your followers to make them feel special! Use TikTok’s in-built features such as ‘Stitch’ and ‘Duet’ which allow you to create video responses, to increase your reach and influence! 💬🔗


Your Key to TikTok Triumph!🔑🏆

There you have it, friends! Your roadmap to TikTok stardom! Remember, no two TikTok journeys are the same. It’s all about finding what works best for YOUR brand, and flexing your creative muscles to turn your online presence into a stunning success! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s ride the TikTok wave! 🏄‍♂️🌊 👑


Dope Ways to Score More Followers on TikTok

Want to be a TikTok sensation? Yearning to see your followers skyrocket? Well, you’re in the right place! 🎯 Here’s the low-down on how to gain more followers on TikTok—the trendy social media platform. So, let’s dive right in! 👊


Brand Takeover: The Ultimate TikTok Strategy💥

Ever considered using TikTok ads? If not, let’s introduce you to a super effective, but underused tactic: the Brand Takeover! A brand takeover is a full-screen ad which appears when a user opens the TikTok app. This could be your golden ticket to capture your target audience’s attention 😁. You can check out more information on TikTok’s advertising options here!


In-Feed Ads: Get in Front of Your Audience 🎯

Another fab option to consider are In-Feed Ads. These are TikTok ads that show up in the middle of the videos users are watching. Given their seamless integration, they are less intrusive to the viewer and hence, might turn out effective. It’s a great way to promote catchy videos 🎥 to have your audience craving for more, leading them to follow you! 😎


Maximum Engagement: Like, Comment, Follow! 💪

Don’t just wait around for your audience to find you, reach out to them! Just like other social media platforms, engage with your target audience 🎯. Like their videos, drop significant comments, and even follow them. This could lead them back to your profile and give your follower count a boost! 🚀


Relevant is the New Cool 😎

Finding and engaging relevant content is key. Hyper-relevant content is what speaks to your target audience 🎯. Even if it’s a duet or a stitch video, make sure it truly represents your brand. After all, you’re aiming for your audience to resonate with you, right? 🏅


Get Your CTA Game Strong 💥

Who said CTAs are a buzzkill? If used rightly, they could be your key to increasing your followers 🎁! Yes, you heard it right. Prompt your viewers to visit your profile, check out more similar videos or simply urge them to follow you. A simple text sticker towards the end of your video would do the trick. Especially, if you’re posting a video series or a multi-part video, do not forget to add a text sticker saying something like, “Follow us to catch part two!”🏁


Marketing Ad Budget to Promote Your TikTok Videos 💸

Finally, why not put some of your marketing ad budget behind promoting your videos? Especially when you’re trying to set your foundation and are brainstorming what works and what doesn’t in order to attract attention to your upcoming videos. You can draw inspiration from other brands on TikTok and learn from their successes and failures. 🎓

So, are you ready to skyrocket your followers on TikTok? It’s all about brand placement, audience, and content. Great following doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right strategies, you’ll be there! 🚀 Ready, set, TikTok!


🎉 Congrats, folks! You’ve successfully learned the MrBeast inspired strategies to amass a massive follower count on TikTok. Remember, knowing your audience, staying in tune with trends, co-working with influencers, and leveraging user-generated content are indeed game-changers in your TikTok journey. Moreover, don’t let the fear of experimenting stop you from growing. It’s a platform that thrives on creativity and uniqueness. Similar to MrBeast’s groundbreaking content on YouTube, your content on TikTok can also gain tremendous success with the right use of the tactics shared above. So, gear up, apply these strategies, and watch your following grow on TikTok today. 🚀

There are numerous strategies to grow your TikTok following as a new brand, including identifying your target audience, tapping into trends, creating a TikTok challenge, using the correct hashtags, publishing content at the right times, sharing user-generated content, working with influencers, cross-promoting your TikTok content, engaging your audience through TikTok features, adding CTAs to your videos, and trying out TikTok ads.

Brands can identify their target audience on TikTok by looking at competitors and influencers in their industry to see what kind of content they are sharing. They can also look at the content they’ve been publishing on their other social media platforms and review their customer persona to understand their likes and dislikes.

Trends play a big role on TikTok. Often, multiple videos will have similar themes or use the same sound clip, signifying a trend. Brands should attempt to create content that aligns with these trends to increase their visibility on the platform.

A TikTok challenge is a task or activity that TikTok users are encouraged to try out and video themselves doing. This often involves a dance or dare. Brands can create a TikTok challenge to spread brand awareness and engage their target audience in a fun and creative way.

Similar to other social media platforms, hashtags on TikTok help users discover your content. It’s essential to use relevant hashtags to your post content to reach the right audience and avoid appearing spammy. The #fyp or #foryou hashtags are particularly popular and can help increase the reach of your content.

Timing matters when posting TikTok videos as it affects the reach of your content. Analyzing your audience activity and finding the best times to post can result in greater visibility and higher engagement rates.

User-generated content involves TikTok users mentioning your brand or sharing videos related to your industry. Brands can share this content (with the user’s permission and credit) to their followers, which can help to build brand credibility and connection with the audience.

Brands can work with influencers on TikTok by having them share content related to the brand’s products or services. This can help brands to reach a larger audience base, since followers of the influencer will likely view this content.

Cross-promotion involves sharing your TikTok content onto other social media platforms. This not only increases the reach of your content but also lets your followers on other platforms know that you are active on TikTok.

TikTok provides many features that facilitate audience engagement, such as the ability to like, comment, and stitch/duet other users’ videos. Stitching allows you to add your video to the end of someone else’s clip, and dueting allows you to place your video next to someone else’s.

Adding CTAs at the end of your TikTok videos encourages viewers to visit your profile, check out other videos, or follow you. This can result in increased profile visits and followers, thereby enhancing your brand’s TikTok presence.

Setting aside a portion of your marketing budget for promoting your TikTok videos can give you a strong start in measuring what works and what doesn’t for your future content. Brand takeover or in-feed ads through TikTok can boost the visibility of your brand and help in gaining more followers.

Yes, user-generated content is particularly valuable, especially when it relates to your brand or industry. Sharing this content helps to spread the word about your service, showcase satisfied customers, and give people a taste of what to expect when interacting with your brand.

Yes, engaging with other TikTok videos, especially ones created by your target audience, can grab their attention and potentially lead them to your profile, thus aiding in follower growth.

The marketing budget can be influential in a brand’s TikTok growth strategy. Investing in TikTok ads can help elevate your brand’s visibility and attract more followers.

Hashtags should be relevant to the content being posted to help increase visibility among the right audience. It’s important to avoid using trending hashtags indiscriminately, as irrelevant tagging can make a post look spammy.

Cross-promoting your TikTok videos to other social media channels can certainly benefit a new brand. Not only does it boost reach but it also informs your followers on other platforms that you are active on TikTok, potentially gaining you more traction.

The best content for a TikTok challenge is often a task or activity that is on-trend, engaging, and enjoyable. This can be anything from recreating a dance sequence to completing a dare. The challenge should be related to the brand’s message and resonate with a broad audience to ensure mass participation.

If a marketing budget is restricted, brands can focus on engaging with micro-influencers who have a highly engaged audience. These influencers may be more affordable to work with, and can still provide significant outreach for your brand on TikTok.