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How to Recover Lost Saved Game Data on PS5 without PS Plus

How to Recover Lost Saved Game Data on PS5 without PS Plus

As an avid PlayStation 5 (PS5) gamer, nothing is more disheartening than losing your progress in a favorite game due to unforeseen data loss. If you find yourself in this frustrating scenario, and without the safeguard of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) to rely on cloud backups, recovering your saved game data might seem nigh impossible. However, with some technical know-how and the right tools, salvaging your lost saves can be achievable. In this article, I’ll share my personal experience and guide on how to recover lost saved game data on PS5 without PS Plus, including a method utilizing Disk Drill.


Common Scenarios:

The Inadvertent Deletion 🗑

  • Accidentally deleting a game or its saved data from your PS5 system.
  • Initializing the PS5 without backing up game saves first.
  • Family members or friends deleting game data unknowingly.

System Glitches 🛠

  • Software updates or system malfunctions corrupting save data.
  • Games crashing and leading to data corruption or loss.
  • Unexpected power outages while saving game progress.

Hardware Failures 💽

  • PS5 internal storage malfunction or damage leading to data loss.
  • Using an external hard drive that fails or gets disconnected improperly.
  • Physical damage to the PS5 that affects its storage capability.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Recover Lost Saved Game Data On Ps5:

Method 1: Manually Recover from System Storage 🕵

  • Check if the game still has its saved data in the internal storage by going to Settings > Storage > Console Storage > Saved Data.
  • If you find your saves, you can try to copy them to a USB drive for safekeeping. Connect the USB drive, then go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings, select your game, and choose Copy to USB Drive.
  • If the data isn’t available, you might need to proceed to more advanced recovery methods.

Note: This method only works if the lost saved data is still present on the PS5.

Conclusion: This basic recovery option offers a quick check but has limitations if the data is already deleted.

Method 2: Check System Software Updates 🔄

  • If you suspect that a glitch after an update caused the data loss, go to Settings > System > System Software and check for updates.
  • Updating the system software can sometimes resolve issues and restore lost data.
  • If an update is available, download and install it, then restart your PS5 and check for your saved game data.

Note: A system software update can resolve some technical issues but isn’t a guarantee for data recovery.

Conclusion: Keeping your software up to date is good practice, although it may not directly recover lost saves.

Method 3: Retrieve from External Storage 📦

  • If you had previously backed up your saved game data to an external hard drive or USB, connect the device to your PS5.
  • Navigate to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5) or (PS4) > USB Drive.
  • Select the data you want to recover and choose Copy to Console Storage.

Note: This method requires having backed up the data before it was lost.

Conclusion: External storage is a great way to keep additional backups but relies on prior action from the user.

Method 4: Use Disk Drill to Recover Data 🤖

  • Download and install Disk Drill for Windows or Mac on a computer from the official Disk Drill website.
  • Connect your PS5’s storage device to your computer using a SATA to USB adapter.
  • Launch Disk Drill, select your connected device, and click Search for lost data.
  • Once the scan is complete, review the found files, look for your saved game data, and choose Recover to save it to your computer.
  • Copy the recovered files back to your PS5’s internal storage or external hard drive.

Note: Disk Drill cannot recover data directly from the PS5 console; the storage device must be connected to a computer.

Conclusion: Using Disk Drill is a powerful option, offering deep scans that can find lost files not immediately visible.

Method 5: Contact PlayStation Support 📞

  • Reach out to the PlayStation support team through the official PlayStation support website.
  • Explain your issue in detail including any error codes or messages you have encountered.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the support team which might include some technical steps or sending in your console for repair.

Note: PlayStation support can assist, especially if the issue is related to your PSN account or system-wide problems.

Conclusion: Official support is a reliable resource but may require more time and possibly incur costs if out of warranty.


Precautions and Tips:

Prevent Data Disasters 🔒

  • Regularly back up your saved game data to an external drive or cloud service.
  • Be cautious when deleting games or applications to avoid accidentally removing saved data.
  • Consider using PS Plus for its cloud save features, which offer a safety net for game saves.

Maintain System Health 🔧

  • Keep your PS5 system software updated to the latest version to prevent compatibility issues and bugs.
  • Avoid turning off the PS5 abruptly, as power outages can corrupt data. Use the proper shutdown procedures.
  • Use a surge protector to safeguard your console from power surges and outages.

Healthy Hardware Habits 💪

  • Clean your PS5 regularly to prevent overheating and potential hardware malfunctions.
  • Handle external hard drives with care, and safely eject them before disconnecting from the PS5.
  • If using an external SSD, make sure it’s from a reliable manufacturer and check for compatibility with PS5.

Backup Strategies

Whether it’s an intense RPG or a high-stakes FPS game, our gaming experiences are precious. One of the best proactive measures you can take to prevent the loss of game saves is to implement a robust backup strategy. A mix of local backups on external hard drives and cloud-based storage options can ensure that you never lose your progress.

Cloud storage services offer an effective way to secure your data against all forms of physical damage and system faults, since the data is stored off-site. For PS5 users, PS Plus is an official solution, but other cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive can also serve as backup destinations for your save files, provided you transfer them manually.

It’s worth noting the importance of digital hygiene. Be mindful of the games you install and the files you download. A reliable antivirus program for your PC or any devices interacting with your PS5 can prevent the introduction of malware that could potentially corrupt your saved data.


In conclusion, losing your saved game data on the PS5 can be a significant setback, especially without the convenience of PS Plus. However, as we’ve explored, several methods ranging from built-in system features to third-party software like Disk Drill, and even seeking help from PlayStation support, can aid you in recovering your precious game saves. Remember to always back up your data regularly and follow maintenance tips to keep your gaming experiences safe. Happy gaming!


To restore deleted saved data on PS5, navigate to Settings, select Application Saved Data Management, then choose Save Data (PS5), and Cloud Storage to download the data back to your system.

If your PS5 is malfunctioning, try restarting it first. If the issue persists, visit the official PlayStation support website at for further assistance.

Yes, you can recover game data on a different PS5 by signing into your PlayStation account and accessing your cloud saves via Application Saved Data Management.

Without PlayStation Plus, you will not have access to cloud backups. However, you can retrieve data from a USB drive if you manually backed up beforehand.

If a save is corrupted, delete the corrupted file and download a previous save from the cloud if available. Otherwise, you may need to start the game over.

PS5 automatically backs up game saves to the cloud for PlayStation Plus members. Enable Automatic Uploads in your console's settings for peace of mind.

For PlayStation Plus members, the PS5 uploads saved data to the cloud whenever the console is in rest mode or powered on, as long as the feature is enabled.

Ensure your PS5 is connected to the internet, you have a valid PlayStation Plus subscription, and Auto-Upload is enabled in the saved data settings.

Yes, PS4 game saves can be transferred to PS5 either via cloud storage or a USB drive and used to continue your progress on compatible games.

Log into your PlayStation account on a new PS5 and download your saved game data from the cloud. Ensure you have PlayStation Plus and that your data was backed up.