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BOOST Your Ads on Facebook! A Guide to Nailing the Perfect Ad Sizes and Specs📐🎯

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Yo fam, so you’re dropping dimes on advertising, huh?💰Without even question, you’ve gotta consider – Facebook! Yep, you heard me right. From your homegirl next door to your grumpy neighbor, nearly everyone’s hanging out on Facebook.🌐 So why not take a slice of that big audience pie? Of course, to shine in that crowded space, your content’s gotta look sleek🔥. This ain’t about just slapping an image with a catchy headline. Nah, it’s more than that. It’s all about the right Facebook ad sizes.💪 So, hit the jump links for the 411 on Facebook Feed Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories Ads, right column ads, and lots more! And let’s not forget, amp up your paid efforts with Sprout’s tools for Facebook Ads. Sounds insane, right? Well, brace yourself, ’cause the ride just began!


🔥Hot Tips for Crushing your Facebook Ad Game🔥️

Last updated: June 9, 2021 😎️ If you’re splashing cash on ads, even just a tiny bit, you’ve absolutely got to be thinking Facebook. Why, you ask? Simple. Just about everyone and their dog is on there! 🐶️. It’s absolutely beast mode in terms of the range of audiences it attracts daily. ✨️

So, it’s vital to make sure your content stands out by whipping it into stellar shape with the right Facebook ad sizes. 👌️Jump through the links below to shortcut to the juicy parts! 👇️ Facebook Feed ads, Carousel Ads, Stories Ads, right column ads, in-stream video ads, Instant Articles ads, Marketplace ads, Audience Network native, banner and interstitial ads, Sponsored Message ads, Messenger Home ads, Collection ads. And don’t forget to boost your Facebook ads with Sprout. 💪️


Fulfilling Your Facebook Ad Destiny: Image Sizes and More ⚡

Ready for some fun? Time to unleash your ad creativity with these top Facebook ad sizes and specs.

Take your paid efforts to the next level using Sprout’s suite of Facebook Ad Tools. From Facebook Boost to Unpublished Page Posts, tracking your engagement has never been easier. Just a few clicks away. ✅️


Newbie Guide: Facebook Feed Ads 🎯️

Every advertiser is vying for some prime real estate on a user’s Facebook Feed. This is the golden ticket to making your ads pop for users. 🌟️ Available both in image or video format, these ads will show up on mobile and desktop. Let’s dive in:

  • Feed ad image dimensions and guidelines:
  • 🌠️Recommended resolution: 1080
x1080. Minimum width and height: 600 pixels.
  • 🖼️Ideal aspect ratio is between 9:16 to 16:9.
  • Feed ad character limits:
  • Text: 125 characters. Headline: 25 characters. Link description: 30 characters.

How To Perfect Your Facebook Stories Ads 🌈️

Facebook Stories are the disappearing content feature that last only 24 hours on users’ feeds, similar to Instagram or Snapchat Stories. 📷️They have a prime spot right near the top of the desktop or mobile app’s newsfeed, and are a beastly way to grab immediate audience attention. 👁️

Here are the specs and recommendations you need to nail your Facebook Stories ads:

  • Facebook Stories ad image dimensions and guidelines:
  • 🌠️Ideal image size: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Facebook Stories video ad specs:
  • Recommended resolution 1080 x 1080. Aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • Stories ad character limits: Text: 125 characters. Headline: 40 characters.

Mastering Facebook Carousel Ads 🎪️

Facebook Carousel Ads are a beastly way to show off your brand with multiple images or videos. 📹️Perfect for showcasing multiple products, highlighting different features or offers, and more! Here are the specs you need to know:

  • Carousel ad image dimensions and guidelines:
  • 🌠️Recommended image size: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Recommended ratio is 1:1.
  • Carousel video ad specs:
  • Recommended resolution 1080 x 1080.
  • Carousel ad character limits: Text: 125 characters. Headline: 40 characters.

The Lowdown on Facebook Right Column Ads 📊️

These tiny ads only appear on desktop, but they pack a serious punch, boasting the highest CPC (cost per click) among other Facebook ad types. BAM! 💥️

  • Right column ad image dimensions and guidelines:
  • 🌠️Recommended resolution: 1080
x1080. Minimum dimensions: 254
  • Right column ad character limits: Headline: 40 characters.

Get Savvy with Facebook In-Stream Video Ads 📼️

These ads are different from regular feed ads as they only last 5 to 15 seconds. These short, digestible videos are perfect for brands trying to grab attention quick-smart. 🚀️ Check out the specs:

  • In-stream video ad specs:
  • Recommended resolution: at least 1080
  • Recommended aspect ratio: 16:9 (ratios fall between 9:16 to 16:9).

Facebook Instant Article Ads: Getting it Right 📝️

These ads allow quick-loading, mobile-optimized content through Facebook’s app. Plus, you can place ads within the articles too. It’s a win-win! 👍️

  • Instant article ad image dimensions and guidelines:
  • 🌠️Recommended resolution: at least 1080
  • Recommended aspect ratio: is between 1.91:1 to 1:1 (with link).

🔥Check out these Ads Tips for FB Marketplace🔥

Hey guys! Here’s a pro tip for attracting users to your site – use Facebook Marketplace ads. They really work and are perfect if you’re looking to target a specific product or even location. You can choose between video and image formats. Isn’t that awesome? 🤩👍

  • Marketplace Ad Image Guidelines: Use a resolution of 1080x1080 for the best results. Aspect ratio? Somewhere between 9:16 to 16:9, but if you’re including a link it’ll crop to 1.91:1. JPG and PNG images are recommended 👌 Oh, and if you add more than 20% text, there’s a chance of failed delivery. You don’t want that, right? 😓
  • Video Ad Specs: Stick to the same 1080x1080 resolution, with an aspect ratio of 4:5. Got a .MP4 or .MOV video? Cool, use that! Maximum video file size should be 4GB. The video length? Up to 241 minutes. That’s a lot of great content! 🎥😎
  • Character Limits: Keep your text at 125 characters, the headline at 25 characters, and the link description at 30 characters. Easy peasy, right? 🖊️✅

Want more juicy tips on social media ad sizes? Get yourself over to this amazing guide! 💯


🌟Unleashing the Power of Facebook Audience Network Ads🌟

Now, if you’re game for reaching users on other platforms via Facebook, then Facebook Audience Network ads are the perfect match for you! These boys work on native, banner, and interstitial ads. And the best part? Your content will appear on trusted publishers. It’s like Facebook’s own Display Ads. Wicked, right?? 😌💻

  • Audience Network Ad Image Guidelines: A minimum resolution of 398 x 208 pixels is needed. The aspect ratio should be between 9:16 to 16:9, with 9:16 being ideal with a link. JPG and PNG images are your best bet again! Also, if there’s more than 20% text, there’s a chance of failed delivery. So, keep an eye on that! 🎨
  • Video Ad Specs: Highest resolution possible folks! 👑 The same 9:16 to 16:9 aspect ratio applies here. .MP4 and .MOV are the formats to use. Video file size should not exceed 4GB, and the video length should be between 10 and 120 seconds. Remember, video thumbnails with 20% text or more can fail in delivery. 😮
  • Character Limits: Same old drill: text – 125 characters, headline – 25 characters, and link description – optional but not exceeding 30 characters! 🖊️✍️

💡Get back in the game with Sponsored Message Ads💡

Have unconverted potential customers who interacted with you through Facebook Messenger? Want to target these specific users? Then Sponsored Messages are just for you! 🎁🎯 BUT, remember this will disable other placements and you can only target those with existing conversations. Sounds good, right? 💌

  • Sponsored Message Ad Image Guidelines: For the best result, use a resolution of 1080x1080, with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. JPG and PNG are the image formats to go for. If images with more than 20% text are used, you risk failed delivery. 👀
  • Character Limits: Text should be 125 characters, the headline should be 40 characters, and the link description should be 30 characters. Keep it clean and precise, guys! ✨

🌈Turn Scrollers into Buyers with Facebook Messenger Ads🌈

Want to pop up in between conversations when users are browsing their Facebook Messenger Home? Then opt for sponsored ads! Note: This ad format is image content exclusive and only pops up on the Facebook Messenger app. 📲✨

  • Messenger Ad Image Guidelines: Go for a resolution of 1080x1080, with an aspect ratio of 1:1. JPG and PNG image formats are ideal. Keep it less than 20% text, or risk failed delivery. Right on! 🖼️
  • Character Limits: Text should be 125 characters, and the headline should be a cool 40 characters. Boom! 🎉

🚀Make Your Brand Shine with Facebook Collection Ads 🚀

Want to feature multiple products within an ad placement? Facebook Collection ads are your best bet! These ads allow a cover image or video to showcase several products, and once clicked, they bring users to an Instant Experience. This engages users in a scrollable mobile experience to learn more about your brand. Awesome, isn’t it? 😍📱

  • Collection Ad Image & Video Specs: Start with the first image or video from your Instant Experience. Preferred ratio is 1:1 for square images, and assets might be shape cut to this ratio. Stick to the recommended 1080x1080 resolution. You can present your products in different styles including Instant Storefront, Instant Lookbook, and Instant Customer Acquisition. Check out more details at Facebook’s Business Center. 🎬🖱️
  • Character Limits: You should create a text of 125 characters and a headline of 40 characters. That’s it, you’re all set! 💥🔥

For all the info and more on ad sizes and specs, make sure to check out Facebook’s video requirement page and ads guide. Rock on, guys! 🤘💫


Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, this guide is gonna help you land your content with precision on Facebook for real impact!🙌 Remember, people, it’s all about understanding the right Facebook ad sizes! Use this guide, learn from it, squeeze out every bit of knowledge you can and make the magic happen!🌟And remember, an effective ad is more than a beautiful image – it’s a blend of the right specs, perfect size, and an appealing message. Master this art and watch your reach, engagement, and conversions skyrocket!🚀So, step up your game using Sprout’s suite of Facebook Ad Tools and make your ads shine like a rockstar!👑Retain these specs in your head, or better yet, save this guide to reference later. Rock on!

Advertising on Facebook is extremely valuable because it allows businesses to reach a large and diverse audience daily. Given that nearly everyone uses the platform, it’s an essential part of any advertising strategy.

Facebook ad sizes are the dimensions of the ad images or videos that appear on the platform. They are crucial because when the right size is used, your content appears clearer and more engaging, maximizing the effectiveness of your ad.

Sprout’s suite includes tools for boosting Facebook ads, managing unpublished page posts, and tracking engagement more efficiently to amplify your Facebook advertising efforts.

Both the image and video for Facebook Feed ads are recommended to have a resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Yes, Facebook Stories ads can accommodate both image and video content allowing businesses to use diverse and engaging content to attract their audience.

Facebook Carousel Ads are a type of ad format that combines multiple videos or images into a single ad placement. They are ideal for showcasing multiple products, services, or highlight different offers in one ad.

Facebook right column ads appear only on the desktop version of Facebook. Despite their small size, they have the highest cost per click among other Facebook ad types, indicating their effectiveness in driving user engagement.

Facebook in-stream video ads are video ads that last 5 to 15 seconds and play during other video content. They boast a high view completion rate and on-target rate, making them perfect for quick and engaging brand exposure.

The purpose of Facebook Instant Articles ads is to promote quick-loading, mobile-optimized content through Facebook’s app. They let advertisers place ads within the articles too, increasing the potential reach of their content.

Facebook Marketplace ads appear within the Facebook Marketplace, a hub on the network for buying and selling items. These ads are ideal for businesses looking to attract users searching for specific products or services.

Facebook Audience Network ads are ads that appear on other trusted publishers outside of Facebook but managed through Facebook. They work natively, on banners or as interstitial ads, providing a broader reach for your content.

Sponsored Message ads allow businesses to re-engage with users who have interacted with them on Facebook Messenger but did not convert. They can only target those with existing conversations, making them highly targeted.

Facebook Messenger ads appear in the Facebook Messenger app, in between user’s conversations. This placement allows businesses to capture users’ attention when they’re actively engaging in the app.

Facebook Collection ads combine a cover photo or video with several product images within the same ad placement. When users click on the ad, they’re sent to an Instant Experience, providing a highly visual and engaging post-click experience.

The recommended image formats for Facebook ads are JPG and PNG.

The recommended aspect ratio for Facebook Feed ad images is between 9:16 to 16:9.

The max video file size for feed video ads is 4 GB and the maximum video length is 240 minutes.

Feed Ads allow for 125 characters for the text, 25 for the headline, and 30 characters for the link description.

Yes, the text in Facebook Stories Ads is limited to 125 characters and the headline is limited to 40 characters.

Facebook in-stream video ad specs require uploading of the highest resolution video possible. The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 and the video formats are .MP4 and .MOV. The max file size is 4GB with video lengths ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.